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Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth Lyrics 6 months ago
To me, this feels like it could be sung at an abusive ex or someone in your life with Borderline Personality Disorder.

"Never again is what you swore the time before" - pwBPD have terrible impulse control. Also what someone might say to themselves after the pwBPD raging at them/mewling about being an abandoned victim.

Many pwBPD start out behaving "civilised" but then their mask slips of you make the mistake of getting close enough to them.
And the people in the pwBPD's life are left reeling at the push-me-pull-hou-I-hate-uou-you-can't-leave-me-or-i-will-die mentality and behaviour.

"Now you're not satisfied - - not listening to advice": pwBPD will look for any way to seem more.innocent, constantly in need of being saved and avoiding accountability. Maybe the following line is about how pwBPD's reality comes from (potential) childhood abuse or something?

And the harder the pwBPD's punching bag tries to get the truth out there, the harder the smearing campaigns/bad behaviour from the pwBPD. All because they choose to pretend to think they hate being ashamed.

Fuck Cluster B.

V V Brown – Shark In The Water Lyrics 6 months ago
If this isn't about Borderline Personality Disorder, I don't know what is...
The fairy tales, deliberately causing drama for attention and "love", the paranoia, winding people up and telling them it's not serious...

Unless you've been on the receiving end, it's impossible to understand what that's like. And even on the receiving end it's hard to understand.
I've got all tn education about Cluster Bs I need and then some, thanks. No need to pretend it's misunderstood or got stigma when Cluster Bs are doing quite well perpetuating their own stigma for no valid reason :)

Assemblage 23 – Smoke Lyrics 4 years ago
This song is intended to postapocalyptic, from what I can tell.

However, I can't help but think about how apt its lyrics are as a metaphor for the current political climate in the UK (and elsewhere).
To be a bit more literal about it, I can imagine scenes from the Blitz.

Please note that any opinions are mine and mine alone.

"Nothing ventured, nothing lost," - People are too afraid of change and radicalism. They're too afraid of losing what few comforts they currently have, even if they'd be better off under a less conservative government
"We paid the price, but at what cost?" - I don't know... the privatisation of the NHS? Disabled people being declared fit for work and having their financial lifelines cut; as they die at ATOS assessments or by their own hands or by the cuts the government is making?
We sold our future to the past." - voting for conservative parties and ignoring their pro-nazism

Accept a necessary doom,
Too easily and way too soon,
Ignore the wisdom we amassed." - I don't like to think of doom as necessary, but our current government just wants us to roll over and accept what they deem as necessary, even if it involves nuking the whole world.
In the meantime, leaders who question nuclear war and terrorism are completely ignored. The smear campaign that has been happening against Corbyn has been relentless and gleeful, and - I believe - totally unfair.

Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance Lyrics 5 years ago
@glas.wegian I thought she was saying "Comme ci" (Like that), but I'm pretty sure that's not accurate French. Pardon.

Is that her dancing with the band in the video, do you know?

Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance Lyrics 5 years ago
"So what's clever about that, then? I've got Dannii Minogue at home"
"No you haven't"
"Yes I have"

Icona Pop – I Love It Lyrics 8 years ago
The girl in this song is an idiot and makes Taylor Swift seem positively sane... but at least she's honest about being petty and stupid! Also, she doesn't sound like a Barlow Girl (Which Taylor most definitely is)

Breathe Carolina – Get Off Easy Lyrics 8 years ago
Now here's a slightly more personal, and somewhat jumbled, interpretation.

I'm a fan of Dangan Ronpa (Not played the game yet but I enjoy the anime and manga), and for some reason, I associate this song with Maizono, Naegi and Leon.
TO summarize it: 15 students are trapped in an academy for the elite. Students can only graduate by killing someone and NOT getting caught, and are forced to go through court-style trials in order to work out who the culprit is each time a student dies.
Naegi is the main character. Maizono and Leon are two of the first three to die. Maizono befriends Naegi & swaps rooms with him one night, allegedly because she's scared (But it's really because she's that desperate to get out of the academy and killing someone without being found out is the only way out. I'm sure she was legit scared as well, but anyway).

