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Guano Apes – Heaven Lyrics 11 years ago
kinda like that

Audioslave – Shadow On The Sun Lyrics 13 years ago
Havin a shadow on the sun is a metaphor for doubt, and it is about the conflict between doubt and love, when there is a situation where you would love someone, although you're having very strong doubts about the thing.
In collateral you can see a wolf crossing the street, yes? Wolf is a symbol for two-sided feelings.
And the song basically is all about doubt killing love.

Tantric – Before Lyrics 13 years ago
This my fav tantric, song, and to me it's about doing stuff you're not sure you should, basically because you're are confused and don't see the greater picture. And the consequences of it.
One freaking breathtaking solo this one has.

A Perfect Circle – Passive Lyrics 13 years ago
oh, hey, wait, that songs about meh... :|

A Perfect Circle – Vanishing Lyrics 13 years ago
This song grasped me for the first listen, and I doubt it'll let me go. :]]

A Perfect Circle – Vanishing Lyrics 13 years ago
The way the song kicks in from the intro, when the instruments fall on you...
Thats unbelievable

A Perfect Circle – The Package Lyrics 13 years ago
The Package metaphor is so cool this time.

A Perfect Circle – The Outsider Lyrics 13 years ago
the infite ways of interpreting, once again we're faced with.

A Perfect Circle – The Outsider Lyrics 13 years ago
Thats strange, it can be an ironical impersonification of the ignorance of the "average" towards the "self-destructive".
Or if we drop the impersonification part, it can be directed against self-destructive behavior.
Oddly two-pointed.

A Perfect Circle – The Noose Lyrics 13 years ago
fix the inside, thats cool.
but the theres an outside, dont forget.

A Perfect Circle – Pet Lyrics 13 years ago
bush -> like i do
the ignorant -> pets

A Perfect Circle – Lullaby Lyrics 13 years ago
This aint creepy.
This is haunting, waah. :]

A Perfect Circle – Gravity Lyrics 13 years ago
Maybe the addiction went so far, that the decision of getting off the drug requires the amount of willpower and commitment of a suicide.
And of course there are the risks, which themselves may very well lead to suicide.
The songs pouring out a picture of an ALMOST unpenetratable wall.

A Perfect Circle – Blue Lyrics 13 years ago
strangely elevating song to me.

Audioslave – Show Me How to Live Lyrics 13 years ago
Thats the demo version of the song, civilian project.

Shinedown – 45 Lyrics 13 years ago
"Nobody knows what I believe."
Any ideas on that one?
I'd love to know it.

Shinedown – 45 Lyrics 13 years ago
what if it really is a song about a man figuring out that his partner/wife is cheating on him, in the cruelest way, which is figuring out that she is pregnant from someone else.
The upcoming shame could easily sum up as a stare right down that 45.

John Butler Trio – Something's Gotta Give Lyrics 13 years ago
"This song is dedicated to all the people in the world, who want peace on this planet, dont want a war in iraq or a war anywhere."

John Butler Trio – Pickapart Lyrics 13 years ago
Don't let the measure You, don't let Yourself be driven by other peoples opinions about You.
Drive Yourself.

John Butler Trio – Peaches And Cream Lyrics 13 years ago
The picture of a half-filled cup[His wife?] being full is beatiful.

John Butler Trio – Ocean Lyrics 13 years ago
"I'd really like to converse with You people, but guess i'm just stupid. So this is my conversational peace to you"
It doesnt have lyrics, because it doesnt need them.
To me it has a meaning thats much like the song Believe's.

John Butler Trio – Devil Running Lyrics 13 years ago
What its about?

John Butler Trio – Earthbound Child Lyrics 13 years ago
Revenge. If they cut the streets down, he curses them.

John Butler Trio – Company Sin Lyrics 13 years ago
Commit sin.[fuck with mother nature]
Bare the consequence.[it'll all get back on your karma]

John Butler Trio – Believe Lyrics 13 years ago
This is the song that has the second best meaning among the JBT's songs. It is a true blessing. An elevating aerial masterpeace.
The first is ocean.

John Butler Trio – Better Than Lyrics 13 years ago
Find the value in the small.
Don't go on checking what you DONT have,
go on checking what you DO have.
And be satisfied with it, cos it could be worse.

John Butler Trio – Zebra Lyrics 13 years ago
"I could bring love back into my life"
It may, i repeat, may be a dissapointed man's song, who lost his love, and is now coming out of depression and realizing how much more he could be, that he is not less because of a failed relationship. Maybe.

