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Cheap Trick – The Flame Lyrics 13 years ago
This song for me has a completely different meaning then probably anyone here.

My dad died in the hospital much too young. He was coming home from a stay in the hospital. He signed his release papers and went back into his room to collect his things so that he could go home. Moments later he had a massive heart attack and died right there in his room. The hospital called my mom to tell her to come to the hospital, thinking it was to pick him up. She called me to meet her there. As we stepped off the elevator at the hospital I could tell by the look on the nurse's face at the nurses station, that something was wrong. This is when we found out my dad had died.

He had driven his self to the hospital so his truck was there and I had to drive it home... his personal belongings on the seat next to me folded neatly as my dad had left them. I turned on the radio... numb... and this song came on.

To me, this song has 2 meanings to me. 1) it is a song from my point of view, (all the verses, 'you were the first to be the last', as I am the last son of 3) and 2) it is my dad talking to me. (the chorus: 'wherever you go, I'll be with you')

He died in 1988, I was 22. To this day I get chills hearing it and it always reminds me of my good ol' dad. (and that ride home, crying) I love you dad. I'm sorry you aren't around to enjoy your grandkids. You have missed out on a lot, but not a day has gone by that I dont think of you.

Judas Priest – Desert Plains Lyrics 14 years ago
Inspired by the scenery around him here in Phoenix.

All the bands of their genre,,, where are they now?

Maiden.... pretty much gone (new release-wise)
Scorps... hangin on, but nothing new in years

The list goes on, but the rest arent even together!

Judas Priest – Rock Forever Lyrics 14 years ago
The lyrics of this song leave nothing to interpretation.

Its what says it all for me. Hence: my screen name.

Read it.
Know it.
Live it.

(great solo BTW)

Judas Priest – Diamonds And Rust Lyrics 14 years ago
Go to YouTube and look up the acoustic version to this song. (and NO, not the Ripper version)

I saw them do this live in Manchester England at the Apollo while living in Edinburgh and it was just phenomenal.

Rob, KK, Glen I salute you!

Like my screen name, may the Priest rock forever.

Judas Priest – Judas Rising Lyrics 14 years ago
"CATCHY"? WTF? Priest isnt about "catchy". Catchy songs are pop songs.

This is METAL! Go listen to Emo if you want catchy.

::shakes head:: kids today. NO appreciation for real music

Judas Priest – Dreamer Deceiver Lyrics 14 years ago
First off... whomever plaed this song on this page spelled "deciever" wrong. I before E people!

Bad spelling aside, this song/album was during the period in which the band was experimenting with hallucinogens (aka: acid) In fact, the song "Deep Freeze" was recorded while KK was tripping on acid. Listen to it, you'll see.... err hear it for yourself

Dreamer Deceiver is my absolute favorite song vocally for Rob. I've used this song for band tryouts to demonstrate range. In the line "That is vibrating constantly" is such a cool transitional piece. He goes from very high to low with such smoothness it could only be Rob.

He is a vocal God. Like fine Scottish whiskey, he only gets better with age. Name me one vocalist around when Priest started (1973 by industry standards, but much longer then that by band standards) that still sounds the same, let alone actually BETTER then when they first came on the scene. And I mean a vocalist that hits the notes that Rob does. Geoff tate comes to mind, but he still doesnt have the years in Rob does. I salute you Rob!

OK.. back to the song. Obviously, it is a song about making the right decisions in life and the "acid" effect comes in the form of the "neath the willow tree" reference, and the colors of the clouds.

Like acid trips, reality is altered, so the song gets its meaning from what he was "seeing" as the inspiration of the song.

Only Rob knows for sure the true meaning of this song, and like art, the rest is left up to us for interpretation of its meaning. As a song writer, the trick to songwriting is not to give it all away. A song has more maning to the listener if he can relate it to theirself instead of spoon feeding us what they want us to get from it.

What do I know, though... you may all be right. I sat and had beers with Rob all night at a club here in Phoenix years ago. I wish I could have asked him all these questions that still linger today....

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