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The Moldy Peaches – Lucky Number Nine Lyrics 13 years ago
i heard it is about her getting 9 years sober. maybe not, i dont know. this girl told me that at her show on friday

Eels – Teenage Witch Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it is about a girl who goes to LA and becomes a prostitute. I think by witch he means she is doing "tricks" for money.

The Mountain Goats – Ox Baker Triumphant Lyrics 13 years ago
"Douglas A. Baker (born April 19, 1934) better known professionally as Ox Baker, was an American professional wrestler, and was feared for his dreaded finishing move, the Heart Punch, sometimes called the "Hurt Punch", after Baker's famous catchphrase "I LOVE to hurt people!" He has also appeared in several movies including playing the leading role of the Russian wrestler in Blood Circus and Escape from New York." wikipedia

City High – What Would You Do Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it's a good song. It shows the double standards that the men are seeing strippers, and they don't think it is bad, but the girl, they think is bad and shouldn't be stripping. I think it's a good song.

I don't really like the part where the guy is like, "get up on my feet and stop making tired excuses" because I don't think she is making excuses. She has to get the money to feed her kid. Presumably, she is looking for a regular job, and she used to have one in the past.

I think it is a good song for drawing attention to this problem.

Sandie Shaw – Steven (You Don't Eat Meat) Lyrics 13 years ago
It's about Morrissey.

Julie Ruin – I Wanna Know What Love Is Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it's a great song, and I like how it uses the chorus, "I wanna know what love is." because to me this relates to the foreigner song, how as women we want to know love, but we can't know love when there is all these bad things going on.

Morrissey – The Never Played Symphonies Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it's about all the things that could have happened in your life but didn't.

Morrissey – My Love Life Lyrics 13 years ago
I always thought that it was about being in love with someone who already is in love with someone else.

Tori Amos – Peeping Tommi Lyrics 14 years ago
I think that Tori meant the song to be about how she can't get over the rape when she has sex and the guy she is with doesn't understand. So when she has sex maybe it is like she is watching the guy and someone else having sex.

To me though it is about watching a boy that you are obsessed with having sex with a different girl, and when you sleep with other guys you just keep thinking about him and seeing him in yr food. The guy that loves her is saying "you need to get over him" but she can't. The part about giving her gun a surprise is about shooting them.

Fiona Apple – Paper Bag Lyrics 14 years ago
I think that the song is comparing a relationship to having anorexia.

"I was having a sweet fix on a daydream of a boy." could be comparing an anorexic thinking about eating, but knowing that s/he is too afraid/messed up to eat to Fiona thinking about a boy but she's too afraid/messed up for them to be together.

"Hunger hurts but starving works."
is saying like loving someone hurts, so she just can't do it.

"I gotta fold cause these hands are too shaky to hold" is like fold and hands as in poker, and shaky hands from not eating.

"Wouldnt put his lips to mine"
is like eating food too. She couldnt put his lips on her lips just like an anorexic can't put food on her/his lips.

"Come on put a little love here in my void"
is like putting food in your body.

I think it's really clever lyrics.

Morrissey – Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning Lyrics 14 years ago
I had never thought of it like davidbeauy's interpretation, but I think that it is a good interpretation now that I read it.

When I listen to it, I always think of a girl who has a crush on the lifeguard so she always goes to the beach trying to like talk to him and get his attention, but he doesn't like her that much, and he ignores her. So, she decides to like swim out really far, so he'll have to rescue her. Unfortunately, the lifeguard is napping, and he doesn't even notice that she swam too far, and she's drowning. She died and no one cared about her.

Radiohead – Faithless, the Wonderboy Lyrics 14 years ago
This is probably wrong, but I think it's about a girl who wants to be a boy.

I think jeans is like genes meaning genetically she's a girl. but theyre ripped and torn meaning theyre bad and shed rather ride skateboards like a boy.

I think i cant put the needle in is a reference to injecting testosterone.

then she realizes its a disease that she has the wrong body, and theres no where to hide and shes scared.

AFI – God Called In Sick Today Lyrics 14 years ago
I've always thought it was about school shootings, but I haven't found anyone else who's agreed with my interpretation.

"Let's admire the pattern forming.
Murderous filigree."
Cause there has been more and more school shootings.

"I'm caught in the twisting of the vine."
This person is caught up in despair and hearing about school shootings.

"Go ascend with ivy,climbing.
Ignore and leave for me the headstone crumbling behind."
The other kids were mean and ignored the speaker, so he got even more sad.

"I can't help my laughter as she cries.
My soul brings tears to angelic eyes."
He's laughing as he's making the people at his school cry. I heard that in mythology angels can't cry or they can only cry if something really bad happens, so this person must feel like they are really bad.

"Let's amend the classic story, close it so beautifully,
I'll let animosity unwind."
It's the classic story of a bullied kid getting mad and hurting others.

"Steal away the darkened pages, hidden so shamefully. I'll still feel the violence of the lines."
Maybe a suicide note or diary entries.

"I can't stand my laughter as they cry.
My soul brings tears to angelic eyes.
And miles away my mother cries."
His mother cries when she finds out.

"Omnipotence, nurturing malevolence."
God created him, but he's doing something wrong and he knows it.

Bikini Kill – Liar Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's saying how a lot of societal evils really stem from the same thing.

I don't think it's attacking people who "aren't radical enough," I think the give peace a chance part is pointing out that its okay to give peace a chance if you're not being victimized, because the victimizers aren't giving peace a chance.

