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Still Remains – In Place of Hope Lyrics 12 years ago
Yah, it does seem like it is about abortion. although, I don't think he's talking about his own kid seeing how it says might you have been my blood relation. I think He's either talking about a child he knows or just all unborn babies in general. Awesome song. Great message.

Still Remains – Blossom, The Witch Lyrics 12 years ago
Holy Cow, these guys are awesome. I just heard about these guys and I was instantly drawn to them. Nice touch with the keyboard

As I Lay Dying – Illusion Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is definantly not about a chick. It's about how the life he use to live, in sin and vanity was a waste of his life. Now he lives his life for God.

All That Remains – For Salvation Lyrics 12 years ago
Some of All That Remains songs seem to be Christian-Based although, I don't think they are officially a Christian band. But, I believe this song is about how he has received salvation From Jesus.

All That Remains – Not Alone Lyrics 12 years ago
Don't think this song is about a chick. People don't normally find a g/f where they believe she's a strength no one can match. Pretty sure this song is about Jesus our savior.

Demon Hunter – The Soldier's Song Lyrics 12 years ago
Finally a song supporting our troops instead of dissing them. I'm getting so sick of all these anti-war songs everywhere.

As I Lay Dying – Confined Lyrics 12 years ago
I'll tell you something that's not meaningless. As I Lay Dying's lyrics. The lyrics are awesome and Christian-based. This song especially has a great message. Seeing as my life certainly does seem meaningless without Jesus.

As I Lay Dying – Empty Hearts Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's about how peoples hearts are hardening. Their hearts are growing more and more empty and full of evil and sin. Until they're completely blinded from the truth which leads them into the lake of fire (Hell)

Demon Hunter – Coffin Builder (feat. Trevor McNevan) Lyrics 12 years ago
Is That the Singer from thousand foot Krutch?

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