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Culture Club – Karma Chameleon Lyrics 14 years ago
The first verse, This is about a woman whom is moody and ungrateful to his love. She knows what she is doing and he'sgetting now that she's just stringing him along. Telling hime the things he wants to hear to real him in and then playing him.

She's a chamelion, sometimes she's sweet and nice, sometimes she's a mean chick, sometimes she's there, sometimes she's not.

She's a chamelion changing all the time. The colors mean nothing, but those are teh color's he likes to see her as, instead he waks up and she's crazy. In my last bad relationship, I would dream about the girl and she was amazing in my dreams, but I'd wake up to arguying and ungratefulness.

Foo Fighters – Best Of You Lyrics 14 years ago
AT some point you stop tolerating crap. I love this song. This was the song I listened too everytime my ex would call telling me she loved me but just wanting me back into the drama of her life. This song pushed me to end all communication and concentrate on my future.

I love this song is not a complete "dis Her" song. He starts out by calling himself to fool. He knows he's shares blame.

Coldplay – Fix You Lyrics 14 years ago
Simply: I'll always be there for you. Things may be rough now but I will fix you.

Sister Hazel – All For You Lyrics 14 years ago
It's that eureka moment when you realize that the woman you're dating or your friend is the one yhou've been looking for and you're in love with her. I had a eureka moment like this three six months after dating my fiance.

Sister Hazel – Come Around Lyrics 14 years ago
He's waiting for her to settle down with him. The "June" comment refersto him wanting to marry her, waiting for an answer. eventually she'll need to come around and realize he's the one.

Sister Hazel – Hopeless Lyrics 14 years ago
Its tough being at road's end. You meet someone it doesnt work out; repeat. At some point this gets to you and this is where this song comes from. YOu run out of hope of finding someone, and that anger generates the feelings of this song.

Sister Hazel – Your Winter Lyrics 14 years ago
I like ladything's opinion. He's not trying to hurt her. She's choosing what hurts her, letting the little things cloud the big picture. He doesn't have any intention on hurting her. He loves her so much that hurting her hurts him.
He doesn't want to be that cold spot in her life. He doesnt want to be the guy she looks at and grimaces when she comes home. He wants it to be like it is when they were children.

Sister Hazel – Champagne High Lyrics 14 years ago
My favorite sister hazel song. This song line for line is me and my ex. When we met it was by accident. We met online and I swear I put in the criteria people who lived within 15 miles of me with no kids. Some fluke of bad programming pulled up her 70 miles away with one kid. We agreed that neither one was looking for anything long term.
After four years of off and on I decided to move back home for some distance, and hope we could fix things. It was best at the time we both thought. But other people came in, complicated things and we never got back together. Now I'm getting married, happy, and she's still falling in the same traps that broke us up.

Train – Eggplant Lyrics 14 years ago
This is my favorite song off of this album. Very imaginative wording to describe how much you love someone.

Train – Hopeless Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm used to be this guy. the guy who consoles, who is always there while the other man runs out. With my ex, I still stayed and tried to remain her friend even after she started a relationship with the person she cheated on me with. I bailed her out of jail when she had to stab that person to stop them from beating her up. But in the end she always went back to that person.

I wish I could tell her this song. A man,frustrated with being the other guy. Knowing she doesnt need to be treated like this, and yet she pushes him away.

Train – Idaho Lyrics 14 years ago
Idaho represents that peaceful, tranquil place, some place to escape the world. He wants to go there, but he knows that he has too much going on to give up.

Train – Blind Lyrics 14 years ago
Train came out during some rocky relationships. This song goes with the theme of most of the album.

Blind represents a relationship headed down hill. The man knows that. He knows that this is not going to work out. Her smile is changing. He can tell she is just tolerating the relationship. He knows she's just "doing time" a term to mean that he knows that for her this rleationship is a prison.
While she is miserable he is not letting his show. Turnign a blind eye to the problems. As with most of the songs on this album, hoping that things will be better. It's tearing him up. He feels older. It's wearing on him.

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