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Neil Young – Ambulance Blues Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't really know what the overall meaning of the song is - you could analyse it for hours and still be none the wiser. Even Neil Young doesn't seem to know - "hard to say the meaning of this song". All I do know is that it is possibly the best song ever written.

Morrissey – Something Is Squeezing My Skull Lyrics 12 years ago
Ok, made the relevant changes as I now possess the official lyrics in the booklet pages from the Years Of Refusal album. A few interesting changes (eg will you peel it back and bite me?).
What can I say, great studio version of the song, a cracker to open the album. Great song

Morrissey – America Is Not The World Lyrics 12 years ago
Let's hope so. This really captured the feeling towards America when it first came out, the height of the Bush administration. America is hopefully moving in another direction with the election of Obama, and it now seems to have "something to say" to Morrissey and the rest of the world. Great expectations. I only hope he can live up to them

Morrissey – I'm OK By Myself Lyrics 12 years ago
Hmm. A bit sad really. The narrator doesn't seem to hold much faith in anyone trying to love him. Anyone who has in the past has only caused him pain and so he's suspicious of anyone who tries to now. He's been on his own for years now, why should things change? He's ok by himself

Morrissey – It's Not Your Birthday Anymore Lyrics 12 years ago
Wow. This is a really good song. A real highlight. Kinda makes fun of the phoniness of birthdays. People can act all nice and kind towards someone for one day, yet really don't like them and treat them with contempt for the rest of the year. All the good things about birthdays and presents are no replacement for the genuine love of someone (the love that I am now giving to you.....), someone who'll love you for more than one day.

Morrissey – One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell Lyrics 12 years ago
Why keep abusing the one you love and taking them for granted? You never know when they'll be gone. Overall, the basic message I feel.
There's a bitterness to this song I feel, the narrator isn't happy with their life, what they've become. He's bitter at those who are lucky to have people who love them yet don't treat them right. Or maybe he is guilty of this himself. Its almost like a sudden realisation of time and how death could strike at any moment. Therefore why continue this way? "Grab me while we still have the time". Lets make the most of what we have because one day, goodbye really will be farewell

Morrissey – I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris Lyrics 12 years ago
Indeed it is. Jerry Finn's production only makes it sound even better. Unfortunately the lyrics might play into the hands of those who only see Morrissey as the depressing pope of mope who can only sing about not being loved all the time. Ofcourse we all know that there's far more to his work, the numerous topics he's discussed in songs is staggering and the depth to his lyrics, the imagery, wit, sarcasm etc. other lyricists can only dream of matching in quality.
No matter, this is a good song. Pretty straightforward really, the narrator no longer holds any faith in anyone else loving them and so seeks to escape loneliness within the city of Paris, seeking love and romance within the buildings themselves.
Or is it? I'm reminded of recent news stories where people have literally fallen in love with buildings. Perhaps Morrissey is building on that idea. Or maybe its about a certain person named "Paris".......
My money's on the straightforward suggestion to be honest, but there's depth there if you want it.....

Morrissey – When Last I Spoke To Carol Lyrics 12 years ago
Amazing, I love this. Quite different to anything he's done before and he pulls it off magnificently. Poor Carol, she is a symbol for someone not enjoying life, not fitting in, not experiencing the love she yearns for. All her life she's not been happy, waiting for someone to "save" her. But ofcourse, that person never comes. She dies young. From what it's not known, however my bets on suicide.
However, the lyrics also give an insight into the narrator's life. He can't tell her that life improves with age, as he's experienced life. He can't tell her that he loves her when he doesn't (his own sexuality? his reluctance to enter relationships? hurt too many times?). Whatever it is, he can't help her, he's not the one. He seen in her himself, unhappy, lonely, isolated, depressed. The only difference is he's still here to tell the tale.
Well, that's my take on it anyway. Love it!

The Kinks – Supersonic Rocket Ship Lyrics 12 years ago
Can't believe I had to add this song. This songs awesome. Although light-hearted it has a political edge I feel, the supersonic rocket ship is a metaphor for a better society, a future where there is "equality and no suppression of minorities". Fantastic song from a fantastic band, a band only bettered probably by The Beatles. Yet no-one gives them much notice. So for God's sake stop listening to The Kooks and The View and the bloody Arctic Monkeys and all that crap and start actually listening to some decent music like The Kinks!!!

Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares For Me Lyrics 12 years ago
What? No comments? This songs amazing! Quite a happy song, not much of an explanation needed. Yet the piano in this song is fantastic, love it

The Ronettes – Be My Baby Lyrics 12 years ago
What an amazing song

The Smiths – Nowhere Fast Lyrics 12 years ago
Outside Smiths fans this song is probably relatively unknown, yet its one of my favourites and possibly the most outspoken I feel.
It is an attack on society, how people nowadays (or I suppose in the 80's but just as relevant today) are obsessed with material things, the extreme falseness of people, and the structure of British society as a whole in the attack of the Queen and monarchy. It makes a point about poverty existing while Britain still has a monarchy.
Morrissey is so despairing about society that life is no longer any more appealing than death

Morrissey – Driving Your Girlfriend Home Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with the points made, he leaves this one very open to interpretation. Its like a story but you're only given a snippet of it and you need to guess the rest.
Its cleverly done, the use of the driving language (turn left, drive on etc) sets the scene. While its about this woman's unhappy relationship, it also, intentionally, says a lot about the narrator and his life, which singmylife talked about.
Anyway its a great song from an album that often gets criticised. But I think Kill Uncle's brilliant, I love that album

The Kinks – Shangri-La Lyrics 12 years ago
What a song. Yeah its kinda being sarcastic. People are just happy to "fit in" and settle for material things. Yet this song seems to mock that viewpoint, seems to criticise people for accepting this lifestyle, and not questioning anything. The Kinks are always great at picturing British life

The Kinks – Tired Of Waiting For You Lyrics 12 years ago
I might be wrong, but I've always had the impression that he's yet to meet this girl. He's tired of waiting for the girl of his dreams. He thinks that out there is someone who is right for him, and until the day she comes into his life he will always feel lonely. But he's getting frustrated waiting on her, he wishes he could meet his dream partner as soon as possible.

Neil Young – Sugar Mountain Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah this is about growing up. I think Sugar Mountain is some sort of metaphor for childhood. You want to get older when you're young but when it comes time to leave childhood you can't go back, you think you're "leaving there too soon". The mentions to a girl, your first cigarette and then leaving home are references to growing up while balloons and such are images of childhood.

Morrissey – All You Need Is Me Lyrics 12 years ago
Well, I kinda know what you mean and I hope its not true. But I'm reminded of I Just Want To See The Boy Happy when he says, "let's face it soon I will be dead". Its quite a common theme in his songs of late but I suppose, in a way, it always has been.
As for this song, its class. I think hes talking about his fans in this one. They often moan and complain about him, all the time, how hes lettin everyone down all the time and stuff. A lot of them anyway. Hes saying to them however that they need him whatever they complain about.
Also aimed at the press aswell I feel, like the NME, they accuse him of racism and stuff but they need him badly to sell their damn magazines.
Basically, when there's so much suffering in the world, start complaining about that and stop criticising him for stuff, especially when deep down, you need the man

Neil Young – The Loner Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeh I kinda think neil young is talking about himself. He is the loner and many people can relate with that idea that he expresses. This song has always struck a chord with me anyway, such a classic song

Morrissey – You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree. What a great song. A great opener to an amazing album, Your Arsenal. Seems like he's offering help to a friend but the sarcasm used suggests the friend doesn't exactly appreciate it. Anyway, as eddieb said, what a bloody awesome song

Morrissey – Sweetie Pie Lyrics 13 years ago
This song isn't everyones favourite, even among Morrissey fans but I quite like it. Its a bit strange but it gives it a haunted feel, which fits in well with the despairing lyrics. Narrator certainly seems to be verging on suicide

Morrissey – Something Is Squeezing My Skull Lyrics 13 years ago
I think these lyrics are about right, there might be a few mistakes. Like 'good day' might be 'drop dead' but I don't know. Anyway its a cracking song, will probably appear on his new album later this year. I think its about depression and the narrator is struggling with it. The drugs they take for it and that only seem to make things worse, the narrators fed up with the constant medication, but still seem to be struggling. He makes it out as though he's improving right enough but its clear the depression still exists. Like he still insists 'there is no love in modern life' and that he 'should have straightened myself out'. Thats my view on it anyway. Love the way he sings the last lines

