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Lifehouse – Out Of Breath Lyrics 10 years ago
This has got to be Lifehouse's best song.

They should sent this as a single. It would blown up on radio, and been a huge hit. Instead they released Spin and this album failed commercially.

Counting Crows – Cowboys Lyrics 10 years ago
I think is Counting Crows' version of The Killers' Mr. Brightside. I realize you can't really compare the two, but they both have that desperate broken with jealousy aura about them.

Counting Crows – Cowboys Lyrics 11 years ago
wow that song is amazing...and they picked "You Can't Count On Me" as the first single.

Ok then.

Sister Hazel – Mandolin Moon Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is just him saying, "Look, it's okay. I forgive you. I still love you. Come on home. I'll be waiting."

Counting Crows – You Can't Count on Me Lyrics 11 years ago
Watch the video and listen to the lyrics.

He got dumped by this girl. Instead of getting over it, he let it eat at him. He didn't move on. He's still stuck in this constant heartbreak. And he knows he can't let himself back to her.

But somehow in losing this girl, he manages to find himself. This song is all about him saying "Hey, look what you lost."

R.E.M. – Supernatural Superserious Lyrics 11 years ago
This is the best R.E.M. song I have heard in years. I still can't believe it's them.

This song is all about moving on with life...and getting out of depression.

Gin Blossoms – Not Only Numb Lyrics 12 years ago
Every GB song is a masterpiece. Not Only Numb would have done well as the follow-up single to Follow You Down.

Sister Hazel – Happy Lyrics 12 years ago
The video for this song is awesome :D

I think this song is about self-acceptance and learning to live with yourself.

The Wallflowers – One Headlight Lyrics 12 years ago
The truth is, bands rarely explain their lyrics. If they do, it takes away from the song's expressive power. That is why we are here to interpret.

So, no matter what Jakob Dylan says, I think this is about him trying to live up to his dad. His songs have never quite enjoyed the same success that his father's did, and so his career is "dying" in his eyes.

Chumbawamba – Tubthumping Lyrics 12 years ago
Back in kindergarten, i used to think the lyrics were:

"I can't go to town
without an open gate.
So you better open it now."

OMC – How Bizarre Lyrics 12 years ago
the video makes it into a soap opera. They went bankrupt, so that's probably why they were one-hit wonders.

Sister Hazel – Swan Dive Lyrics 12 years ago
This should have been a single from Chasing Daylight. "Best I'll Ever Be" was garbage. Ryan Newell downright raped the solos.

Gin Blossoms – Heart Away Lyrics 12 years ago
This song should have be mixed into a single. I think it's about making a deliberate choice to live without love.

Gin Blossoms – Jet Black Sunrise Lyrics 12 years ago
this is the best song on major lodge victory without a doubt. i have no idea what it means though

Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We're Goin Down Lyrics 12 years ago
just thought i'd say this song restored my faith in rock

Gin Blossoms – Mrs. Rita Lyrics 12 years ago
personally i think this might be Gin Blossoms best song

Gin Blossoms – Until I Hear It From You Lyrics 12 years ago
Follow You Down could be the same guy ten years later. This experience could have burned him out.

Gin Blossoms – Learning the Hard Way Lyrics 12 years ago
no major symbolism.

the song pretty much explains itself.

All of the songs on Major Lodge Victory have a melancholy nostalgic taste except Long Time Gone, Heart Shaped Locket, and Fool for the Taking.

Gin Blossoms – Come On Hard Lyrics 12 years ago
I believe this is symbolizing an apology to GB's fans after the hiatus(i promise i won't hurt you anymore). Some fans have moved on and GB has to find new fans in a generation that mistakes pageantry for music.

GB has to prove themselves all over again (i swear i've had this feeling here before).

"Staring at the starlight" means reliving memories.

"Brackish waters" means fame and fanfare.

Great song on a great album

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