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Finger Eleven – Slow Chemical Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song! Finger Eleven is a great band, and while this is a bit different from their usual stuff, it still rocks. (It probably helps that I'm a Kane fan. =D)

And maybe it's just my fandom mind, but couldn't this be a theme song to the movies Pitch Black or The Chronicles of Riddick? It sounds kind of like Riddick thinking about Fry (PB) or Jack/Kyra (TCoR). Silly idea? Probably, but it's what I think of when I hear the song.

Don Omar – Angelito Lyrics 14 years ago
This is a beautiful song. I love the chorus, and the way he sings it-- and the video is lovely as well. How is that no one else has commented?

Eagles – Heartache Tonight Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song. The beat of it is really so simple, but yet it's so great as well. I had this song stuck in my head today-- and my coworkers didn't know it! Ack, my generation doesn't know what they're missing.

This is my favorite part:

"We can beat around the bushes
We can get down to the bone
We can leave it in the parkin' lot
But either way there's gonna be a
Heartache tonight, a heartache tonight, I know..."

Kid Rock – Fuck Off (feat. Eminem) Lyrics 14 years ago
Kid Rock and Eminem together-- I can't see this ever happening again. Still, we have this, and it's pretty awesome. It's nice to hear Kid just let loose. :P

Kid Rock – Warm Winter Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song. I wish Kid Rock would go back to this and his more earlier style; I like country and southern rock, sure, but that's just not really him to me. *shrugs*

In any case, it's a great song. It's on the soundtrack to The Crow: Salvation, I'm not sure if it's elsewhere. The drum beat is pretty straight-forward, but helps to drive the song perfectly.

As for a meaning, well, I think it's a bit obvious. Someone ditched this guy, dumped him pretty hard, and he's angry at them and himself for being played, but he also misses them, too. They made him feel good, and still feel good, which he doesn't like.

Moby – One Of These Mornings Lyrics 14 years ago
I just saw the Without A Trace episode that had this song. Wow. As soon as I heard it I had to look it up-- it's so simple, but surprisingly powerful.

Several people have mentioned relationships, which I believe is probably the real reason behind it, but it also makes me think about the hinted meaning (as it was used in WAT) of someone leaving literally-- death.

In that vein, it makes think of someone who's not appreciated, and who is telling others that one day they will look for them and they won't be there. What will happen then?

Trace Adkins – I Wanna Feel Something Lyrics 14 years ago
Awesome, sung with such emotion. When he sings, "Damn it all to hell, I'm done," you tell he really means it. Trace is an awesome singer, and whoever wrote this is a great writer. Bravo!

Cobra Starship – Bring It (Original Version) Lyrics 14 years ago
Could I have it as well?

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