Neil Young – Southern Man Lyrics 13 years ago
first of all musicfan17, neil young is bloody amazing. im from britain, and i can tell you, he is very underated here, it amazes me how many people here have never even heard of him, never mind heard his music. There is no doubt that neil young is one of the most talented musicians ever produced. His ability to produce music of all styles with deeply personal, skilful lyrics is nothing short of genius. He is up there with Bob Dylan and The Beatles in my opinion.
I'm not from the south and I'm not an expert on history. But what I do know is that the way blacks were treated in America, particularly in the south, was appalling. I understand your point about whites having black friends, I'm sure Martin Luther King had white friends but it was still the case that they had to go to separate schools, they still had to use separate bars, they still had to give up seats on buses for whites. There is no excuse for that behaviour. One of the reasons people fled to America when it was first founded was that they were being persecuted in their own lands, mainly Europe. America was supposed to be the land of the free, a haven for people of all colours. Yet, the very same country was (some may argue still is) guilty of persecuting blacks.
musicfan - a poor choice of name since you cannot be a true music fan if your so bitterly opposed to the beauty of neil young's music - your statement was quite ironic. You tried to make a reasoned argument, but you still betrayed a bitterness, the exact same bitterness neil young is discussing in this song! Your intolerance is shown when you cannot accept Neil Young living in your country because he's Canadian. You make fun of Canada, but I didn't see them joining you and my country in our little adventure into Iraq. They, at least, don't have blood on their hands.
Whether you like this song or not, I personally think its an amazing song, its certainly gets people talking, at least neil young is prepared to tackle issues others are too scared to tackle, and I agree with the sentiments of this song, that racism is utterly abhorrent and I can't understand how we can't all agree with that

Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor Lyrics 13 years ago
aclockworktomato, i half agree with you. I agree I shouldnt have put Oasis in cos i dont like them much myself, however there is no denying that they did change things and I still think music in the 90's was reasonably good compared to the crap we get nowadays. However, I do think Oasis were more about the kind of attitude they brought to music and I dont know why I put them in. Theres loads of other bands I never listed that should have got a mention like REM, Kinks, Nirvana, Sex Pistols, The Clash etc.
Yet How can you not list the King Of Rock and Roll?? Elvis was the first big superstar, John Lennon himself said that if you had no Elvis there'd be no Beatles. I dont see how he ripped off black musicians, he might have been influenced by them but as for ripping them off, i dont see your point.
Anyway, I still stand by the general point I made about music today in my original comment nomatter how 'queer' steveosteve thought it was. Music has never been in a worse condition than it is at the moment. But it surely can only be a matter of time before a band comes along and changes things again, I hope so anyway. After that happens, the Arctic Monkeys and all the other indie dross thats kicking about these days like the frasmellis and the view and so on will be finished. Its sad to say, but at this moment in time it looks as if rock and roll has died

Johnny Cash – I Got Stripes Lyrics 13 years ago
Never knew about Leadbelly before, gonnae give him a listen. Hes obviously well respected if Johnny Cash and Nirvana have covered his songs.
This songs great, really catchy. Pretty simple lyrics about going to jail. Typical of Johnny Cash to sing a song like this. Bloody amazing song though, dont know why more people havent commented.

The Beatles – You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) Lyrics 13 years ago
AMAZING!!!!!!! Only the Beatles could get away with a song like this. Not got much of a meaning, just the Beatles having fun. I think thats how they made such good music, they just didnt really care, its as if they just made music for fun and it ended up sounding great. This was a B-side yet its ten times better than anything thats out nowadays.

The Smiths – Unloveable Lyrics 13 years ago
To say that Morrissey would ridicule his fans is pretty ridiculous. Morrissey loves his fans. Do you really think How Soon Is Now was ridiculing his fans? What about That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore or Miserable Lie? Seasick, Yet Still Docked? Ofcourse his lyrics are genuine! You wouldnt be able to write songs about what hes written without having experienced those type of emotions. His lyrics are witty and sometimes exaggerated but his fans understand this and embrace it.
This song is light-hearted but there is a deep sense of loneliness and despair behind it. And it has one of my favourite lyrics: 'And if I seem a little strange, well thats because I am'. Brilliant!

