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Rilo Kiley – Dejalo Lyrics 14 years ago
Who gives a rotten crap how her pronunciation is? That's called, oh, I don't know, style.

At any rate, this song has a certain Tegan+Sara quality to it.

Stars – Personal Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song, and it's definitely one of their most underappreciated.

Hayden – Carried Away Lyrics 14 years ago
Actually, there's nothing here to indicate that the narrator is interested in "the girl." Could be just a friend. But yeah, basically this girl is miserable in this relationship and wants out, and thus the narrator is advising her to do just that. Fairly simple stuff, yet good.

Iron & Wine – Promise What You Will Lyrics 14 years ago
Indeed, a brilliant little song.

I read it as a commentary on new and exciting relationships, and how they often move quickly at first and how infatuation is so very often mistaken for love and as a result plans and promises are made, only to fall apart at the hands of time when infatuation fails.

Joshua James – Dangerous Lyrics 14 years ago
At the moment this song is hitting me square in the face like a sack of bricks.

Losing the one you love is the most painful and lonely and hopeless feeling in the world. I've lost her...

City and Colour – Confessions Lyrics 14 years ago
Seems to me that this is about infedelity, and he is judging himself during the act itself. He knows it's wrong and he will have to face the consequences, but at least he "won't be alone tonight."

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