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Alejandro Sanz – En La Planta De Tus Pies Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is amazingg.
i love it, && his voice is incredible.
its about how he knows that this girl is cheating on him but he doesn't care because he loves her to much to let her go hence this part:
"En la planta de tus pies
traes arena de otro mar,
te los limpio y me hago el loco.
Y como si esto fuera poco
antes roto que doblarme
antes muero que dejarte."

Rihanna – Shut Up and Drive Lyrics 14 years ago
shes lookin for a guy who can keep up with her && her needs.
basically in simpler terms: shes lookin for someone to have sex with.

Rihanna – Breakin' Dishes Lyrics 14 years ago
i love thing song ALOT.
it has a great beat!
its about how she has a man who obviously is cheating on her && shes waitin on him to come home so she can tell him off && confront him.

Rihanna – Question Existing Lyrics 14 years ago
actually i agree with both ilovekelly75 && killmefaster. it could be not nessecarily a hooker but more like a stripper or just a person in the music industry.
shes just saying she wants people to like her for her not for what she does.

Hilary Duff – Beat Of My Heart Lyrics 14 years ago
ohkay I think everyone critizing and tlkin crap about hilary should seriosly go somewhere. This website is to tell everyone what you think this song is about. And if you hate her so much why are you wasting your time writing it here?? Go make a i hilary website or something. haters. go get a life please.
Anyways. I think this song is preety good. And yes, I do like hilary, Bite me.

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