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Architecture in Helsinki – That Beep Lyrics 11 years ago
I think the line is:

I called your doctor up and he promised me pain was fun

That's what I hear, anyway.

Quasi – You Fucked Yourself Lyrics 11 years ago
I'm not sure what the whole song together means exactly, but the part:

Drown if you sink
Condemned if you float

is a reference to the way it was decided if someone was a 'witch' way back when. They'd throw some poor person into a lake or a river and if they floated they were a witch, and thus be condemned to death, and if they sank they were innocent, but they'd generally end up dying anyway. So they're saying again that whatever the person does at this point will end badly anyway.

My Brightest Diamond – Workhorse Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah, a horse that is too old to be used for any real purpose. probably on it's way to a glue factory.

lovely song!

Bat for Lashes – Horse and I Lyrics 12 years ago
i always think of joan of arc, especially in the part about praying.

Bat for Lashes – Tahiti Lyrics 12 years ago
i can't believe this song hasn't been commented on! i feel obligated now. i love the vocals in this song, they're so haunting...

Edson – Nail Varnish Is Good For You Lyrics 12 years ago
wow, no comments?
i think it's mostly just about a couple/two friends who have become disillusioned about the other's true character, and their original feelings have changed as a result.

Louis XIV – Hey Teacher Lyrics 12 years ago
its pretty little lies, and water splash, ink on a book.
im pretty sure. good song!

Tom Vek – On the Road Lyrics 12 years ago
makes no sense to me, but i love it!

Remy Zero – Prophecy Lyrics 12 years ago
i think that the line “how you feel seems a little sick to me”, refers to him being incredulous that this person doesnt feel bad about having stolen from others, and that he is disgusted about how they are able to act seemingly without a conscience...
excellent song!

Arctic Monkeys – Ravey Ravey Ravey Club Lyrics 12 years ago
im pretty sure the beginning is:

did you ever think about fucking off and not going home today?
and shes been eating too many magic beans to walk home anyway

love this song!

Hawksley Workman – Strip Tease Lyrics 12 years ago
i love that hawksley's don't need much deep interpretation.
i agree with miss.shelle, this song reminds me that it's okay to be canadian XD

Paul McCartney – Jet Lyrics 12 years ago
i always thought that this song was about a girl that he couldnt keep up with, and he had assumed that she loved him, when really she was too immature to have a real relationship, and ends up leaving him alone.
regardless of meaning, this song is awesome.

L'arc-en-ciel – Heaven's Drive Lyrics 12 years ago
does anyone know what this song means? i am taking japanese in school, but my abilities are very rudimentary...all i can understand is atarashii, which means fresh, but that doesnt give me much to go on...

Larrikin Love – Happy As Annie Lyrics 12 years ago
i think this song is kind of about how fast childhood/naivete passes, and how as you get older, you realize that things arent as innocent as they seem...

lovely song!

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