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Sinergy – I Spit On Your Grave Lyrics 19 years ago
Wow! I absolutly love this song! Very powerful!
Aparently the song is about being betrayed and seeking revenge by murdering the judas in question. ("Vengeance piercing through my heart
As I watch you kiss the dirt
And make you swallow your betrayal and sin")
I love how the song emphasizes HATE throughout and how the killer seems unrepentant towards his/her actions. ("Though for now I say farewell
But one day I will return with a smile
As I spit on your grave!")

3rd Strike – Redemption Lyrics 19 years ago
I think the song is about a threatening relationship.

To me, the person is wanting/asking this girl to fall in love with him.
("Would you let me take control
if i told you that i would never love another?")
He is wanting her to fully devote herself to him ("Build a prison for your soul") and is reassuring her that he would be taking care of her. ("with the shelter i provide,
surely we can live forever")
Beyond this point i assume that they are now involved with each other. ("Feel addiction take control, i know you'll runaway.")

The next verse gets a tad complicated to decipher. I might be wrong so feel free to disagree. To me, he is asking for a deeper involvment with her, maybe he is asking her to move in with him, or perhaps to marry him ("Would you let me take you home?")
notice the sense of enslavement
("Fulfill my every need,
keep you in this spell you're under.")
And how he seems to be rushing her for an answer.
("Cause now's the time to let you know,
If you only take my hand, never will there be another.")

The next verse is pretty self explanatory. It sounds like a couple of years down the road and how the relationship is threatening to the girl (" I see redemption in your eyes although i always seem to make you cry
So high off the pain that i give to you,")
She can't leave him because she has nowhere else to turn ("You can't leave or perceive that you're better off without me.")

I come to the conclusion that the song is about the average relationship between a mistreated wife and a harmful husband and how this girl seems to be trapped with her threatening lover. ("No love is sicker than the one we found,
keep a frown on your face and you'll never replace me.")

Of course, this is my opinion, i might be insanely wrong. 8)

Type O Negative – Wolf Moon Lyrics 19 years ago
Well, i guess every one of us is entitled to our own opinion. *Shivers*

Blindside – Cute Boring Love Lyrics 19 years ago
I agree with octus.
To me this song is about this guy that is getting sick of putting up with casual sex and is longing for a more stable relationship, a more committing relationship, in other words, the "Cute boring love" hence the chorus.
"But don't you ever just like me
Long for purity
Don't you ever
Get sick of our territories"

It also sounds to me like he is asking this "fuck friend" of his to open up to him, to love him emotionally, not just sexually. "Don't you think it's time to trespass" "What are you so scared of sister? I'm just as scared as you"

Nothingface – Same Solution Lyrics 19 years ago
Wow, this girl is totally on their blacklist lol.

Charon – Bitter Joy Lyrics 19 years ago
I absolutely love this song. I can totally relate to it. It is about a love triangle between this girl and two guys and how devastated they are with the situation they put themselves in. Very meaningful.

Type O Negative – Wolf Moon Lyrics 19 years ago
The song is about this guy that is going down on a chick that is having her periods...Totally sick.

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