Throughout the rest of this interpretation, 苗= Naegi 舞=Maizono 怜 = Leon. This is just for abbreviation purposes, because I think that just typing L, N and M just as roman letters would be confusing. Apologies if Japanese characters don’t display properly on your computer.

Dangan Ronpa was originally a videogame but has also been an anime and a manga. If there’s not manga!/game!/anime! before a character’s name (e.g. game!怜 etc.), that means whatever it was happened in all three media, from what I remember.

* * * * *

"OK, cameras rolling. We are now in the residence... The first level living room area, wherein victim No. 1 was found. There is evidence of ransack in this room". (苗stepping into his room the morning after 舞 was killed, when everyone else notices she's not there for breakfast. There were slash marks all over the walls and floor from a sword.)

Shut the fuck up! (POSSIBLY 怜 going berserk during the trial, but that doesn't fit with the chronology of the rest of the song or the stories I feel it tells.)
• City girl with the pretty eyes (舞)
• Sittin' pretty in her disguise (Being an idol, 舞’s public persona is very chirpy and she doesn't really show negative emotions until after the students are forced to watch DVDs giving them a motive to kill).
• All alone and I don't know why (In the DVD 舞 is forced to watch, she’s performing with the rest of her group, but then the scene suddenly changes to them lying on the floor. 苗, however, only finds out that’s what 舞’s DVD is after her death.)
• Looking good like she don't try (舞 That’s an idol’s job, right?)
• Sweet talking to paralyze (舞 writes a note inviting 怜 into 'her' bedroom on the night of the room swap & the fact that any man would be interested in a female idol on some level is brought up at the trial; 舞 sweet-talking to Naegi in the subtlest way possible )
• Wouldn't know she’s a dirty dime (I reckon “Dirty dime” = prostitute in the actual song, but 舞is hardly sexy or sexual so I’m using it to mean she’s not as sweet and innocent as she seems. Even if she was a sex worker, I wouldn't personally refer to her or any other sex worker using derogatory terms)

Story's changing, color's fading (POSSIBLY manga!怜 panicking & working out how to explain he didn’t intend to kill 舞 and was defending himself; both in the immediate aftermath of her killing and during his trial. One panel of the manga shows 怜 literally fading during the trial, but “colour’s fading” could also mean that his mind is near enough blank when he & 舞 are fighting. Whatever the medium, 怜has a pretty massive breakdown when found guilty)
You are nothing more than a thought (After 怜 & 舞’s deaths, another character called Kirigiri goes into苗’s room and talks to him about 舞. Although 苗 is affected by their deaths, he doesn’t show it & just carries on as best as he can)

[Chorus]I've never seen your eyes so red (In the anime Where They Cry, the female character’s eyes turn red and catlike when angry. Although 舞 doesn’t do this when she & 怜 are fighting – and those characters in Dangan Ronpa who have red eyes have red eyes all the time anyway - I imagine manga!怜 thinking that he’s never seen manga! 舞act so aggressively.)
Familiar stranger slips into my bed (舞 & 苗 knew of each other in middle school before being locked in the academy but didn’t speak back then, hence ”familiar stranger”. 舞 slips into 苗’s bed because of the room swap)
I should have killed you when I had the chance x2 }
To get off easy } (舞 thinking of all these lines. Right up until her death, she’s hesitant in killing and in framing 苗 as they're both very friendly to each other. Manga!舞 chose 怜 as he was - from what I remember of the manga - the only other student she had any real chance to get close to.)[/chorus]

• Only pretty on the outside, }/Full of nails on the inside, }(舞 puts 怜 in the frame with the dying message she writes and befriends 苗. Manga!怜 thinks 'Bitch!' and similar things about 舞 during the trial)
• I guess lust is blind (Replace ‘lust’ with something else less sexual bit still potentially leading to lust on 苗’s part for 舞)
• (I cannot feel)
• Red nails and a butcher's knife (In 舞’s case, it’s "plain nails and a kitchen knife", but anyway)
• I don't care cause she's looking fine (Manga!怜invites 舞 for a meal in the cafeteria to talk music with her as he wants to become a rock star. However, this is LONG before 舞’s death)
• She's a good way to die (Not true! 怜 is absolutely petrified when he finds out he’s killed 舞 and his terror is palpable throughout the trial. He screams for his life right up until his dying moments in the game and the anime too.)


