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Otep – Jonestown Tea Lyrics 12 years ago
Well she writes that he comes into her room with his Bible, you know when a person gives themselves up to the Lord..when they are 'saved' well it's sometimes expressed as being set free.

"the day of your attonement is due!
well there's 3 million sinners out there...
and that includes YOU!"

He made her believe she was a sinner and this is what he made her believe would set her free from her sins - him raping her.

Kristin Hersh – Echo Lyrics 13 years ago
I can swear to you I completely understand this song - I just can't explain how...
I listened to it for months and never understood it then just yesterday I listened and it jumped out at me =)
what a totally amazing song!

Kristin Hersh – Defying Gravity (ft Idina Menzel) Lyrics 13 years ago

Lisa Hannigan – Teeth Lyrics 13 years ago
"i don't know where it comes from where to go when the rains come when the rain.."
these lyrics are actually the most amazing!
in my opinion I can see "the rains" as being like a sadness in her - and she doesn't understand why she feels that way but she does and she doesn't know what to do with this sadness either...
then again it could be about anything lol!

Lisa Hannigan – Teeth Lyrics 13 years ago
woah this song, to me, seems so sad - I mean it seems to be about a relationship broken up but now that I'm reading it again I can feel that it's more so about a relationship holding her back - or a person holding her back from doing what she wants/needs to do....
"there's something I should say but I can't get my head around the bends in your brain" --- she wants to say it to the person but who ever it is is just such a complicated person that you can't ever work out their reactions so your better not to say anything.

"like a penance paid too soon with too much eagerness" -nobody ever wants to pay penance but and certainly nobody could be possibly eager to do so

"Put me back in the bottle where the sea meets the sun when the bones and their rattle don't mean anything to no-one" -- this part I feel is that she wants to go back to the beginning when things meant nothing - they just were - she could be who she really was without judgment

---the more I get into writing about this song the more complicated it's becoming - I bet nothing I wrote above makes any sense but meh!

Throwing Muses – An Intimate Conversation Lyrics 14 years ago
This is such a random song or whatever it is..but i like it!! =)

Throwing Muses – Shimmer Lyrics 14 years ago
^^^ you said it!!!! lol!! =)

Throwing Muses – Pearl Lyrics 14 years ago
I would give anything to know the true meaning of this song - I love it!!
All I know is that it makes me feel incredibly sad - it's like Krisitn is de-humanising herself in it but thats as far as I can get - I REALLY love though!!

Throwing Muses – Mania Lyrics 14 years ago
This has always meant to me to be about a manic episode (and since Kristin is bipolar, I'm thinking I'm right lol)
but this song is EXACTLY what, when I think of a manic episode, A MANIC EPISODE IS in the form of music!
----its fast moving, jumping from subject to subject (and has bizarre subjects)
In this I think Kristin herself is trying to figure out exactly what it means to have manic depression - she starts by trying to figure out hallucinations and describes how they frighten her and in a funny way she tells them to go away with "get a job" like and stop bugging me lol!!
Then she goes on to talk about ECT or electroconvulsive therapy - which is [thought to be] a treatment for bipolar disorder "shocking is therapy"
then its like the thoughts in her head are moving so fast that its like a road going everywhere "centredale to prov..."
and then the song gets even more terrifying when it shows how quickly people while manic can move onto thoughts of suicide - this song is so amazing!!
every bipolar person should have to listen to it!!

Throwing Muses – Fear Lyrics 14 years ago
Wow I always loved this song but never paid much attention to the lyrics until now and it's so sad and I also love that line "give me what I want and all I can think abut is losing it"
wow this has just made me feel so sad all of a sudden!!

Kristin Hersh – A Loon Lyrics 14 years ago
I have always thught thatthis song was about one of Kristin's sons, I really don't know why exactly....
but I also agree with the panic attack meaning...after reading back over the lyrics it does seem to make sense!

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