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Nat King Cole – Smile Lyrics 11 years ago
Beautiful song. And the lyrics are pretty simple, if I understand them correctly: Even when life treats you bad, when everything seems to go wrong, when you're sad and hurting - don't give up, keep on smiling, lift your head up high and try to see life for all the good things, and not the bad.

Though I have to say, it's not always that simple... But I'm pretty sure that Chaplin didn't mean that it was, I think all he wanted to say with this song was that we at least have to TRY :)


Joan Baez – Love Song to a Stranger Lyrics 11 years ago
I think this song is about being frightened of truly loving someone and letting them love you in return. Having brief love affairs with strangers is safer, yet somewhere deep inside you always long for something more, but you're too scared to take the step.

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