Next time I won't be so weak (苗 made it out alive from 舞’s betrayal) } x3
I made it out alive } x 3
Next time I won't be so weak

Story's changing, color's fading, (Another potential interpretation of that line is that everyone accuses苗of killing舞initially)
You are nothing more than a thought

[chorus] – see before

I thought all girls wanted fellas to take them to fancy places and spend lots of money (irrelevant)

Breathe Carolina – Get Off Easy Lyrics 8 years ago
I'm SURE that this song was inspired by an actual murder case of some kind, judging by the sample at the beginning of the song.

"OK, cameras rolling. We are now in the residence... The first level living room area, wherein victim No. 1 was found. There is evidence of ransack in this room".

* * * * *

However, I think this song's title is a double-entendre. "Get off easy" can mean to orgasm easily, to get away lightly from a bad situation, or to be given a sentence that's not as heavy as the crime committed would warrant.

I'll post what comes into my head personally in another post as two smallish walls of text are better than one enormous one, I think.

Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble Lyrics 8 years ago
Is it just me or does Taylor seem to incorporate slut-shaming in a lot of her music?

Maybe it's just me, but it sounds to me like it's yet another song about how she was stupid to lose some of her 'purity' to some guy.
That's one of the main things that gets me incredibly angry about her and her music... not to mention that video for You Belong To Me!

Akira The Don – Liverpool Lyrics 9 years ago
The first time I heard this, the lyrics just took my breath away.

I'm not from Liverpool, but it's my spiritual home and I honestly felt like I was there with Akira as he told his story.
What's more, he tells the story with a lot of honesty, humour and warmth. It's not a very cheery story, but the fact that such a bad situation can be turned into something of beauty... wow.

Fannypack – Hey Mami Lyrics 11 years ago
A girl is telling her friend she's sexy and beautiful, however unappealing boys might be.

For some reason, I think of a Japanese girl I know who is actually called Mami when I hear this.

CeeLo Green – Fuck You Lyrics 11 years ago
Definitely one of the best songs I've heard in a while!

The video's funny, too.

The Left Rights – Deuce Courtesans And A Lambs Tail Of Snuff Lyrics 11 years ago
MSI's 2H&A8-B if it were performed in the 18th/19th century in an opium den.

The Left Rights – Magic Bone Lyrics 11 years ago
This one creeps me out and at first I found it really depressing, but now I like it.

I think it could have several different meanings. The ones I've come up with are:
trying to express yourself but not being able to do so because others would object

Just one qualm I have about the song... his finger wouldn't really be able to reach his lips that easily if he was lying prone i.e. on his front!
Unless his finger's up to his lips anyway and he's not bothered about the discomfort of his hand squashing his face. Or something.

Eh, I dunno.

How lame am I commenting on my own writing?! XP

Hepburn – Waiting for God Lyrics 11 years ago
To take a wild guess, this could be about how someone feels after a friend of theirs has committed suicide (not that likely, seems excessively grim to me) or run away or is living rough because of an argument the friend and the singer - or whoever the song's about - had.

Maybe the friend's running away from a bad situation and waiting for something good to happen, I don't know.

Whatever the case, this is my favourite song of theirs, without a doubt.

The Ting Tings – That's Not My Name Lyrics 11 years ago
The guy does some backing vocals to this... does anyone know what they are?

Barlow Girl – Average Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
Not by any means! I'm not Christian myself, but I know loads of Christian girls who don't have a problem with dating.

I mean, if you're going to deny yourself KISSING before marriage (never mind sex), then the only real way to find out if somebody is worthy of boyfriend material is to date them!

goodmorningplanetarium23 and kireiumi: *shakes head* You poor poor, little fundamentalists.

Ayria – Lovely Day Lyrics 11 years ago
Beautiful interpretation.

I'm currently studying in Japan and my social life is the best its ever been.... on the outside.
However, no matter how much fun I'm having, inside there's a terrified, overwhelmed young girl with Aspergers' trying to get out.

