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Joan as Police Woman – Eternal Flame Lyrics 11 years ago
i agree with fuckkface666 - she likes the guy (or girl) enough to sleep with him(her) tonight, but she ain't gonna make him(her) breakfast for the next 50 years.

Kevin Devine – No Time Flat Lyrics 11 years ago
The fifth line should probably be "We stop and you're all ears"
"And we'll dodge it just the same" - I think that's supposed to be "And both sides are just the same"

Lucinda Williams – Words Lyrics 11 years ago
terrific song with beautiful lyrics about, well, about how therapeutic writing can be! she seems to have a lover who verbally abuses her, but she holds her strength inside and later lets all of her thoughts and feelings and resentments spill out onto the page. it's simple, yet the words and delivery are gorgeous and empowering.

Joan as Police Woman – The Ride Lyrics 11 years ago
i like this song, but i'm not really sure what the lyricist intended. i imagine it deals with the pain of being trapped in a bad relationship, where the same problems keep coming up over and over. there's enough emotion in the song that that loose interpretation is enough to get me listening to it on repeat.

Bruce Springsteen – Valentine's Day Lyrics 11 years ago
I have to disagree with the two previous guesses. To me, it's obviously about a man who is discovering that he is ready to gracefully give up the trappings of bachelorhood - typical male stoicism, freedom to go where you please without being accountable to anyone, etc. - for the security and fulfillment of true love. He has had an epiphany about it (his friend had a kid, he got to thinking, realized how deeply he feels about his girlfriend, and ends up being "born anew"). By the way, the version of this song by the band Hem is so fantastic that I can't even put a value on it.

Sting – Ghost Story Lyrics 12 years ago
This is a man's song, in my opinion. Men are conditioned by society from a young age to repress their feelings. He's older and is reflecting on his younger years and a particular relationship. He used to pretend indifference about it, but he is ready to admit that he felt love for this person. The analogy of a court case throughout each stanza is cool -- it's like he must put himself on trial in order to admit the truth of his feelings. I love the way the music builds up along with his realization that "I must have loved you." Great song!

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