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Rookie of the Year – Liars and Battlelines Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm not sure if there are different versions of the song but: It's hard to believe to a story
That's been told so well.
All these lines are sounding the same.

Cross my fingers
Hold your breath
Suburban legend, queen of that.
I leave you with this beautiful melody.

those lines (as much as I would have loved for them to be) are not in the song.

Different versions?

Matchbook Romance – Tiger Lily Lyrics 12 years ago
I first heard this song when my crush played it in his car. He told me later that he picked it "sorta on purpose." I'm glad he introduced me to the song though, it's amazing and has so many feelings attached to it. Awesome song.

Rookie of the Year – Silhouettes (All Eyes Above) Lyrics 12 years ago
"Another hit and miss"

I believe is a missing line between the first and second stanza.

Rookie of the Year – Life, Fall Fast Now Lyrics 12 years ago
Pretty awesome song. I'm actually going to see Rookie of the Year in concert with a guy I like. haha, I hope they play this song!

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