I try my utmost to reach out to people and even the person here who I feel most comfortable confiding in - in my mind at least - has no clue how traumatic every social event is for me and a lot of the time I feel like I'm just outside of the group and not able to break through...

Sorry, rant over. Anyway, this song always makes me cry and I don't think I've ever found any songs like this

Kate Nash – Mariella Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah it ocurred to me too! I have Asperger's Syndrome though so I guess I'd be more likely to happen XD

BTW, what's the difference between an idiot savant and a avat?

Oh, and I think she's dyspraxic too (She spills things from stirring them too quickly).

I don't have it but my exand my fiance do

The Rasmus – F-F-F-Falling Lyrics 12 years ago
Does anyone know why, at the end of the video, the girl ends up crying when she and her friend share the bed?

Ayria – Hearts for Bullets Lyrics 12 years ago
No comments? What?!

The girl in the song is a heartbreaker and likes to lead people on, or she's the sort of person who likes to make people think she loves them then just uses them for a shag (but the lines There's no love in her/She just used her heart for a bullet) indicate that the first is more likely.

She's cold and seemingly heartless

Daphne and Celeste – I Love Your Sushi Lyrics 12 years ago
I think rather than just being about sushi, it's a well-intended pisstake of Japan. I just wish I knew what the Japanese meant, though - I can only make out the odd word :(

Retard-o-bot 2000 – Chief Smoke 'Em Rot Lyrics 12 years ago
It sounds so much like it's about weed, but I don't know for sure....

MC Lars – The Roommate from Hell (feat. MC Chris) Lyrics 12 years ago
HAHA - Satan becomes MC Chris when he swallows helium! XD

Retard-o-bot 2000 – Swiss Cheese Lyrics 12 years ago
This conveys very similar sentiments to 'Generic Crunk Rap' by MC Lars i.e. Too much rap these days is about how tough and rich the 'rapper' is, when they're usually neither; how people you don't like should be shot.....

I think the line 'Your whore name (?), that's right' should be "Burbank, that's right". If so, then it'd allude to how many rappers big up their hometown, no matter how poor or unspecial it actually is

MC Lars – Rapgirl Lyrics 12 years ago
This song's cute - it's about a girl who Lars had a bit of a crush on. (Note he said "Just kidding" after saying that any similarity to real people/situations etc. was coincidental)

MC Lars – The Roommate from Hell (feat. MC Chris) Lyrics 12 years ago
I actually first heard about MC Lars through someone I know on an Internet forum who did a brilliant remix of this track (, if you're interested... sorry if this isn't allowed).

This song is really amusing

deadmau5 – Ghosts 'n Stuff (feat. Rob Swire) Lyrics 12 years ago
Sounds like a song about finally finding someone you really love and pre-intimacy jitters

Mindless Self Indulgence – Masturbates Lyrics 12 years ago

Mindless Self Indulgence – J Lyrics 12 years ago
I think that felixa's interpretation makes most sense.... but whateve3r,.

I find this song oddly calming

Mindless Self Indulgence – Brooklyn Hype Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's Jimmy mocking the fans who buy all the popular stuff [which is actually terrible] and pushing better, more underground music out

Mindless Self Indulgence – Unbelievable Animal Lyrics 12 years ago
Does anyone know where I can find the clip of it where Jimmy forgot the words?

The Ting Tings – That's Not My Name Lyrics 12 years ago
I think that people who've said it's about beign ignored because you're female despite how pretty you look [just because you're shy and, worse still female] and being annoyed at the record company are on the right mark.

The meaning is good, but the music and vocals are - to me - awful.

This Is The Song I Made by Kooky Plops is so much better: check it out here

The Rasmus – Time To Burn Lyrics 12 years ago
That's amazing - I'm really glad it helped!

GWAR – I Suck On My Thumb Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this is a love song of sorts.... I don't know whether the singer does literally suck on his thumb or is trying to cover up the phrase 'I touch my dick' with 'I suck my thumb'....

Sluts Of Trust – Greatest Gift Lyrics 12 years ago
Whoever this song about is leaving the singer awestruck. He wants to have a sexual experience with her.

Morningwood – Ride The Lights Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's about a friend from long ago who's struggling with drug addiction and and Chantals' the only one who'll help her.

