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A Perfect Circle – The Noose Lyrics 9 years ago
Actually, Religion is the ONLY fitting subject in this song.

It's About Someone Finding God and Becoming "More Holy" Than The Singer.
The Singer And Many Others Have Tried Helping Him/Her When They Were At Their Lowest In Life.
And Now That The Person Has Found Religion They Don't Interact With The People That Helped Them So Much.

The Singer is pretty much saying well when you lose that religion how are you gonna come back to us and apologize.

Sonny Moore – Signal Lyrics 10 years ago
the chorus IS "I won't protect you, I won't protect you."
On other means, I'd rather just find out what you think the song is about, since the site is songmeanings?
So honestly stop fighting about lyrics.

The Higher – Rock My Body Lyrics 10 years ago
I really do get the feeling he dies in the last verse.
Especially the way they have the voice effects playing out.

Amazing song, no matter what it really is.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Represent Lyrics 10 years ago
It's NOT about god. I'm so sick of people adding religious factors into a non-religious singing band. It's really fucking obnoxious. Like Rush5 said, the song really is about not conforming for other people and being your own person, not picking friends that will change your life in a bad way. Think about it, it makes a lot more sense.

Owl City – Rainbow Veins Lyrics 10 years ago
I have to disagree about saying "artists should really tell people what their songs are about." I know that I for one, use songs to describe my own personal experiences in my life. And as it seems, I have a song for everything, weird huh? But anyways, leaving songs a mystery helps a lot of people kinda figure themselves out by making the lyrics mean what they want them to.
Just my opinion :D

Blink-182 – I Miss You Lyrics 10 years ago
It deff is about a death of a loved one / partner.
watch the video, the beginning is set in a graveyard.
And the girl has a white glow almost as in an angel.

Katy Perry – Thinking of You Lyrics 10 years ago
Actually she cheated on her boyfriend with another guy while he was away at war.
He ended up dying during battle and now she's regretting everything she did and wishing she could take it back.

Beneath the Sky – It All Ends With A Smile Lyrics 10 years ago
It's talking about judgmental people and how they think they're so godly on that throne they all sit on.
And how all those judgmental bastards can pretty much look in the mirror and see that they're just like everyone they judge.
I love the line about religion, its pretty much a fuck you i have my own beliefs and I don't have to believe in God to be an alright person.
5/5 on this song.

Beneath the Sky – 7861 Lyrics 10 years ago
and i love when people like andreaXX lie about meeting the lead singer of bands.
no, you did not hang out with him and honestly we get sick of the lies :D

Beneath the Sky – 7861 Lyrics 10 years ago
This band is not a christian band. It sounds like the rose garden was part of the suicide note. The guy may have thought if he killed himself it would lead to a better being (roses being a better life) and the lead singer is saying that it really isn't the better choice in life. Whichever it is, this song is completely amazing.

Beneath the Sky – Being In A Coma Is Hell Carried On Lyrics 10 years ago
You're all correct about the mother drinking and driving and having an accident.
the daughter is in a coma and dying and the mother is having to watch in regret of what she did.
But not being able to recognize the daughter was not because of brain damage, it's just saying that the daughter is so fucked up the mother can barely tell who it is.
I also think it's saying that even though the mother knows that it is her fault, she still can't stop drinking no matter how hard she tries.

As Cities Burn – The Widow Lyrics 10 years ago
Deff about his biological father.
First verse gives that away.

Amazing song, and lyrics.
Kinda how my life is, but the opposite way.

My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes Lyrics 10 years ago
Towards the end of the song it came to me.
It might have been a relationship gone bad but what i see is.
A guy is incredibly in love with a girl who really doesn't love him back.
The girl loves someone else and the same situation happens to her.
So the guy is saying "you can see, oh now, oh the way i do."
Their pretty much just lost in love over someone.

No matter what it truly means,
this song is by far the most amazing song i've ever heard.

Broken Social Scene – Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl Lyrics 10 years ago
first off, to whoever said this is pop.
not so much my friend, and just for that remark you should be ashamed.
pop is mainstream SHIT.

this is what we like to call indie at its finest.

Brand New – Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades Lyrics 10 years ago
The song is about growing up. It actually has nothing to do with sex at all, well except maybe the metaphorical lyrics. It's about society changing and pushing us too fast, when really we should take it slow and learn on our own. Hints the saying, "Die Young And Save Yourself."

