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Tori Amos – Amber Waves Lyrics 13 years ago
I meant that her body was used for "nothing more, nothing deeper" than for sexual fantasies, NOT that Tori's song is "nothing deeper" than that. It's a very deep song, as always. Just to clarify!

Tori Amos – Amber Waves Lyrics 13 years ago
"to every boy's sweet dream
with their paper cuts"

I think the paper cuts part refers to the paper cuts boys would get by turning the cover of the magazine as they masturbate. It's such a sad song, how this woman gives up her body to be used by horny teen boys for sexual release, nothing more, nothing deeper than that.

Tori Amos – On the Boundary Lyrics 13 years ago
The strongest piece of this song for me is "I guess that wasn't enough
I guess I wasn't enough" -- and I love how she draws out the "enough." I could just relate to it because in past relationships I felt that I wasn't enough, I wasn't good enough, I never did anything right, etc.

Tori Amos – Dark Side of the Sun Lyrics 13 years ago
I read in some review that this song is partially about the dark side of religion, namely extremism -- "So how many young men
Have to lay down their life...
For some sick promise of heaven"
Muslims believe that if you sacrifice yourself for Islam/Allah then you will earn your place in heaven...hence the suicide terrorists, who are so focused on their "duty" to Allah that they will do horrible things to get there. They believe that what they're doing in the name of Allah is right and holy and good, but it obviously isn't. The young Muslim men are brainwashed into believing the promise of heaven that will come from their evil deeds.

Tori Amos – Blood Roses Lyrics 13 years ago
One of my favorites...I think it's mostly about sexual abuse/rape/violence towards women. All the horrible things men do and think about women.

"You think I'm a queer, I think you're a queer.
Said I think you're a queer, I think you're a queer." -- I believe this refers to the macho, arrogant man who believes that if the woman doesn't want to sleep with him or date him, then he'll think something like "she's obviously a lesbian because how could she pass up a hot guy like me?" That sort of reasoning makes me's as if they think you aren't straight if you don't want to be with them, that there has to be something "wrong" with you such as homosexuality.

But the woman in the song thinks the man is a queer because what kind of normal person would rape or abuse women? Queer not in the homosexual way, but in the odd freakish way.

Also that the man doing the abuse would

Tori Amos – Digital Ghost Lyrics 13 years ago
I thought it was about the isolation of this digital age - "curled up with machines" meaning that he is obsessed with his computer/electronics rather than people. And maybe he's using the Internet to escape from harsh realities, choosing not to find out or deal with what's really wrong with him - "what's really haunting you."
The "your heart only beats 1's and 0's" refers to the binary system, which is part of most computers. The 1's and 0's are often associated with the on/off function - "switch you on my friend." A very haunting song that reminds me of something else, though I can't quite think of it yet. Extremely sad.

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