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Iron Maiden – The Clairvoyant Lyrics 14 years ago
As many Iron Maiden songs, this one too has a side of subliminal irony. In this setting there's a man who in order to become wealthy passes for a fortune-teller. Apparently, someone caught on to his scheme and is now stalking him to kill him. If this DOES NOT make sense just keep reading.

The sweat on his brow symbolizes his nervousness but if I was seeing him "predict" the future I'd say he was concentrating real hard.

Shadows dancing on the walls are the actual shadows of those hired to kill him.

Then he mentions if it's real or not; he's been lying so much that he can't tell apart the lies from the truth.

The increase in his power is the increase of his lie, I suppose he was close to getting caught but he probably had a lucky guess or rigged something to make it believable, but he is scared that someone might actually catch on.

The chorus is just stating the fact that he will die someday eventually. "As soon as you're born you're dying", in all this time he lived his lie he didn't accomplish anything so when he dies it's a change of mind he wants to go through too hence being born again (great symbolization of reincarnation).

Now this paragraph could be talking about the person who hired him and how he is like interrogating him. He feels like his mind being read and the lies are there as well as the truth, the truth is the lie. Then he ends up killing his boss and escaping. OR it could be him... no I'm pretty sure someone might try to correct me but that paragraph is precisely not about him. If I know one thing of Steve Harris is the riddles he leaves in his songs. The double meanings in them. So yeah thats about it. Any questions? Comments? Numbers?

Iron Maiden – Dance Of Death Lyrics 14 years ago
badlilfairy... thats a great quote.
At one point we will dance

Iron Maiden – Mother Russia Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't know if anyone has ever felt this while listenning to an Iron Maiden song. Like you feel you lived in that era, not of the music but of the songs story. Hence, Mother Russia, in the beginning when the eerie chorus comes in I don't feel frightened at all, I feel calm and at the same time struggling through a slow snowy Russian winter.

Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden Lyrics 14 years ago
Umm, yeah Iron Maiden, you know that the people who chopped of peoples heads with an axe and that wore those masks? Yeah those are Iron Maidens too... just thought you'd like to know that.

Iron Maiden – Transylvania Lyrics 14 years ago
In an interview, harris and dave said that this song was supposed to portray the wilds of transylvania

Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark Lyrics 14 years ago
It's just talking about being afraid of the dark. NO SHIT!

Iron Maiden – Purgatory Lyrics 14 years ago
Reincarnation: In It's raw form. Alot of songs relate to reincarnating. I long to meet Steve Harris, I fear he will die before I get that chance though.
Ok so why reincarnation? Obvious.
"Thinking of an age old dream, places I have never seen"
Age old dream as in... I've dreamed it so many times, places I have never seen as in... Where the fuck is that at... It's talking about a past life. WOW(sarcastic).
"Over clouds my mind will fly, forever now I can't think why." Yup yup, the great ol' heaven, flying over clouds.. HELLO? lol. Oh and here comes this interesting part, "forever now I can't think why" :O oooooo OH ah... Forever? Meaning... lived all the lifes that were supposed to be lived? think about it... the brain splitting is kinda tacky, but melt through the floor means going to hell; Basically. the body leaving the soul is weird... usually its the soul leaving the body. Now I remember the some songs contain this error, or maybe its meant to be there... Think about it, in Brave New world, it says "Rip my bones of my flesh". :o yeah thought so too. "Mem'ries rising from the past, the future's shaddow overcast." Memories from the past? Yup yup, not in this life... future shadow overcast means to me like, I can see where I'll land in my future life, or next life.
"Something's clutching at my head, through the darkness I'll be led." He is having a headache of sort,
maybe even too much info going on or something. So he is lead through the DARK PURGATORY.
"Oh another time, another place.
Oh another smile on another face" ok this is cool I like it cuzz watch, another time another place, meaning in my next life time in my next life's location. and the next part looks wrong to me, I want to believe so bad that he says "I'll wear another smile on another face"
so I'll explain that, he will reincarnate into a different body and face, so he is talking about where and how he will be in the next life.
"When you see me floating up beside you,
You get the feeling that all my love's inside of you."
aww I had a girl I cared about and i wish i could express her this... ok so this part, basically a statement about going to heaven, when you see me flotaing up beside you. then next is plain and simple he is saying that no matter where I am, where I go, i'll always love you, so don't forget about it.

well there you have it
I might write more on this because its not done...
yeah you know what i will do it.

