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Karnivool – C.O.T.E. Lyrics 12 years ago
must have had a bad show because from what heard from mates they are awesome live

Karnivool – Headcase Lyrics 12 years ago
about a girl

NOFX – Medio-Core Lyrics 12 years ago
lowest common denominator actually

Karnivool – Lifelike Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah well it seems to be about ecstasy and coming down after a pill
not again its so lifelike seems to be saying he doesnt want to come back to the real world (because everything is so great on ecstasy)

Primus – Hats Off Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah goldsac i agree, what a fuckwit
anyways back to the song i reckon its great, would be cool if it was longer and had a bit more quirky stuff
obviously about his life

The Presets – Pretty Little Eyes Lyrics 12 years ago
man i love these presets songs that didnt get radio'd the shit out of
awesome dark feel to it

Propagandhi – Ska Sucks Lyrics 12 years ago
i think this song can be extended to any band "in it for the bucks"
its talking about ska revival, eg. the new ska bands reviving old music to be cool
oh and i highly doubt they wrote this just to get signed with fat wreckchords, fat mike isnt that ignorant as to push a band to write a song just to get signed

NOFX – Soul Doubt Lyrics 12 years ago
yup shaun mac you hit he nail on the head
and surely if they were going to write a song that literally meant sold out there would be heaps more band references etc.

Infected Mushroom – Becoming Insane Lyrics 12 years ago
im gonna go with it being about a bad trip

Frenzal Rhomb – Goon Wolf Lyrics 12 years ago
a really clever song, one of my favorites

Frenzal Rhomb – Dugadugabowbow Lyrics 12 years ago
well pretty much it seems its about a chick he knows who is a slut, and basically he doesnt see the point in being that way, eg. i think your nice but i dont want to fuck you

NOFX – Hot Dog In A Hallway Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah im not sure i agree with the meaning in this, although its obviously very tongue-in-cheek
it does remind me of a family guy episode where stewie asks a hooker if there is any tread left on the tyres or if its like throwing a hot-dog down a hallway.

NOFX – 60% (Reprise) Lyrics 12 years ago
propaghandi cd's

* How to Clean Everything (Fat Wreck Chords, 1993)
* Less Talk, More Rock (Fat Wreck Chords, 1996)
* Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes (Fat Wreck Chords, G7 Welcoming Committee Records, 2001)
* Potemkin City Limits (Fat Wreck Chords, G7 Welcoming Committee Records, 2005)
* Supporting Caste (G7 Welcoming Committee Records, Smallman Records Due March 10, 2009)

check your facts JoshGnosis before you go telling people they are dumbasses

NOFX – Lager In The Dark Lyrics 12 years ago
maybe about having a drink at home when you feel like crap
i picture it like sitting in a dark room drinking

NOFX – Fun Things To Fuck (If You're A Winner) Lyrics 12 years ago
i think the base meaning in this song is in the last line
before you fuck it all go fuck yourself
eg. start by doing your own shit before you go try fuck with everybody else's shit
if that makes sense

NOFX – Last Caress (Misfits cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
metallica did a great cover of it

NOFX – Instant Crassic Lyrics 12 years ago
no you fucking dumbasses, its saying how bad things are without a certain person.
tical2k, its not saying love makes me sick.
I'm diving in a bowl of puke
I'm fly fishing a stream of puss
hello people?
he is relating being separated from the person to diving into a bowl of puke, or simply put, its crap without you, whoever you is

NOFX – Three On Speed Lyrics 12 years ago
yep those lyrics are spot on, you cunts are on crack
cool song, live fast, die fun

NOFX – Beer Bong Lyrics 12 years ago
this weekend me and a mate got offered a beer bong and we were like shit yeah, thinking we were gonna get high for free.
unfortunately it ended up with my mate getting half a stubbie of some weird pre mix shit that he spilt all over himself, but at least we know for next time
oh and we are gonna make beer bongs now but call them a more fitting name like shotguns
good song btw

NOFX – Green Corn Lyrics 12 years ago
im gonna put it out there that this is nofx's most thoughtful songs.
eg. had the most thought put into it considering its about the movie and not just some joke about getting wasted or how shit the government is

Frenzal Rhomb – Parasite Lyrics 12 years ago
its about a guy that just hangs around bumming shit and being annoying

Frenzal Rhomb – Bag of Bucks Lyrics 12 years ago
basically about a rich cunt that can do what he wants coz he has his bag o' bucks

Frenzal Rhomb – Everything You Do Is Shit Lyrics 12 years ago
its about a guy who keeps fucking up
maybe they wrote it for me?

Frenzal Rhomb – Punch in the face Lyrics 12 years ago
its saying we are dickheads and need a good punch in the face to wake up and stop doing stupid shit and annoying people.
but who wants that?
cool bass too

Frenzal Rhomb – There's Your Dad Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah its about a guys dad getting kicked out of home and seeing him around but not talking to him

Frenzal Rhomb – We're going out tonight Lyrics 12 years ago
well it says they they do buy some beer (buy some beer now the hour is getting near) so they do have money and beer :P

Frenzal Rhomb – 4 Litres Lyrics 12 years ago
sup is just to drink
it is mentioned in some of their other songs, like we're going out tonight
"We have a sup
now things are looking up
We're going out tonight"

Infected Mushroom – Symphonatic Lyrics 13 years ago
one of my favorite songs

The Potbelleez – Junkyard Lyrics 13 years ago
great band, but i cant get any of their cd's in poxy albany

Princess Superstar – Licky (Hervé Radio Edit) Lyrics 13 years ago
prime song, although i do prefer the vandalism remix]
no licky, no sticky

Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade Lyrics 14 years ago
i think bulls on parade is referring to govornments/countries/leaders being like parade bulls, dressed up to look flash and big and shit

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