John Butler Trio – What You Want Lyrics 13 years ago
Thats it.
You got your meaning for the song right there, it exactly that.
Baby Girls story.

John Butler Trio – Take Lyrics 13 years ago
It's about blind control freaks.

The Nightwatchman – Until the End Lyrics 13 years ago
The Sheriff & Deputy was taken from a Bob Marley song, thats all that I know.
Anyone care to explain the song?

The Nightwatchman – The Road I Must Travel Lyrics 13 years ago
Any info on this songs meaning?

The Nightwatchman – Union Song Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is driven by basically the same thing that made him and zack go to the CIW party.

The Nightwatchman – One Man Revolution Lyrics 13 years ago
He actually had a noose in his garage - he said that in an interview.

The Nightwatchman – House Gone up in Flames Lyrics 13 years ago
It is about setting your past on fire, forgetting it forever, and starting something NEW, it is the need for a change that is common in the pictures stated in this song.
Amazing peace of art.

The Nightwatchman – Flesh shapes the day Lyrics 13 years ago
Its not Your circumstances that shape You, its You that shapes Your circumstances.

The Nightwatchman – No One Left Lyrics 13 years ago
It is about 2 young women he never had the pleasure to meet, He said that once as the intro for the song, as well as his reporter friend's journal, about the fact that both Americans and iraqi people said that they wanted America out of that country.
It is about war, losses.

Audioslave – Wide Awake Lyrics 13 years ago
Zack's fans will probably stone me for this, but I prefer the way of this sad yet powerful protesting better than the riotmaking aggression.
This has an effect on your conscience, not your instinct for justice.

Audioslave – What You Are Lyrics 13 years ago
And when you wanted me
I came to you
And when you wanted someone else
I withdrew
This is drugs? nah, good idea, but I'd stick to the returning motive of a lover, who is controlling the speaker.

Audioslave – Your Time Has Come Lyrics 13 years ago
Its message is the same as Erwin Starr's - War.

Incubus – Drive Lyrics 13 years ago
Its to take the role you live in.
To be yourself, not someone they want you to be.
Not to be a slave of your fate, but to write your own fate.
To realize the infinite possibilities that lie within you.

Audioslave – Show Me How to Live Lyrics 13 years ago
Asking God to show us our path, to give us the wheel behind the car thats our life
[Incubus - Drive]

Audioslave – Sleep Now in the Fire Lyrics 13 years ago
Stone me if you like, but i never payed any attention to the vocals of this song.
This song isnt about lyrics or vocals.
Its about that little colorful intro he makes, and then about the ear-filling thunderstorm that starts to blast of lightningbolts out of that strato called soulpower.

Audioslave – Original Fire Lyrics 13 years ago
A love gone, riot still inside raging.

Audioslave – One and the Same Lyrics 13 years ago
It's kinda negative, stating that if you have someone to love, you should expect the pain of the loss of it.

Audioslave – Moth Lyrics 13 years ago
It was a mistake to get involved in you, your like fire to a moth to me, i can only get burned if im with you.

Audioslave – Man or Animal Lyrics 13 years ago
Being a gentle, or being wild.
Being a sheep, or being a wolf.
Someone who does things the way others want him to do, someone who doesnt give SH:'!T.
Someone who follows the rules, someone who breakes them.
Lots and lots of oppositions all along it.
It's crazy, one of my favourites.

Audioslave – Like a Stone Lyrics 13 years ago
Or he was alone for so long, he forgot that he'd ever fall in love again, which he did, and for what he's so thankful, that he'd wait forever, if needed.

Audioslave – I Am the Highway Lyrics 13 years ago
Marquez thats exactly the same what I got out of it.
I'm not a puppet, i'm underestimated.

Audioslave – Getaway Car Lyrics 13 years ago
Its someone strong whom this songs about.
Its someone the speaker would only have dreamed about to be with, someone so high above him.
And yet He looks at her at great height, her puppet he still wont be. He'll leave her if he feels that.

Ride a car, instead of me.['cos im not your rollin wheels, i am the highway]

Audioslave – Hypnotize Lyrics 13 years ago
It's about the fact that, theres no impossible, you can reach anything with hard work, but dont forget to share this belief with others. I think.
But I'm fully accepting the materialist viewpoint as well, I just found that a little to forth-coming or obvious.

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