Ok here we go

Thinking of an age old dream, places I have never seen,
Fantasies lived times before.
I split my brain, melt through the floor.

This talks how in his past he died by splitting his brain... weird told you so, and eventually ending up in hell

Over clouds my mind will fly, forever now I can't think why.
My body tries to leave my soul.
Or is it me, I just don't know.

This talks about finally going to heaven in one of his lifes

Mem'ries rising from the past, the future's shaddow overcast.
Something's clutching at my head, through the darkness I'll be led.

this explains his voyage through the purgatory

so thats about it. I got more stuff but my metacarpals are aching-some and so ill go find some other lyrics.

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if you need clarifications or any other fucking shit

Iron Maiden – Brave New World Lyrics 14 years ago
Hmm, I've listened to this song, and once i get intrigued by a song, I have to learn to play it on guitar, once that happens I need to understand the lyrics; so bear with me as a pull this out of my ass.

Basically my point of view is that a "Brave New World"
is a world where even though knowing the old world failed, it's still keeping march forward with so much courage. It's a world which you are brought in to and made into someones shall we say "guinea pig" to live in a setting where nothing is for sure. In this case Society is that someone who owns you, society and secrecy.You have no leisures nor rights to freedom, so looks have no importance, here everyone is the same: dying by the hand and ignorance of that which owns you. Separatism probably plays an elaborate schism too which explains the losing of love, and a mothers love. My vision of a new world as this also depicts science being a method of introducing life onto the world hence, mother love is just a myth. Home would probably be the rejoicing heavens, so "bring this savage back home" could be a plea for death. "Wilderness house of pain" since it's in my personal experience I'd say a house of pain would be a place where one could drug oneself to ease a pain; with wilderness attached to it, the drug usage could most likely be overwhelming. House of pain, a place to negate all your basic knowledge and everything you think is not, as to make "no sense of it at all". Once again the "close this mind dull this brain" is explaining the usage of drugs. "Messiah before his fall" to me means that this person didn't ever dream of drugging himself bu- omg... It is true. Back to the matter at hand. Leaving it as a last resort so his mind can't be changed he drugs himself and gets ready. Ok, so society is hiding something and that's what makes this place so unforgiving. People have no longer right over their life, basically their souls aren't theirs either. "Dragon kings, dying queens" Dragons; symbolizing either royalty and importance, high caste etiqutte, ferocious beings. Queens falling; all this means to me is that while leaders of society bathe in the pride of their work, women die inside for loss of their children. Proving this to be a sin, salvation is looked at as a far achievement "where is salvation now". Life is lost to inhumane reasons, and so dreams can only depict what is truly unruly impossible. (being as it is a dream can be achieved yet this setting is so harsh that hope can't stand a chance against oppression). "rip the bones from my flesh" comes to me as a statement of challenging sarcasm, like saying "you can take my life, my love, my freedom, well heck you can surely rip the bones from my flesh (ironic for I can't imagine bones being ripped from- flesh... it would be the other way around but this gives you the image of how far this society can go in to cruelty.)" "Silent screams-- laughing here" Screaming is a freedom, and so this society takes your right to this, covering it with laughs. "Dying to tell you the truth" I can imagine a rebel or a rumored crazy person screaming out the truth about the world, and so is sent to execution. "You are planned and you are damned in this brave new world"
Your life is already decided for you, and you have no word in it, so you are damned for that reason. the last verse "dying swans twisted wings bring this salvage back home" (truly ironic just read) Ok so we have established that beauty here is not an issue nor a right, so our character is committing suicide OR just dying by the hands of secrecy society, and is letting out a last "prayer" bring this savage home... Heavens... So ok here let me pretend im the character.

(Dying, on the ground eyes closed)

So I've done all of what I could to escape this society and to help others know about this unreal reality. I tried to give the chance of precise knowledge of the world we live in... this brave new world?
Brave it is and new too... but can it be called a world?
Have I failed so miserably? Is there no other price?
Yes there is... I've earned my right to faith.
In this place I pray to be saved, to be taken to a place far yet so near.


"Bring this savage back home" the last prayer. The earned right. The eternal prize.

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System of a Down – ATWA Lyrics 14 years ago
Ok. You all know that Daron does drugs right? Well, maybe when they where writing the songs Daron was like on drugs and hey misled the titled as All The World A've seen before me passing by... ATWA. That's what i think

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