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Shad – The Old Prince Still Lives at Home Lyrics 9 years ago
Thanks AMillionThingsToBe, I submitted your corrections, hopefully they'll fix it.

Blitzen Trapper – Sleepytime in the Western World Lyrics 9 years ago
What, no comments? This song is so great!

The bridge: ... a nightmare? Possibly an elaborate metaphor? I prefer to think it's just a crazy dream.

Stars – Changes Lyrics 9 years ago
I think I agree with Paramnida re: "way" - especially listening to live versions.

Ahh this song is beautiful. Love the line "it's dull, this dusk, this desk, this dust" such assonance! alliteration! It's perfect!

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Stamp Lyrics 10 years ago
good song, the video is hilarious.

Buck 65 – Blood Of A Young Wolf Lyrics 10 years ago
You all must be much more perceptive than I, because this song is pretty much gibberish to me. Very catchy gibberish mind you.
Somehow the line "eat my breakfast, ride my bike, a knife between my shoulder blades" always gets stuck in my head.

The Philosopher Kings – Cry Lyrics 10 years ago
Obviously not a very complicated song... just had to note: that is a sexy voice.

Caribou – Niobe Lyrics 10 years ago
Favourite off this album, definitely.

Caribou – After Hours Lyrics 10 years ago
This doesn't feel like unconditional love to me, so much as a desperate, all-consuming love. Maybe it's the effect of the spinning, psychadelic music, but it reminds me of being dizzy to the point of sickness (due to love, I guess).

The Weakerthans – Relative Surplus Value Lyrics 10 years ago
I have a question: when he says
"think of the time I came to visit you here, the year after Jeremy died"

Does it mean "I'm thinking of the time..." or, is he imploring the person he's talking to (the one he needs a ride from) to think of that time, as in "hey remember I did something nice for you, you owe me".

I've never been sure how to read that line. Looking at the syntax of that stanza, I'm leaning towards the first reading, but maybe someone has a different take.

Sloan – Autobiography Lyrics 10 years ago
Agreed! This song just makes me so happy. Also, applicable to my life.
I've stayed in school this long but still no one will tell me why...

Dan Mangan – The Indie Queens Are Waiting Lyrics 10 years ago
Not sure if I heard this in an interview or what, but I'm pretty sure this is a commentary on the 'indie scene' in Vancouver.
The lines "are we cool now?" I believe are more like, "I've bought the right records, I'm wearing the right clothes, I'm doing all the right things - am I cool now?"

The lines about watching, and waiting for a reaction really resonate with me. It seems to be such a big part of being a hipster (or whatever you want to call it) - trying to have the right image, and judging everyone else on how they look, and getting a reaction. At least that's how I see it, at it's worst.

I think I read/heard Dan say that he sees himself as part of this scene, so he's coming from a pretty honest place.

Mother Mother – Arms Tonite Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is wicked - most inappropriate and awesome use of "cute" in a song.

Don't you think it's kind of cute that I died right inside your arms tonight...

The Weakerthans – Sun in an Empty Room Lyrics 12 years ago
YES I agree harshfury. I always liked that imagery.
And when he's talking about the "rumours, an election, cross-words, an unending war" it's about the contents of the newspaper.

Love this man's songwriting!

Two Hours Traffic – Close Up To Me Lyrics 12 years ago
Argh 'prophet' !!
Also, channels. Really.

Also, this is a lovely song.

Metric – Ending Start Lyrics 13 years ago
Ending starts with answers...
when we have the answers, it's all over.

So if this is about her career, when things were coming together (getting the answers), it started to end.

Maybe?! They are on hiatus now, right?

Shad – The Old Prince Still Lives at Home Lyrics 13 years ago
Basically guessed on some of the words...
But this song deserves to have lyrics on the internet! Love it!

Dion and the Belmonts – Run Around Sue Lyrics 13 years ago
moral *of* the story, i imagine!

Harry Connick, Jr. – Where Or When Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't know... this is just a 30's showtune - I think it's just metaphorical. He feels so familiar with her it's *like* they've met before.
Haven't heard the Harry Connick version but I doubt it can beat Dion and the Belmonts!

Christine Fellows – The Spinster's Almanac Lyrics 13 years ago
No comments?! This is the funniest and most bitter-sweet song ever - I just love it. Her voice fits it perfectly.
I was going to comment that I thought it was 'dancehall radio' but upon some quick wikipedia research, I'm pretty sure that's not what she said !
Anyway, yeah, awesome tune.

Bran Van 3000 – Astounded Lyrics 13 years ago
the last bit in spanish is

3000 razones para darte mi amor (3000 reasons to give you my love)
3000 razones para darte el corazón (3000 reasons to give you the heart)
3000 razones para darte mi amor
3000 razones para darte el corazón

I can't vouch for this though, cause I just found it on the internet!
This last minute and a half is my favourite part.

Buck 65 – Indestructible Sam Lyrics 13 years ago
The banjo in this song is wicked. Love buck 65!
He has the deepest, coolest speaking voice too.

Mother Mother – Verbatim Lyrics 13 years ago
Missing the line
"I live by a hospital"
before "and every day I got out walking..."

Mother Mother – Love and Truth Lyrics 13 years ago
What a stellar song. I don't think I've heard one before that so clearly states how I feel a lot of the time
Also, it's cute!

Don McLean – Castles In The Air Lyrics 13 years ago
Very intuitive, svenschborsteinheim.
I think the thing I like most about this song is that he's getting someone else to break up for him. An interesting way to frame the song. I wonder what the significance of that is?
At any rate, it makes me smile for some reason!

The New Pornographers – All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth Lyrics 13 years ago
Meaning? I won't even bother
But that flute line?! Kick ass!

Meligrove Band – isles of yew Lyrics 13 years ago
Me too. You know what's ridiculous is that I didn't even get the "isle of yew" = "i love you" til just recently. hah!

The Weakerthans – One Great City! Lyrics 13 years ago
queshiraz... I'd say it's about too many people crammed together poking each other with their elbows on the subway (assuming winnipeg has a subway!).
Who doesn't hate their city? Vancouverites maybe...

Joel Plaskett – Nothing More to Say Lyrics 13 years ago
Every time this song starts I expect it to go Mamas and the Papa's style, ie, "all the leaves are brown..."
That must be intentional, seems like a very unlikely coincidence.

Two Hours Traffic – Stuck For The Summer Lyrics 13 years ago
Catchiest song imaginable.

The Dears – The Second Part Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah I saw it live too, very intense.
It's funny I always heard "Ivan arrived" - gives a totally different image!

My favourite Dears song.

The Dears – There Is No Such Thing As Love Lyrics 13 years ago
Ahh when he says "Let me give it to you straight!"
It totally rips out my heart!
So over-the-top and melodramatic, in the best way possible. Epic is right.

The New Pornographers – The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism Lyrics 13 years ago
My ever loosening grip on the commonest courtesies slipped ... hah. what a nice way to put it. This is officially my new drinking song.
What a catchy tune. Why aren't there more NP fans out there?!

The Meligrove Band – Grasshoppers in Honey Lyrics 13 years ago
Wow clearly not enough meligrove band fans out there!
My 2 cents... I really have always felt that we owe the world an apology. humans have such a knack for screwing the earth over.
Also, this band is great.

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