Dead Poetic – August Winterman Lyrics 10 years ago

Dead Poetic – New Medicines Lyrics 10 years ago
god damn finally someone says it.
thank you jaykay.
not everything is about god or fucking religion.
wake the fuck up.

Brand New – Missing You Lyrics 10 years ago
it does sound like there's a connection between this and guernica.
so "fightoffyourdemons" don't be such an ass.
there might be a connection, but then again there might not be.
just chill

Taking Back Sunday – There's No 'I' In Team Lyrics 10 years ago
well, technically.
idc how amazing tbs is as a band.
brand new is about 100x better, and the fact that jesse had this happen to him.
fuck tbs.

Senses Fail – 187 Lyrics 10 years ago
anyone who has ever loved knows the feeling.
so stop feeling sorry for your damn selves.
its pathetic.
get over it.

but i deff love the song.

Bayside – Loveless Wrists Lyrics 10 years ago
I love how people are downing this song.
Im sorry that some of us don't have perfect little lives like you and we actually go through depression.
And for those of us who know exactly what he's talking about, it hits hard.

Brokencyde – Drop Dead Lyrics 10 years ago
IMO this song is about him loving a girl, and she leads him on constantly. He knows he can't be without her but he tells her pretty much to fuck off so he can live his life.

im probably wrong but thats what i think =]

Inhale Exhale – Tonight We Die Together Lyrics 10 years ago
has a romeo and juliet feel to it.

A Skylit Drive – A Reason For Broken Wings Lyrics 10 years ago
its deff about his going to war and not coming home (death).
and the "spring morning rain" is him trying to tell her to find peace and dont worry about him.

Escape the Fate – Not Good Enough for Truth In Cliché Lyrics 10 years ago
correction to everyone, it is *Find you juliet.
its him commiting suicide to find love (juliet)

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Legalize Marijuana Lyrics 10 years ago
you're fucking idiots.
peter tosh is part of the wailers you dumb fucks.
him bob marley and bunny wailer made the band.
god learn something

Flobots – Handlebars Lyrics 10 years ago
how bout this song sounds exactly like its talking about the "mark of the beast".
which is the chip that the government is trying to get put out by 2012.
it will control your cash flow, they can trace you, and if you fuck up you're pretty much outta luck because they'll discontinue everything and cut off your chip.

With Broken Wings – under Disguise Lyrics 10 years ago
this song kicks ass.
straight up.
surprised no one else has commented.

but i believe its saying how everyone and everything is becoming fake, and theres no more true beauty in the world.
no one's original because everyone is trying to be like someone else. and its pretty much a suicide of the true person you can be.
but thats just what i think =]

great song tho. meaningful and deff powerful.

With Broken Wings – The Birth of Catastrophe Lyrics 10 years ago
its sorta about realizing that when I die, what will i leave behind.
what have i done for people to remember me for?
and why havent i tried to enjoy the time i've spent here?
or at least thats how it hits me.
because im sorta at that point in my life where ive had friends die around me and im left wondering what about me.
how am i gonna be remembered?

Bullet for My Valentine – Take It Out On Me Lyrics 11 years ago
i beg to differ with you. Quite sorry but this is an okay song. I would have to say the top 3 songs on this album are "Deliver Us from Evil", "Scream Aim Fire", and "Waking the Demon".
Waking the demon tho is by far the best metal production on this album.

Bullet for My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire Lyrics 11 years ago
Scream Aim Fire is deffinitely a better album than the poison. Alot more metal riffs and alot more emotion into their music. Idk if it's just me, but alot of their songs are starting to mention god. I'm wondering if they've become closer with their religion eh?

Eyes Set to Kill – Bitter Pill Lyrics 11 years ago
you're a little off.

Song meaning popped up at me.
One Person is watching another person while they're in depression and constantly tormenting themselves to try and find "their subtle place".
when this "guy" can't find that.
he chooses to take his life instead by the one thing thats always been there for him.

Bullet for My Valentine – Eye Of The Storm Lyrics 11 years ago
to tell you the truth.
i think its about the 2012 conspiracy .
"the end of days"

Bullet for My Valentine – Hearts Burst Into Fire Lyrics 11 years ago
best song.
off the best album by bullet for my valentine.
period. =]

Billy Talent – This Suffering Lyrics 11 years ago
well yeah.
it would have to go along with "nothing to lose"
because most of the songs on this album connect with each other.
pretty much the stories of a lonely kid who can't trust anyone else and is forced to keep to himself until he can't take it anymore.

