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Modest Mouse – 3rd Planet Lyrics 9 years ago
What blows me away is the drums right afterwards every time i hear them i cant help but air-drum lol

Modest Mouse – 3rd Planet Lyrics 9 years ago
First off It's not religiously based

second off it's not a drug trip

It's a satire on sex, how we want it to be a mind opening soul shaking experience but when you finally experience it its a disappointment hence the first two lines.

BTW for anyone who doesn't know Isaac Brock is Against Christianity he has described it as "A big crock of bullshit"

Modest Mouse – Little Motel Lyrics 10 years ago
if you have seen the video for it you would know what it meant its about a mother and her child died and she takes its body and drives it to a little motel and then buys it a suite and lays it in bed but its worked backwards so it starts at the motel and works back to the hospital

Gogol Bordello – Forces of Victory Lyrics 10 years ago
Down in the hallways of unknown
Where we walk alone
Inside of hospitals and morgue
Clinical loneliness backs off
If you'll remember those before
And the ones that yet to come
Then above suffer of it all
Triumphs the union of souls
With only one thing on its mind
I can't go on, I will go on!
With only one thing on it's mind
I can't go on I will go on
I can't go on I will go on

call me crazy but it sounds like a zombie atack....epic!

Gogol Bordello – Smarkatch Lyrics 10 years ago
fun song

Gogol Bordello – Occurrence on the Border (Hopping on a Pogo-Gypsy Stick) Lyrics 10 years ago
... ukrainian and russian are the same language they just have different spellings

and romani is an imposiblilly hard language to learn assuming it is gypsy-romani

Gogol Bordello – Let's Get Radical Lyrics 10 years ago
i love the start of this song

Gogol Bordello – Huliganjetta Lyrics 10 years ago
its a Balkan word i believe im not sure what it means

Gogol Bordello – Haltura Lyrics 10 years ago

Gogol Bordello – East Infection Lyrics 10 years ago
you forgot to put in the part where he is singing "good morning little school girls good morning" at the end

Gogol Bordello – Ultimate Lyrics 11 years ago
kick ass

Gogol Bordello – Harem in Tuscany (Taranta) Lyrics 11 years ago
people become idiots....have some fucking fun with your life

Gogol Bordello – Forces of Victory Lyrics 11 years ago
best super taranta track for one main reason...HARDCORE VIOLIN

Gogol Bordello – American Wedding Lyrics 11 years ago

Gogol Bordello – Illumination Lyrics 12 years ago
i think in order to get the song you need yo watch the movie everything is illuminated
it is by far the best movie i have ever seen in my life
eugene huts plays a role in it

Gogol Bordello – Sally Lyrics 12 years ago
i think eugene is refering sally to his own childhood
if you ever heard the song nomdic cronicles herefers to it again but not as sally as himself

Gogol Bordello – Avenue B Lyrics 12 years ago
actualy in god like it was elisibeth sun

Gogol Bordello – Sacred Darling Lyrics 12 years ago
this song describes the crazy things that the standard is to keep a relationship

Gogol Bordello – Oh No Lyrics 12 years ago
when we all need help we stick together so we can save ourselves but when everything is back to normal we are constantly at war with each other and our creative fortituve goes to waste where we are all forced to think the same act the same and be the same just so we can get enugh smpaty and respect to scrach by in our own economic hell hole to be considered sane

Gogol Bordello – Sex Spider Lyrics 12 years ago
kick ass
oh yeah and spiders are fast

bu mostly i think it conects to the mind of a person tha takes acid

Gogol Bordello – Immigrant Punk Lyrics 12 years ago
it means no matter how much oter people try to suck you into "a new culture" you can always tell them to fuck off and die

Gogol Bordello – I Would Never Wanna Be Young Again Lyrics 12 years ago
eugenes troubled childhood
and why does it go into sacred darling

Gogol Bordello – God-Like Lyrics 12 years ago
no one is perfect

Gogol Bordello – Greencard Husband Lyrics 12 years ago
prostitution at its greatest

Gogol Bordello – Dogs Were Barking Lyrics 12 years ago
truly do all songs have to have meanings
its music enjoy it

Gogol Bordello – Undestructable Lyrics 12 years ago
A skolko mngnoveniy chernih nevozmozhnih nam vsem predstoit preodolet. Undestructible. A skolko [...] a vse ravno nam ne uspet, no eli, esli a sakrovennij put est odin. no bez menya budesh nesokrushim. Undestructable!

could somebody translate this
(anikitos) i know you can

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