The Smiths – Asleep Lyrics 13 years ago
One of the things that strikes me about this song is that although its completely despairing so much that the narrator wishes to die, they also have hope of a better life after death. For me, the lines, 'There is a better world, Well there must be' are great. Morrissey's basically sayin that this life is so crap, that theres got to be a Heaven. Theres got to be an afterlife because why else do we have to exist in a cruel world such as this one?

Bob Dylan – Positively 4th Street Lyrics 13 years ago
Dylan wrote this in response to the boos he got for using the electric guitar later in the 60's. Despite just moving with the times and experimenting with his music, some fans just wanted him to remain a folk singer and booed him at his gigs. This song I think is directed at them but can be interpreted as towards anyone the listener wants it to be. He pretty much shut up those fans anyway cause some of his best stuff came when he turned electric. One of his best songs I think

Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven Lyrics 13 years ago
This is a great song. Nobody comments much on people like chuck berry but he was so important for music. Thats what this songs about, music beginning to change with the birth of rock and roll in the 50's. This guy heavily influenced The Beatles and look how much they influenced music even to today.
The lyrics in this song are amazing: 'I got the rockin' pneumonia, I need a shot of rythmn and blues'. Thats genius!
Roll over Beethoven and tell Tschaikowsky the news. Amazing!

Kris Kristofferson – Blame It on the Stones Lyrics 14 years ago
About the snobbish attitude of the middle classes towards the bad boy attitude of the Rolling Stones in the 60's, blaming everything on the new rock and roll music and bands such as the Rolling Stones

Neil Young – Southern Man Lyrics 14 years ago
Highlander, stop talking crap. Its not calling all southerners racist, its highlighting the big problem the south has with racism and saying basically its up to everyone in the region to deal with the problem. I dont see how anyone can argue against that. As for how good Neil Young is, he just about kicks everyones ass.

John Prine – They Oughta Name A Drink After You Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is pure genius! The person in this song likes a good drink but it seems that drink fills the empty hole in the persons life. Drink is used to cover up the unhappiness in their life. As a result, the drink only makes things worse. An underated song from a very underated artist.

John Prine – Way Back Then Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song! I know Prine's later stuff isnt as good as his early material but this is one of the best I think off Missing Years. I like the lyrics. It seems that hes met or got thinking about someone who used to be his friend, and the sad feelings of loss and regret that stem from that.

The Jam – In The City Lyrics 14 years ago
This songs a plea for people to listen to the younger generation and the ideas that they have. It seems to me that Weller feels the youth and their views are being ignored. They are becoming disillusioned with society and the way they are treated from people in authority: "you make me look a fool".
They are also against the policies taking place: "thousand men in uniforms". I think this refers to the police and their new powers to kill people.
My favourite song by The Jam, and one of the best baselines I've heard.

Elvis Presley – His Latest Flame Lyrics 14 years ago
This songs amazing!!!!!!! I agree with BlueOatmeal, most young people nowadays wouldnt know a good song if it jumped up and bit them in the bum. A simple song with simple lyrics, ephilbrook basically nailed the meaning. But nobody comes out with a song like this anymore.

Elvis Presley – (You're The) Devil In Disguise Lyrics 14 years ago
What a song! Basically about people who are different from what they appear to be on the outside. Seems this one is about being taken in by a girl who turns out to be a lot nastier than the angelic first impression conveys. Moral is people arent always what they seem. Great song tho, I love the way it changes.

Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor Lyrics 14 years ago
So apparently this is the voice of my generation.
Previous generations get The Beatles, Neil Young, Dylan, Rolling Stones, Elvis, The Smiths, The Jam, Oasis, Radiohead etc. etc. and I get left with this crap and all of the other dross out there?
Forgive me if I dont exactly jump up and down in delight!
This is terrible. This is a really bad song. From a really bad band. Although I think it just about sums up this generation; ignorant about any issues that require you to use your brain and only interested in going out at the weekend. I cant understand how anyone can like this rubbish. The lyrics are not "genius", they in no way compare to the lyrical brilliance of many artists in the past.
I sincerely hope that music will take a swift change of direction in the next few years and provide bands of genuine talent, because if not, this will surely be known as the worst decade for music ever, which this song so adequately sums up.

