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Still Life – Mute Lyrics 12 years ago
*sniffle* So heartfelt... so awesome... Not very hard to figure what it's about, the lyrics itself explains better than any disciption

Pig Destroyer – Treblinka Lyrics 12 years ago
They do state what they think. They don't like this at all, they want to shove his damn commandments into his chest, isn't it a clear statement that religion and state does NOT go well together.

Honeywell – It's A Wonderful Life Lyrics 12 years ago
Very touchy song with the girls singing in the end of it. And the intro reminds me of a painting, the scream.... umm... Skriet in swedish however.

The lyrics are streight forward, nothing has to be said

Totalt Jävla Mörker – Shocking nymoralism Lyrics 13 years ago
I read the text, amazing. I like the understanding way it explains everything while fully confronting it at the same time. To the text, as most Totalt Jävla Mörker songs, deep, quite dark and down in a way and agressive. Love it.

Totalt Jävla Mörker – Människans ringa värde Lyrics 13 years ago
Well spoken mate. Love people who listen to these kinds of music and have brain too.

All power to people like you. ^^

Angel Hair – This Stool Is Cool Lyrics 13 years ago
Song name, awesome. Music, sweet. Lyrics, cute somehow.

I love it.

About don't liking people on your school perhaps?

Saetia – Ariadne's Thread Lyrics 13 years ago
I just read about her, and she's abandoned on Nexus. Later she marries the god of joys and whine... can't remember his name.

And no, marble deVos, you're not the only one who thought of that ;P

Honeywell – Mesh-Control Lyrics 13 years ago
Monsterous, brilliant and gorgeous

Gay for Johnny Depp – She said "I like this one." Lyrics 13 years ago
Gay for Johnny Depp, you got to love them, it's impossible not to. Anyway... I've no idea what this is about if it has a secret message, but I sure like it the way it is.

Honeywell – Screaming Numb Ears Lyrics 13 years ago
This beutiful.
I agree with can't forigive, hope they come with a discography... Until then, does someone know where I can find more songs from Honeywell? I just got this one, but it's called "you and me"... And yes, I'm speaking of this song. Everywhere else it's called "you and me", exept here. Are everyone else wrong (that is very much possible) or.... eh.

Broder Daniel – Shoreline (live) Lyrics 13 years ago
This is by far their best song!

Beutiful, it's about growing up in a bit (well...for beeing sweden) city

Circle Takes the Square – Non-Objective Portrait of Karma Lyrics 13 years ago
This is all about beeing bullied in School. Ppl that's juding him/her (problebly her) witch is the starving jury. The Wolves are the ppl that's hunting her, bullying her.
It makes more sence then the rest of the ideas.

Anyways, that's what I think and it makes sence.

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