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Linkin Park – Reading My Eyes (Xero Demo) Lyrics 12 years ago
this song is great, I love the rugged sound quality and the rapping is great. LP is not my favorite band, but some of the stuff they've done is brilliant, while other is utter teen angsty commercial crap imho. Least I bought into it when I was younger, then I pulled back out the Reanmiation album recently, and I gotta say that album really is amazing. The use of synths and turntables, just gives it a really original sound and shows how talented these guys can be when they're willing too. The new album isnt half bad either.

Linkin Park – Super Xero (Demo) Lyrics 12 years ago
Hmm this song is originally writen by Mark Wakefield I think. But he's not the vocalist on it, like in the Rhinestone, reading my eyes, and Stick n' Move tracks.

So yeah, it is Chester. Though Mark and Chester sound alot alike.

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