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Insane Clown Posse – The Dead Body Man Lyrics 12 years ago
hatchet 36 is excatly 100% correct thats the same meaning I got out of the song!!! don't judge people 4 how they act or are look at urself before u judge others!!! exacatally right on the money hatchette 36!!! by it's a cool creepy song with great music I love it one of my fav's!!!

Slipknot – New Abortion Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with purity it's about parents tryn to make thier kids robots that's why he's says u can't take my soul away from me!!! also I think he means religon like 4 example u cant make me believe what I don't want to!! but it's mainly like purity said he has a good handle on the meanings!!!

Slipknot – Left Behind Lyrics 12 years ago
my favorite song by them it is about people having fucked up lifes and horrible lifes!!! about people not geting fair lifes like in the video that kid his water was brown and he lived in a crack house it's about people not gettn a fair life think about it we all got left behind(left behind in life)!!! da!!! anyway it's my favorite song by them because it's true and happens so much u just have to be deep to understand! stay (sic) fuckers

Slipknot – Prosthetics Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with harry manback it is a twisted love song about obssession also it based on a movie from the 60's which I believe was called the collector or something like that he took women home and raped them just like purity said! but its a sic song and awesome music I love it one of my favs!

Slipknot – Purity Lyrics 12 years ago
what I got out of it was more than just the whole purity knight story where he say I am in a burried kennel I belivce he is talking about ur minds the song has a deep meaning what I got was it's about a girl goin insane and lost inside and everyone ignores her and nobody helps her so she ends up dying!! I know it has a deeper meaning than just the purity knight story. It's my fav song by slipknot along with left behind. it means alot to us maggots because we have been through this kinna shit people made us the way we are!!!

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