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is used as a memorial to Ian Curtis.
he had epilepsy and had seizures onstage alot during his music career and it started to really embarass him.
one night on tour he had attempted suicide by overdosing on pain meds. He lived and recovered after a few days.
But a few months down the road him and Deborah kinda started to hit alot of rough patches and he couldn't take the stress and the loss in his heart,
so he hung himself in his kitchen.
R.I.P Ian !

Death Cab for Cutie – Brothers on a Hotel Bed Lyrics 11 years ago
holy shit.
you actually sound dead on!
think about the song "soul meets body" does it not seem to go along with this!?

Death Cab for Cutie – Marching Bands of Manhattan Lyrics 11 years ago
I Love Death Cab for Cutie.
I started listening to them around last november.
and i can't put them down.
they're lyrics and melodies are so ... peaceful.
it just gives you a sense of happiness.

Cold – Cure My Tragedy Lyrics 11 years ago
seven puppets.
you are a fucking retard.
i saw them live in 2006.
end of summer.

right before the song he told the story.
it's about his sister.
she has cancer and it was at a point where she was on her deathbed.
he came up with this song crying at his house one night.
and played it to her the next day.
now shes in recovery.
it's not fully gone but its getting better day by day.

Breathe Carolina – Don't Forget: Lock The Door Lyrics 11 years ago
sounds like the girl just got out of a good relationship.
and really needs a rebound. either for herself, or to make the old guy jealous.
the guy in the song sounds like he's playing along saying "yeah i fell for you, now just strip already"
sorta like he's using her.

Breathe Carolina – The Birds And The Bees Lyrics 11 years ago
fight off yer demons.
i agree with you about the party scene.
seems like during the party everyone is hookin up.
so at first the guy thinks its just another girl to hook up with for the one last stand.
after the party he regrets taking advantage of her and wants it to be more than just another hook-up relationship.
he feels alot for this girl and can't get it out of his head.

Breathe Carolina – Diamonds Lyrics 11 years ago
im sorry crunkxcore.
but it really doesn't sound like a song thats about love and working to stay together.
it has more of a hollywood vibe.
dealing with a life of fame.

Breathe Carolina – Put Some Clothes On Lyrics 11 years ago
breathe carolina kicks ass.
but i love how everyone who commented said nothing about what it meant to them.

- I think this song is about an actor.
and he's falling in love with the girl he's making a movie with.
And they have to have sex "on the screen" and it doesn't feel right to him but he goes on with it anyways because it's his lifestyle.
he wants to change so badly to be able to have a girl like herself love him.


Third Eye Blind – Jumper Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is amazing. You can't say anything else about it.
I recently went through a really rough patch where I wanted out. Didn't matter how or when, I just wanted out.
I ended up putting a gun to my head and pulling the trigger. I don't know what happened, but when i pulled.
The gun jammed.
The really scary thing was, this song was on the radio at the same time.
This song will forever have a meaning to me now, It's so meaningful to soo many people because of how we think it would be better just to take the easy way out.
Why give up so soon when things could change in an instant!?
3EB Will Always Be a Band To Remember.
I love them.

Chevelle – Paint The Seconds Lyrics 11 years ago
treesmart7.. do you know nothing at all about chevelle??
they have already said they aren't a christian band, just happened to get a christian label.
so stop acting so fucking stupid.

Rufio – One Slow Dance Lyrics 11 years ago
rufio's songs are amazing.
they help everyone to relate in their own problems.
i've never found such a greater band.
and like i've said.
they havent been fxcked over by mtv's shit.
so im still happy XD

Rufio – She Cries Lyrics 11 years ago
omg i know!
sum 41 and all the other bands from mtv have made music suck.
and now they're doing the whole "save the music" shit.
well they wouldnt have to save it if they hadnt already fxcked it over!

Rufio – She Cries Lyrics 11 years ago
eatme is completely right.
why would you want the "mtv crowd" to listen to rufio?
they'd fxck it all over.
i will not listen to mtv because of all the shitty music they've been playing and how everyone sees a band.
and hears just one of their songs and call themselves fans.
its bullshit.
mtv is fxcking gay.

Rufio – Over It Lyrics 11 years ago
people on here have no idea what the lyrics really are.
every song i've looked at has been no where near close to what the real lyrics are.
and you call yourselves fans.

Avenged Sevenfold – Gunslinger Lyrics 11 years ago
betrayed 101.
i never thought about it until you said it.
but this song reminds me of seize the day.
think about it.
his gf dies.
and its been a long time and he can't live w/out her so he's killing himself to find his true love.
but thats just imo

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