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Aerosmith – Girl Keeps Comin' Apart Lyrics 12 years ago
i loveeee this song. *note the frank zappa lyrics at the end?

Aerosmith – Bright Light Fright Lyrics 12 years ago
ooo, another song about the dark drug days. can't get enough of these 5 guys.

Aerosmith – All Your Love Lyrics 12 years ago
steven said this was one of his first songs he wrote, when he was real young. i'm talking teens. how romantic he was, even then. aerosmith is brilliant.

Keith Anderson – Pickin' Wildflowers Lyrics 12 years ago
this song is awesome. if you're a tom petty fan, you'll notice the references to some of his other songs. this song is so fun. good backwood driving, bonfire beer drinking song

Kate Voegele – Only Fooling Myself Lyrics 12 years ago
this song reminds me of somebody i've had a 'crush' on for what feels like centuries. they don't call 'em crushes for nothing. this song hits that spot that's still soft for him.

Kate Voegele – Where The Sidewalk Cracks Lyrics 12 years ago
this girl is a lyrical genius. once in a while, somebody writes a song that you hear, and wonder how in the hell they got your thoughts out of your head & turned them into a great song.

Kate Voegele – Top Of The World Lyrics 12 years ago
there's another version of this. at the end of the chorus there's another line, "if you're thinking i've been blinking when you're breaking the rules, don't that make you the fool." - - this song is totally addicted. one of those i put on repeat - for hours

Kate Voegele – I Won't Disagree Lyrics 12 years ago
i just HAD to add these lyrics. this song is amazing. kate's voice is crazy & totally expressive. This kind of song & this kind of artist make me believe in the revival of good music among all the junk coming out, lately.

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