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Duran Duran – Finest Hour Lyrics 13 years ago
I think its about the British airmen who fought the Battle of Britain!

Tupac Shakur – Black Jesus Lyrics 14 years ago
To quote grovestein "You bitch ass emo kids need to shut the fuck up. 2pac music is about real struggles and not whinying about being a nerdy little emo bitch.

This song is about how the poor black community feels lost and alone. They want a black figure to look up to. Their parents generation had their Martin Luther Kings and Malcom Xs to look up to. The young black community to wants a strong postive black figure they can look up to. ''Black Jesus'' doesn't refer to Jesus being black, it refers to a postive black person that young poor black kids can look up to and aspire to. "

Excuse me but the only positive black role models these days are rappers who crap on about 'da hood, gangster shit, videos with women half naked and materialistic trash. The black community is more to blame for its problems, it like pretty much any black run and dominated country cant do anything for themselves unless the whites are around to bail them out! If it wasnt for the jews, asians and whites, etc blacks would still be living in Africa playing with sticks and stones and been eaten by lions.

Tupac Shakur – Niggaz Nature (Remix) Lyrics 14 years ago
Well to me I think this song simply exposes black "nigga" culture for what it is!

If anything this song sums much about black america.

It's a shame they only give a bad name to themselves and these sorts of songs just force us white folk to look down on blacks even more and see them as gangsters, drug dealers rather than productive members of society!

If anything people like tupac and most other so black so called arists should be banned because they are just worsening the publics views on blacks and inspiring many young "niggaz" to become outlaws, drug dealers, pimps, gangsters rather than doctors, lawyers and scientists!

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