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The Zombies – The Way I Feel Inside Lyrics 12 years ago
I like the way delial says it. Makes me think of this Taiwanese girl I knew. I was friendly with her and I was very fond of her but we didn't really have anything in common. I drew a picture of her before I knew her and she acted like she hated it but I think she'd have let me draw her again if I asked. I remember her cell phone got stolen and someone hid it in a potted plant in the boy's restroom after the teachers found out. Before they found it they sent us out of the room and searched our bags. A few guys got sent to the office for having stuff in their backpacks. She searched my bag and found a pack of cigarettes. Later on, after they'd found the cell phone, she passed me a note:
(Do you smoke?)
I laughed a little.
"Well, do you?"
"When we were looking through the bags."
I laughed again. "Thanks for not saying anything."
She was pretty preppy though. And she wanted me to teach her guitar but she wouldn't cut her nails no matter how much I told her it wouldn't work. I figured she didn't give a shit about me but when I transferred out of there she and this other girl I knew okay (she was really cool and we were really alike. I wish I had known her better) made a card and had everybody sign it with farewell wishes and all that crap. It was supposed to be a surprise but I knew about it. It was kind of nice though. I distanced myself from everybody because we were going to move and I hated the place we were living and the school I was going to. I transferred there in the middle of the year and I was leaving near the end of the year so I just felt like I was passing through. So I went to the faculty room to say bye to the teachers and everything and she was there having one last person sign the card so she wouldn't let me leave when I was done. She gave me the card and was joking around and everything,. "You cheater, leaving everybody here. Why do you have to go?" She was looking at me, pretending to be sad and then she smiled. (Fuck.) So I told her that I had feelings for her but that I realized we had nothing in common and she just nodded like she was saying, “Yeah, I know”. It was kind of funny in front of everybody.
I realized after I left that I actually had some pretty good friends outside of school. I was too busy hating the place to realize. I guess that’s sort of a boring story…
But I think the song is about having feelings of romantic love for the other person so now that I think of it my story doesn’t have much relevance. Yeah, the Zombies are much underrated.

The Who – Armenia City in the Sky Lyrics 12 years ago
Oops. It's ar/ME/nia. You know what I mean. Well maybe you do.

The Who – Armenia City in the Sky Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, it's pretty trippy. I didn't really like the song the first time through the record because I didn't really listen to it but it was on repeat and the second time through the album the chorus just came out to me and my eardrums had an orgasm. Arrrrmenia, City IN the SKY. Actually I didn't notice it was the name of the country Armenia because of the way they were singing it. They were stressing the Ar instead of stressing the me. AR/menia as opposed to ar/MEN/ia so I didn't notice until I read the lyrics.

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