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Enter Shikari – OK, Time For Plan B (Re-Recorded) Lyrics 12 years ago
Aliens have come and are attempting to enslave humanity. They have practically succeeded. Humans are preparing for a final upsurge. Originally, we were hiding. Now, we will fight. Nuclear weapons may be used ("let's make the earth move, let's make the ground shake") as a way of killing off the suppressors. I think the song is being sung through the voice of an army general or something, and is trying to convinve soldiers to fight for the sake of humanity. "We try to communicate
We've got no patience
Let's reclaim this throne
Why should we negotiate
Let's finish this now!" - sounds like pre-battle hype-up talk. The bit about "look what yo've done to yourself - you've lost the will to do what's right again", seems to be the general speaking to one soldier, maybe a coward, who is having second thoughts about fighting - "look what you've done to yourself" - you've scared yourself out of it.
"I hope for your sake that you're on our side" - If you're not, you're with the invaders. The enemy.
I believe this song is sort of switching between shouted rallying by the general trying to amp up the army, and private talks with one soldier worrying about it. Whatever happens after this song is unknown, doesn't sound good though =/ Maybe it's criticising the governments' way of solving things - "let's all fire missiles everywhere that's bound to work" - maybe this is a statement - we will destroy our own planet in trying to defend from an invasion of some kind, if not a physical incasion, then metaphorical one - i.e. anarchy etc.

That's my interpretation ;] hehe

Enter Shikari – Jonny Sniper (Album version) Lyrics 12 years ago
I like this song, I agree with FalseSmiles - better than the original version. It's totally different though.
The sex-ed thing is right; top marks for ashfro ;] but yes, the actual song bears no resemblance to this.
I personally think this song is about Jonny Sniper, the "cupid" of the sex world, sitting back and looking at the world, seeing all the wrong that's being done - knowing he cannot help that, as he already has his job. He is thinking this whilst waiting for another chance to do his job.
I imagine a burst of action in his day, but then a period of calm as he has nothing to do, and so he reflects on the world: "and I can't help but listen"; he gets caught up in the problems we are causing (pollution etc).
I think he believes that he cannot help the big picture, but doing his job is his way of "saving the world"; he may not be able to do anything drastic, but "he'll always be here for another" - another client, if you will.
I think that when it says "the screaming of the earth", it really seems like Jonny wants to do something to help, but he feels duty-bound to his job to protect the unprotected ;] (like my clever pun?), and so can't.
He realises, that what he is there for - his calling, is his job. It is all he needs to feel alive. When "WAY TO SAVE THE WORLD" is being shouted at him, it is either signifying that his small job is actually saving the world, OR it represents people mocking him - being sarcastic and saying that he'll never save the world that way.
At the end of this song, Jonny is saying to himself, "this is all I need to feel alive", convincing himself that he is doing the right thing - he is helping the planet.

Maybe I've gone too deep here, but I feel like this is what it's about - one man's guilt trip about the world's problems. The whole Jonny Sniper thing is just kinda irrelevent - maybe something to do with population expansion prevention? =S Just a stab in the dark, please correct me ;]


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