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Amanda Palmer – Oasis Lyrics 13 years ago
This song's pretty awesome. It reminds me of the James Lecesne pay, Word of Mouth, and the gay boy he plays, Trevor.

Mirah – Promise to Me Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree with smallthoughts, though the breaking-up thing is plausibe, but I like this interpretation better because it's hopeful and not desperate.

Wilco – I Am Not Willing Lyrics 13 years ago
lol at the previous comment. but yeah, i think it's about a guy who finally realizes that he's given this girl too many chances and she'll never settle down and he just let's it go.

Wilco – It's Just That Simple Lyrics 13 years ago
Um, I thought it was "It's Not That Simple"?

Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend (Japanese Version) Lyrics 13 years ago
wow @ the other posts.

and haha it's so random that she did it in other languages.. like what.

Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi Lyrics 13 years ago
lol sooooo dumb. and the comments are even worse.

Amanda Palmer – The Point of It All Lyrics 13 years ago
on second glance, there are a few other corrections to make.. though I have a live version so I guess it's possible that she says different things in different versions?

well either way, mine goes:

oh what a noble distiguished collection of fine little friends you have made
hitting the tables without you again, "no we'll wait. no we promise we'll wait"
well june makes these excellent sewing machines out of common industrial waste
she spends a few months at a time on the couch
but she's safe -- she wears shades, she wears shades
oh but no one can stare at the wall as good as you my baby doll
and you're aces for coming along
you're almost human after all
and you're learning that just 'cause they call themselves friends
doesnt mean they'll call
they made the comment and jest
but you've got the needle
I guess that's the point of it all

maybe a week in the tropics would help to remind you how nice life can be
we propped you right up in a chair on a deck with a beautiful view of the sea
but a couple weeks later we came back and you and the chair were nowhere to be seen
you had magically moved to the closet
eyes fixed on the place where the dryer had been
oh yes but no one can stare at the wall as good as you my baby doll
and youre aces for playing along
youre almost human after all
why on earth would I keep you propped up in here when you so love the fall?
well the patterns laid out on the bed
with dozens of colors of thread
but youve got the needle,
I guess that's the point in the end

it's better to waste your day watching the scenery change at a comatose rate
and/than to put yourself in and turn into one of those cigarette ads that you hate
but while you were sleeping some men came around, said they had some dimensions/dementions to take
i'm not sure what they were talking about but they sure made a mess of your face
oh but no one can stare at the wall as good as you my baby doll
and you're aces for playing along
you're almost human even now
and just cause they call themselves experts it doesn't mean they'll call
oh they've got the permanent press
and the homes with the stable address
and they've got excitement and life by the fistful
but you've got the needle
i guess that's the point of it all

Amanda Palmer – The Point of It All Lyrics 13 years ago
i'm pretty sure she says "aces" not "racist" but I could be wrong.

this song is love.

Perry Como – Catch A Falling Star Lyrics 13 years ago
Mind-blowing song.

The Dresden Dolls – Battered Bride Lyrics 13 years ago
This song isn't shared, it's impossible to find right now.. But you should wait until after Amanda Palmer's album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer?, comes out in early March or something like that. Apparently that's when a lot of the songs that are hard to find will be available.

Nickelback – Rockstar Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is beyond stupid.

Chad, planes don't fly at 37,000 feet. I've seen your house on Cribs, it's a tasteless epitome of this song.. A star between James Dean and Cher? Your last name starts with a K, just fyi..

This is basically your life in a bland, dry song.

Nickelback sucks cock and likes it.

The Dresden Dolls – Pro-vanity Lyrics 14 years ago
Correct and complete lyrics:

ive been provanity since i was 10
i picture altars and then i shelter den
baby bottle didn't choke there were no cherry lollipops cherry lip smacker and i got off
marry money have a child keep it pretty ugly as you eat sushi and drink cocktails

and im sick of your smile
im sick of your cake
and im sick of your meaningless blather
and im sick of your hair
and i wish it weren't there
maybe some night ill visit you sleeping

there is no place i would rather be killed
than in my own backyard on my own propane grill
alcohol it didn't stop the little melancholy absence and i felt high, so i ripped it off
money prices an unborn child it would be hated
but you should be wary of those thirty fall drops

and im sick when i breath and i wish you would leave
at the very least have an abortion
i dont need a damn life but i dont think its right
for a woman to breed for attention

ive been provanity since i could know
no one will ever care to see what i dont show
and momma didn't lock and load it secretly we see her sending a letter(?) and withstood the shock
oh my daddy felt i knew and consequently grew into a calm and hurt over the thought that was new

and im sick of myself and i wish it would help
if you want you can pull out the ladder
oh it sounds so indulgent
amazing ive managed to keep you engaged for just four fucking minutes
maybe youd be happy to be provanity

The Dresden Dolls – Sandy's Song Lyrics 14 years ago
I get most of my Dolls songs off of Someone just posted a thread on there with ALL of the Dolls songs that are downloadable, there are tons, including this one.

[And it's Sandy Swaine/Swane]

The Dresden Dolls – Mary's Surgeon Lyrics 14 years ago
Here, this are right and complete:

Mary's surgeon
Called me urgent
Get down to ward
And god!
Who would date me in the dark
And for this labor
I was savoured
Tender and braindead
It went to my head

And we kept our lives
If your mouth keeps going where your mind won't go
You don't want to choke so chew it slowly
Nibble the edges on the kitchen floor
If it suits your taste, taste some more
If youre worried that it's bitter like a barbie doll
Hold your nose and swallow it all
If youre worried that it's all gonna go to your hips
Roll it round your rosy lips
If youre worried that it's all gonna go to your thighs
Close your eyes for a big surprise....

And Mary's Surgeon
Called me certain
Brand new flavour
I can savour
Such pity for the part

Mary's running away where we can't find her
Far away from smells that would remind her
Her hometown has burned down

But you will look
Staring at your face reflected in the fetid water
What shadows will it cast today
Familiar smells of fresh decay
You wish that you could flush yourself away

Complicitly leave your mark

And Mary's surgeon
Called me urging
Lord God, save us
It's contagious
It's contagious
It's contagious

The Dresden Dolls – June Is Busting Out All Over Lyrics 14 years ago
It's actually "face-distorters" not destroyers..

St. Vincent – Marry Me Lyrics 14 years ago
Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls did a cover, though I've only heard the live version. It's awesome though, and it'll be on her new album, coming out March-ish, "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?"

Amanda Palmer – The Living Room Lyrics 14 years ago
I love the Samson reference [and I don't know who I love more, Amanda or Regina]. Anyone know where I can find a recording?

The Dresden Dolls – Dear Jenny Lyrics 14 years ago
WHERE CAN I FIND THIS SONG?? I'm in love with the lyrics and I made my bf look for it everywhere, but he can't find it.

Regina Spektor – A Cooler Version of Yourself Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song. It's so sad because of the way she sings it. And yeah, I think its def about sex.

Regina Spektor – Back of a Truck Lyrics 14 years ago
I actually think this song is about an anorexic girl who runs away to New York. And there it's like a completley different world.. She eventually goes back home and kills herself...

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