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Girls Aloud – Revolution in the Head Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is purely about doing things rather than just sitting there, dreaming about it. Never put it off for tomorrow and do it now and don't stop until you succeed your aim.

Gotta say this is one of my favourite Girls Aloud songs :)

Girls Aloud – Miss You Bow Wow Lyrics 11 years ago
i think taht this song means that when the girls get tempted to go and sleep with someone else or go out on a drinking session, they call 999 for a doctor which is the boyfriend. and as they miss him he comes and rescues his girl. and when he 'rescues' her, he makes her feel as though they are the only lovers that night cuz da sex is so good!

Girls Aloud – Love Is Pain Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is about not caring about what the other partner wants, all they want is for them to be faithful to them. this song has also been said to have been written about the drunken one night stand that ashley cole had which could be the reason why cheryl has been given the title in her verse.

Amy Winehouse – Fuck Me Pumps Lyrics 11 years ago
love dis song and it really shows what a great songwriter Amy is.

it's about young women going out to clubs and chatting up rich men (in particular footballers). they are also getting a lot of benefits like free trips to miami but she soon realises that the great times wear off with age (which she was not expecting). the term dust off your fuck me pumps mean that she would have fuck me pumps intended to entice men to have sex with her. As she was pushing 30, she wasnt wearing them that much so they were getting dusty. She wanted to get back to the great glamorous lifestyle so she dusted off her fuck me pumps.xx

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black Lyrics 11 years ago
i believe that this song is about a man that she was really in love with and when they broke up,he didnt show any remorse or sadness. Amy explains that he 'kept his dick wet' which means that he didnt wait till he went to someone else and had sex with them. He goes back to his ex-girlfriend and acts like nothing has happened between him and Amy while Amy herself has gone 'back to black' and is still hurting from the split.

i absoulutely love this song!!!

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