She's trying to help her by talking to her about the past and getting her to talk about embarrassing stories.

MERZ – Lovely Daughter Lyrics 12 years ago
This has to be about arranged marriage. The 'husband' wants her to give in to him because he feels he can offer her a better life than the one she currently has

MERZ – Many Weathers Apart Lyrics 12 years ago
This is about a long-distance relationship and how much he adores the girl, despite the fact they're "many weathers apart"

Christina Milian – Dip It Low Lyrics 12 years ago
I always knew it was quite sexual.... but I didn't realise quite how sexual until recently.

But it's got some interesting tips. I'll keep them in mind.

Oh, and it's extremely hot.

Is it wierd that I'd love to know how to sing this in Chinese?

Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers Lyrics 12 years ago
To summarise it's basically about how dangerous yet exciting fame can be

Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home Lyrics 12 years ago
My boyfriend played me a couple of CDs he'd burned himself and this was on it. Before I listened to the words, I thought 'Awwww, how sweet. He's more romantic than I realised'.

But now I've read the words to this, I know that this song - for him - is about one of his exes.

She had SERIOUS issues (Foster care, many attempts at suicide and sleeping with every boy she could, as well as becoming pregnant and having an abortion).

And yet, he still pined for her and would've done anything for her. I'm just glad that he ended the relationship, both for his sake and mine.

The song itself is obviously about a girl who seems innocent and sweet, but is really a liar. Boy feels crucified by her. He hates to condemn her because he doesn't believe in condemnation, but yet he does condemn her nonetheless.

I don't understand what these lines, mean though....

"Hang on to the glory of my right hand
Here laid to rest is our love ever longed?
With truth on the shores of compassion
You seem to make premise to all of these songs"

Mindless Self Indulgence – Prove Me Wrong Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree entirely.

I feel a lot like Jimmy actually. I think that this song and NWTD are pretty emotional compared to other MSI songs.

It's so cute! Chantal's voice makes it great as well, and I like how differnet it sounds from most fo their stuff.

MC Solaar – Hasta La Vista Lyrics 13 years ago
Cette chanson est vraiment chouette!

Je crois que'Esmerelda et lui on finissient leurs amours et elle lui chante "au revoir"

Feeder – Insomnia Lyrics 13 years ago
I have a feeling it's slightly autobiographical somehow.

Yes, every one of us has been insomniac at some point, but I think the descriptions of 1984 and places in America hold a special meaning for whichever member of Feeder wrote this.

I also see it as being about reminiscence.

Monty Python – Every Sperm Is Sacred Lyrics 13 years ago
My girlfreidn gets annoyed by this song... she says sperm was designed to be wasted anyway (Yes, she's that biological. ANd yes, only one out of millions of sperm made each and every one of us).

Reading loderunner's comment above, I reckon that one of the reasons the boys get abused is because the priests aren't allowed to marry and are supposed to not have sex until they marry, so they get it wherever they can in the vain hope that God will forgive their sins (or something similar).

Mindless Self Indulgence – Faggot (Pt. Grimm remix) Lyrics 13 years ago
Where the hell can I hear this?

Electrovamp – I don't like the vibe in the VIP Lyrics 13 years ago
The lyrics are so bad they're good.... and I'm ashamed to admit I was really turned on by this song!

To go all serious and discuss the meaning... she's flirting with a guy in a club and wants to get home and shag him. You can also get away with more in the less posh arieas of the club:

Lets go in the corner and coochy coochy
Have a little fumble and smoochy smoochy
Have another shot and get naughty naughty
But we better watch out we don’t get caughty caughty

Samantha Mumba – Body II Body Lyrics 13 years ago
A girl who's a bit of a boyeater has been told to slow down by her mum.

This is actually really very sexual.

Mindless Self Indulgence – Uncle Lyrics 13 years ago
Those lyrics are VERY wrong (As in incorrect)

I reckon it's sung from the perspecitve of someone who's a bully and who has been bullied.
Or the 'bully' doing one part and the 'victim' the other... Got to be biographical, IMO.

I reckon the 'Uncle' bit is in there just for the sake of being random... but I'm probably wrong.

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