John Prine – Hello In There Lyrics 14 years ago
You take a walk down any street or go into any supermarket, you'll see the old people John is referring to. These are the people who paid taxes, brought up families and lived through wars only to meet terrible loneliness in old age, and it is up to us to try to change the sickening way we ignore older people.

Morrissey – Life Is A Pigsty Lyrics 14 years ago
You dont need to be older than 17/18 to know that life is a pigsty. I quickly found that out years ago. Thats the reason I got into Morrissey and The Smiths. This songs one of his best solo efforts and great live. To its meaning, well the name says it all.

Morrissey – I've Changed My Plea To Guilty Lyrics 14 years ago
I cant get over how amazing this song actually is. Its so beautiful. A song full of depair and loneliness, this song is for outsiders. The ones who struggle with the cruel, phoniness of it all in the outside world until there is no point even trying to fit in with them.

Morrissey – I Don't Mind If You Forget Me Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree that its about a break-up, not necessarilly a partnership but a friendship. For me the line , "Rejection Is One Thing But Rejection From A Fool Is Cruel" is so true. I always seemed to ignore this song when listening to Viva Hate but one day I listened to it in its entirety and that line alone made a huge impact on my life. Its one of my favourite Morrissey lines because they can be so easily related to. Its now one of my favourite songs. Another typical example of Morrissey somehow being able to write about your life. The man's a genius!!

Morrissey – Jack The Ripper Lyrics 14 years ago
MCR covered this song? Hell no!!!! I've not heard their version but I bet its terrible. This song is amazing though. I think instead of being from the perspective of Jack The Ripper, it may be from a policeman who is trying to catch the killer. I have heard that policemen dressed up as woman to try and catch him. But I think either way the lines fit in. Great song.

Morrissey – Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference Lyrics 14 years ago
Morrissey wrote this song in response to the criticism he received over the song, "Margaret On The Guillotine", obviously an attack on the awful regime of Margaret Thatcher who he understandibly despised. In response, the police were ordered to raid his house. Hence the lines, "leave me alone, I was only singing". By saying that he will not change and become nice he is assuring us he will not avoid controversy and will continue to say what he likes, which he has continued to this day. Great song. A slap in the face for those who try to destroy him

Razorlight – America Lyrics 14 years ago
I totally agree with violet sky. What an appallingly bad song from an appallingly bad band, starring an appallingly arrogant, untalented, crap so-called musician. If Johnny whatever-his-name-is thinks hes somehow rewriting musical history with his crappy music then he is seriously mistaken. The fact remains that someone like Bob Dylan or John Lennon and all the other musical legends have more talent in their big toes than this band and any of the other crappy bands kicking about these days have put together. Johnny who?

Neil Young – Mansion On the Hill Lyrics 14 years ago
No comment on this song? Its bloody amazing!!!!!!! The lyrics are typically mysterious, but perhaps its about the mansion he owns which he bought from the "Old Man" referred to in Harvest. Therefore in singing about his own home, hes analysing himself (eg peace and love live there still). Just a thought. Whatever its actually about the riff is amazing and probably one of the best song hes written outside the 70's.

Morrissey – Speedway Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this is the most intelligent and personal song Morrissey has ever written and I agree its also very underated. It does remind you of the court case but I'm sure that happened after this song was written. The slamming of the hammer I think is a metaphor for people judging him, in particular the press. They are the ones who wont rest until hes dead, or until his career is dead. Remember the racism allegations? Yet he could also be writing about an individual person. Thats the genius of this song. Thats why its my favourite Morrissey song. The listener can simply add in who they believe the song is about and for me that has been entirely true. And the drum fill is amazing. The more I listen to it the more brilliant it becomes. Genius!!!

Morrissey – Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is obviously about Johnny Marr, although it could quite easily be interpreted for anyone you want it to be. For me it sums up, despite the split, the strong bond that still exists between the two. Probably one of the most comforting songs Morrissey has ever written.

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