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Electric Light Orchestra – Evil Woman Lyrics 11 years ago
The "hole in [his] head where the rain comes in" is actually an obvious reference to the Beatles song "Fixing a Hole," Jeff Lynne worked with the Beatles.

The original version of this song had a fourth verse, but they dropped it because there were no music parts for it.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – One Rainy Wish Lyrics 12 years ago
"Misty blue and lilac too"

That line has to be one of the most beautiful lyrical rhymes of all time, or at least it is to me.

Moby – Porcelain Lyrics 12 years ago
I think many interpretations of this song hit the spot. The song is probably called porcelain in representing the woman whom he cares about. She is fragile, delicate, and beautiful; just like porcelain is.

Or it could be the other way around even, he could be the one who is easily broken.

Beautiful song in any sense.

Ps. If you have a good bass system (I've used Creature II speakers) turn the volume up moderately and the bass all the way up. This beat will just pulsate throughout your soul for the entire song. In-freaking-credible.

Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence Lyrics 12 years ago
Pps. I forgot to mention that Paul Simon said himself that the song was also about "A societal view of the lack of communication."

Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence Lyrics 12 years ago
If anyone has read "The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury, this song almost mirrors it entirely. I'm not sure if the short story had any influence on the song, but it sure seems like it. It was also written in 1951, 13 years before Paul wrote this song that apparently "wrote itself." Could Paul Simon possibly have gotten some inspiration for this song from Ray Bradbury? Possibly. I don't have any proof to say so, but if you read the short story and the lyrics to the song it is quite similar.

There are several similarities between the story and the song.

"The Pedestrian" is a story about a lone man walking in a futuristic society where television has taken over the world and dominated people's lives. All the people do is go to work and come home to television. Nobody in the society communicates with each other, they only watch the T.V.

Now, Paul writes about "the vision that was planted in my brain" and the "neon god." Now what is television but one all holy neon god that plants many images in our brain.

Paul also writes about Street lamps, and cobblestone and specifically coldness and dampness. All of those images are found directly (and obviously) in Bradbury's story.

Ray Bradbury specifically wrote this story and the much more popular Fahrenheit 451 to warn people about the dangers of television etc. on the human society. Scarily enough, his predictions were very correct. (keep in mind that he wrote it when T.V. was still a pretty new thing)

3/5 of this song talks about the visions of a dream and then transitions into a specific character talking to the people. The character in "The Pedestrian" also does this, muttering to the houses about the lives they live. However, it sounds more like the personal feelings of Ray Bradbury himself reaching out to the people in society to dissuade them from the power of television.

The resemblances are uncanny. You can relate almost every line in the song to "The Pedestrian." The mood of the two works is also very, very similar. It can also relate to the Kennedy assassinations in that everybody crowded around the T.V. to watch the news without speaking. Just thought I'd put that out there since I had to do a whole frigging essay on the topic for class... Read "The Pedestrian" and this song and you'll know what I mean. In fact, read some more of Bradbury's stuff. He's a good author.

Ps. My parents played this song so much when I was little. I wasn't much of one for analyzing songs back when I was like 5 though. :p It's a very good song that brings back memories...

U2 – Whole Lotta Love Lyrics 13 years ago
Did U2 really do a cover of this Led Zeppelin song? I guess I haven't heard it yet if they did. Anyways, the lyrics are self explanatory really.

Gnarls Barkley – Transformer Lyrics 13 years ago
I personally think that this song is about having different lifestyles or personalities that come out into the open at different times during one's life.

The personalities obviously represent change and well, transformation of a character in different appearances.

Although there are probably many other interpretations of it, that's just my opinion.

Beck – Dark Star Lyrics 13 years ago
Very laid back for a rap song. Even though I'm not a fan of rap, Beck is definitely one of the exceptions. This is my second favorite song on the album next to Cell Phone's Dead and is obviously a homage to Beck's Sea Change album.

I get a very political feel from this song as well, especially political in the sense of global warming, death of the world, etc.

"Hovering in carbon monoxide cremations"

"Plug in my reactor to the fallout zone"

"Ammunition souls shooting holes in the ozone"

Definitely reminds me of global warming. Almost as if this "Dark Star" is Earth's future. The hole(s) in the ozone layer are/is the "scar that's open."

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