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Foxy Shazam! – A Dangerous Man Lyrics 12 years ago
I've heard somewhere that this song about Robin Hood. Not sure how true it is, but one thing's for certain: this song is one of the coolest pieces of music I've ever heard.

Eminem – Drips Lyrics 13 years ago
Pretty much all of these lyrics are wrong. I can't believe no one's pointed this out yet. You're all retarded.

Lordi – The Deadite Girls Gone Wild Lyrics 13 years ago
The Deadite Girls Gone WILD?

I think the Deadite in the name of the song is a reference to the Evil Dead movie series and the zombie Deadite army that plague the people in those films. Just my theory...

Great song. Greater album. Greatest band.

Norther – Omen Lyrics 13 years ago
Me too. Quite a sad song, but it's beautiful.

Rhapsody of Fire – Il Canto Del Vento Lyrics 13 years ago
Italian is a great language. Beautiful song.

Bad Religion – Requiem for Dissent Lyrics 13 years ago
That's exactly what I was thinking, knowone!

I love this song. One of the best on the new album.

Futuristic Sex Robotz – Don't Make Us Kick Your Ass Lyrics 13 years ago
Well, I knew you were bi, because you told me about the Rachel thing, but I didn't know if you'd ever act on those feelings. And you did, just to another person. So now you're "officially" bi in my book. Yeah, I'm weird...

But I guess you guys couldn't have timed this better. Coming out, getting together, uniting. Sounds great. Once again, I'm happy for you.

And I agree with you about the whole "us" thing. I'm actually in the same boat as you. I have a girl now and I'm fucking crazy over here. It's insane. I haven't even met her yet too! And the whole emotional build up between us is great, but unltimately devouring. I mean, imagine meeting the person that nearly matches your dream mate and then add the fact that you can't touch them yet because they're 1,400 MILES AWAY! Fuck that. It sucks. But I'm learning more about her, and getting more attracted by the second. I love her as a person and as a friend, but I want to love her as a mate now...

I have you to thank for a lot of this too...

Beastie Boys – Hey Fuck You Lyrics 13 years ago
The ultimate pwn song.

Beastie Boys – Girls Lyrics 13 years ago
Licensed to Ill is kind of like one big, long, really good joke. This song just attests to that. All the guys love girls; they don't demean them.

Beastie Boys – The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin') Lyrics 13 years ago
This is a good song. Not awesome, but still great to chill to.

Beastie Boys – Unite Lyrics 13 years ago
This is the hidden gem of Hello Nasty in my opinion. These Beastie songs barely have any comments... :(

Beastie Boys – She's Crafty Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm glad someone added this song to the site... Awesome

Beastie Boys – The Move Lyrics 13 years ago
They're the Beastie Boys. They're just ill like that.

Bad Religion – Heroes and Martyrs Lyrics 13 years ago
It's a good song. Pretty different. I haven't heard Bad Relgion's entire catalog, but from what I have, it's a little different. Sounds like their older stuff too...

I'll leave the interpretations to the pros though.

DragonForce – Cry for Eternity Lyrics 13 years ago
One of the greatest songs ever. 'Nuff said.

Rage Against the Machine – Take The Power Back Lyrics 14 years ago
It's not "take it back, Joe", it's "take it back, y'all."

Futuristic Sex Robotz – Hey, Ladies Lyrics 14 years ago
Funniest song on the album. About sex, women, fucking them, and just about everything in between.

This song makes me laugh everytime I hear it.

Futuristic Sex Robotz – If I Ruled The World Lyrics 14 years ago
This is what the Robotz would make the world to be if they ruled it.

Another great song.

Futuristic Sex Robotz – Snakes on a Plane Lyrics 14 years ago
Basically, it's the Robotz putting themselves in the movie Snakes on a Plane. Pretty self-explanitory.

FSR actually entered this song in a contest to appear on the official soundtrack, but they obviously lost to Cobra Starship...

Futuristic Sex Robotz – The Positronic Pimp Lyrics 14 years ago
I had no clue what the hell this song was about, but after some research I found out that it's about the character Commander Data on Star Trek and how much of a pimp he is.

Star Trek fan or not, still a great song. Funny as hell.

Futuristic Sex Robotz – Welcome To The Internet Lyrics 14 years ago
Well, it's a song about the Internet, I guess. Uses a lot of computer lingo as you can see. But that's just what nerds do.

Funny song, I love this band.

Futuristic Sex Robotz – WoW Lyrics 14 years ago
Pretty self-explanitory if you're savvy to the World of Warcraft scene.

It's just about WoW, all members of Futuristic Sex Robotz are into WoW. All of the background sounds and music are actual audio clips and sounds from the game.

Great song, really good beat and hilarious lyrics.

Slayer – Sex, Murder, Art Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah, the song is about rape, but it's a little deeper than that.

It's about holding a girl hostage and her captor submitting her to various sexual and physical abuse. The speaker in this song gets off on causing intense pain to others, kind of like sadomasochism but more intense and immoral. This kind of shit happens all the time.

Anyway, great song. Really fast and intense.

Slayer – 213 Lyrics 14 years ago
Everyone that's gone with the Dahmer theory is right. The story is pretty screwed up, but it's true.

The song itself is about necrophilia, death and how "beautiful" it can be. Things along those lines...

Really eerie song, one of their best.

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