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Project 86 – To Sand We Return Lyrics 12 years ago
He certainly has a way with words. You should have a read of some of the stuff on his personal site, theres some really good stuff on there.

Spoken – Wind In My Sails Lyrics 12 years ago
The only thing I'm wondering about it the whole 'baby' bit. Why would he refer to God as baby?

Destroy the Runner – Crumbs for the Murder Lyrics 13 years ago
Take us Aussies for example, down here hell has a different meaning (correct me if I'm wrong), ie. It's generally used as a positive word. I know it seems wierd, but for most of us young Christians here it's something that gets used oppositely (as does wicked) to mean something good.Like if someone does something cool, we might say that was hell good or something.

Dead Poetic – Cannibal vs. Cunning Lyrics 13 years ago
I think that sounds almost perfectly correct dead2bpoetic, although I see the Cunning as Satan, and the cannibals as the World, and how they constantly try to bring Christians down to their level

Thrice – The Messenger Lyrics 13 years ago
pngpng32: You do know that isiah wasn't a christian right?
On account of the whole Christ not being born.

But on the whole I do agree with the whole thing about this song being the story of Isiah, or just anyone called by God in general.

Set Your Goals – Put Yo Hood Up Lyrics 13 years ago
Which lyrics are incorrect erin-jane? I had a look at the lil Jon lyrics and tey are exactly the same.

Dead Poetic – Animals Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm kind of wondering what the whole "Let the demon take you in, and tell us stories about him" bit is all about?

Pillar – Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 cover) Lyrics 13 years ago
I muh prefer this song live, but the version on the album is still a really powerful track. I also like this better than U2's version

Project 86 – Wordsmith Legacy Lyrics 13 years ago
Ok, that last post was really messed up, but I meant the bit from the start of the song all the way down to the first bit of lyrics in inverted commas.

Project 86 – Wordsmith Legacy Lyrics 13 years ago
I think that this bit:

Knock knock knock
Sound the blows to the forehead from the
Mock mock mock
Of the words, a voice I hear every morning

Drop drop drop
Sound the sledge to the metal
Shot shot shot
Sound the pin to the chamber
My own words pound after me
Intentions bent on conquering
The very will I proudly claimed
Was the very axe that cut the nape

Is talking about how Satan uses stuff we have said or done in the past as a weapon against us, hence the term 'double-edged sword'.

Life stalking me from yesterday
The taunts of one who sought to frame
The picture of this desolate
This figure cowering

Every word a double edged sword
A double edged sword
My every word

Pillar – Aftershock Lyrics 14 years ago
Pillar played a show in Perth, Western Australia last night, and Rob said this song is about what The HP said as well as about Acts 16:25-26 in the Bible, where Paul and Silas were singing to God, and their Faith caused an Earthquake which opened all the doors in the prison and broke all the chains of the prisoners.

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