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Children Of The Anachronistic Dynasty – If A Friend Lyrics 9 years ago
Good to see someone added these songs. I gotta say those lyrics are way off.

Judge him as you would have blew him? I don't know what that means but it sounds ridiculous.

Trust a friend as if faultline
judge him as you would a book
love him as you could a thistle,
could a liar, could a crook

if a friend...

Hold him close enough to cut him
grant him faith to ease the hurt
praise him for his thoughtless actions
as you drag his bleeding heart through dirt

if a friend...

Make him think he owns your conscience
twist his sight to see a tear
slowly turn your back and leave him
leave him lonely, show him fear

if a friend...

Mend his wounds with salt and gravel
laughing at his screaming face
at his back with loaded daggers
wipe his tears with shining razor blades

(trust me I would never... look in these eyes, would these fuck you over?)
(if you were an enemy, come on, but not if you're a friend)

if a friend...

Reassure should he be fatal
talk of death and grief 'til end
share with him as if a junkie,
if a loser, if a friend

Puscifer – The Humbling River Lyrics 9 years ago
I don't know what he had in mind.

Something that our race has yet to overcome, despite all our success in other areas.

What's on the other side of the river? World peace? Learning to care about one another?

Puscifer – The Humbling River Lyrics 9 years ago
Second line needs help.

Puscifer – Polar Bear Lyrics 9 years ago
Yeah I agree with your interpretation. That's what I get from the lyrics too.

I see myself as the polar bear.

Puscifer – Polar Bear Lyrics 9 years ago
Yeah. That video was disappointing.

Puscifer – Polar Bear Lyrics 9 years ago
Yeah you may well be right. I don't think I'm hearing that line right, none of it makes sense.

Howling alone, the lies and the bone - that doesn't mean much to me either.

Thanks for the suggestion I think howling is more accurate even if it doesn't fit with the second part.

Puscifer – Polar Bear Lyrics 9 years ago
I didn't think of his son when I listened to the lyrics. I guess that might fit. It's assuming a lot though.

Yeah I think you are right that it's "I'm" well aware. That should have occurred to me earlier. I don't have "we'll" up there though. Just have to trade "and" for "I'm"

I'm still wondering about the third line. "Haul it alone, the lies and the bone"
That's what I hear. But I don't know what bone would mean.

I like the song, can't wait for the other two new ones. Video for a new version of The Mission comes out tomorrow, that should be entertaining.

Puscifer – Polar Bear Lyrics 9 years ago
Changed "pain" to "fame" and added "A moat of" after listening carefully. Still having doubts about the third line though.

Puscifer – Polar Bear Lyrics 9 years ago
Just added the lyrics for this. Need a little help hearing some parts correctly...

Suggestions welcome

Nine Inch Nails – Meet Your Master Lyrics 12 years ago
Lie down in position*
Against the polished steel*

Don't know how big this feels - this part needs some help I don't know what he's saying but that is NOT it.

We've heard everything*

Another part that needs a lot of help:

Count down to the end, gonna make it go faster*
What a ----- this has become a real disaster*

And another:
--- so many --- ---- --- in store for you*

Nine Inch Nails – The Warning Lyrics 12 years ago
The way it spoke to us*

Lyric fixes:

So much potential, or so we used to say*
Your greed, self-importance, and your arrogance*

We heard a cry*
You will change your ways and you will make amends*

Listen carefully.

Nine Inch Nails – Survivalism Lyrics 12 years ago
I got my fist I got my (plan or pen?) I guess this is really impossible to tell until we get official lyrics. I thought it was pen.

Nine Inch Nails – The Beginning of the End Lyrics 12 years ago
We think we've climbed so high*
Up all the backs we've condemned*
We face the consequence*

This part needs some help I'm not sure exactly what a couple words are:
We think we've come so far,
-- all our lives ------------
We've seen the consequence

Nine Inch Nails – Vessel Lyrics 12 years ago
Strange nobody's posting on this song.

Couple lyric fixes:

I let you pump it through my veins*
Same thing we've heard a hundred times before*
Well I can leave all the past behind*

Listen carefully.

Nine Inch Nails – The Good Soldier Lyrics 12 years ago
Just a little fix:

Remember what you said,
you know the part about life
is just a waking dream*

Listen carefully.

Great song.

Nine Inch Nails – Capital G Lyrics 12 years ago
I pushed the button and elected him to office and-UH!*
Those motherfuckers didn't last too long, Huh! Huh!*
Now I'm on my hands and knees*
Trading in my god for this one*
Maybe you're afraid to see*
Ain't gonna worry about no future generations and-UH*

The vocals on this track are hilarious. Gotta add the UH's and Huh! Huh!

Nine Inch Nails – The Great Destroyer Lyrics 12 years ago
Great song. And all those drums and crazy noises that make up the second half are awesome too.

A few lyric fixes:

Nod your head*
Living inside of me*
Murder everything*

I'm sure that's what he's saying. Listen closely.

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