Bikini Kill – Jigsaw Youth Lyrics 14 years ago
There is an article in the booklet of the CD version of the first two records that talks about jigsaw youth and what it meant to kathleen, i think.

It said a lot about how people can't fit into a mold and often contradict themselves, and we shouldn't judge them on how they were brought up or assume things about them based on how they act at one point in time.

I think that relates a lot to this song.

Bikini Kill – Hamster Baby Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's about how when they got more famous they had a lot of people just trying to be friends with them to use them.

They played in Honolulu, I think.

Bikini Kill – For Tammy Rae Lyrics 14 years ago
I think about my best friend when I hear this song. I think you can be close to your best friend without people thinking youre in love sexually, like dating.

It is bad that when two women are best friends people assume they are lesbians, and it is hurtful because it stops females from having deep friendships.

Bikini Kill – Blood One Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's about how words can be hurtful, and labeling people is bad.

The Mountain Goats – Your Belgian Things Lyrics 14 years ago
I think its about someone getting sent to jail for meth because We Shall All Be Healed is about the meth people John used to know. He said that Belgium is where the meth users are trying to go when they do meth, I think. Or something like that. It's about losing someone because they went to jail.

"There's guys in biohazard suits" is cause they wear those when they clean up meth labs.

"I shot a roll of thirty-two exposures
My camera groans beneath the weight it bears" is photgraphing the evidence.

"They waltzed right through the door and went flourescent" is cause it was like biohazardous.

"Their boots were black and shiny and your treasures gleamed like stars
Bones from deep down in the fertile crescent" is cause meth is kind of shiny... maybe.

"A tiger's never gonna change its stripes
I guess
I guess but Jesus what a mess
One way in and no way out" cause it's hard to change when youre addicted to drugs.

"I wish you had a number where you are
It's hard with no one here to help me through it" Cause he wishes he knew how to contact this person, and its hard losing them.

The Mountain Goats – Color in Your Cheeks Lyrics 14 years ago
I think its about a drug house and how drugs can bring people together who normally wouldn't associate.

The Mountain Goats – The Coroner's Gambit Lyrics 14 years ago
I think its about saying sorry for commiting suicide.

The Mountain Goats – Pure Money Lyrics 14 years ago
I think its about lost love. Maybe in California.

The Mountain Goats – Prana Ferox Lyrics 14 years ago
I think the beginning is supposed to be one of those sleep hypnosis tapes.

I didn't think it was likening making alcohol to dying love. I thought it was comparing making alcohol to like... love growing or getting better.

Like the sunbeams cut the dust devils apart and the shadow came off of his heart.


new life all around.

The Mountain Goats – Pink and Blue Lyrics 14 years ago
It's about the Oklahoma city bombing. "Wind out of oklahoma smells like blood and smoke"

There was a lot of babies there, remember the picture of the dead baby from the daycare. I think this song is about a baby who lost its parent/parents and the new care taker doesnt know how to take care of a baby, so its feeding it mashed bananas and making it sleep in a produce box.

I think the parts about the crows is saying that people complain about stupid things and talk about the politics of a situation when they arent thinking about the real people involved such as this baby.

or maybe its about how the baby is so innocent and doesnt know anything about the situation, other then it lost its parent.

The Mountain Goats – Quito Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this song is about being in a twelve step program such as AA and becoming "happy joyous and free"

"the blessing I've got coming" is the promises of being happy when youre sober.

"I'm going to raise an ice-cold glass of water" is drinking water instead of alcohol/drugs.

"And make amends to everyone I've wounded" is one of the steps.

"Those few who've slipped the surly bonds will rise like salmon at the spawning" could be a reference to death, since there seems to be a lot of references to dead people in this song, or it could be talking about the living death of addiction, and the people who slipped the surly bonds are people who recovered.

The Mountain Goats – Going to Queens Lyrics 14 years ago
the female singer is rachel ware, i believe.

The Mountain Goats – Evening in Stalingrad Lyrics 14 years ago
I think its about a couple in Russia where one of them is getting hunted by the police, so they are hiding so they can be together.

It is one of my favourites.

The Mountain Goats – Distant Stations Lyrics 14 years ago
I think its about waiting for someone you want to see, so you can pretend the meeting happened by chance.

The Mountain Goats – Cold Milk Bottle Lyrics 14 years ago
I've heard that this song is about standing up to god who is giving you bad luck, but with the rest of the album I think it is about a couple where one person is mean.

The Mountain Goats – Chanson Du Bon Chose Lyrics 14 years ago
It also can translate as "song of good luck" in french.

I think it is about falling in love, when you know you are like getting in deep and you cant stop it.

The Mountain Goats – Balance Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this song is about the Alpha couple and how their relationship got bad and they became alcoholics after they got all that money in Las Vegas.

The Mountain Goats – Absolute Lithops Effect Lyrics 14 years ago
"Lithops (commonly called "flowering stones" or "living stones") are true mimicry plants: their shape, size and color causes them to resemble small stones in their natural surroundings."

So I think it is talking about rocks that bloom to look like flowers. The speaker is starting to get better after something bad happening.

I think the speaker in this song is the same speaker in Jenny, Distant Stations, Blues in Dallas and Source Decay... maybe.

My Bloody Valentine – Lose My Breath Lyrics 14 years ago
I think the song is about suicide/depression, and "lose my breath" means to asphyxiate.

My Bloody Valentine – Moon Song Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this song is about being obsessed with someone you don't really know well, who comes around sporadically, so you can't see everything about them, just the image of them you've made in your mind.

I think the part about "the only one" means that this person is the only one the speaker can love.

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