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Elbow – Lippy Kids Lyrics 10 years ago
The correct lyrics are in the album booklet btw.

This song is my favourite from Build a Rocket boys. The song is somewhat similar to the song 'Switching off' from Cast of thousands in the fact that it seems to be from a similar childhood memory of Guys. That song had lyrics such as 'Early evening June' and' Loves First blush' and was about when you die remembering the best moment/time of your life you ever had...this one it seems being with a girl and having a specific memory in June.

Lippy kids is about the same memory and this time reflecting how modern day kids dont realise that those days are the best of your life and 'golden' as he reflects that 'One long June' he had with a certain girl.

Thats my interpritation anyways

Bell X1 – Light Catches Your Face Lyrics 12 years ago
My fav song from Blue lights on the Runway. I think I read in an interview that Paul Noonan saif this song was for his mammy lol. Its definately about looking back and remembering his childhood with his mam and how hes possibly lost touch with who he was back then and the relationship he used to have...thats being in a band for you lol

Long-View – Will You Wait Here Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree with VOX pd...this song goes hand in hand with further. Its about a time of year...August lleading into autumn and the feelings come rushing back of that time and a particular place...and its wishing you could go back to that time

Long-View – Further Lyrics 13 years ago
This song reminds me of a particular feeling you get in a place or a time of year. I relate quite a bit to this because every autumn time you get colder nights, and a place can bring feelings of someone rushing back...and yet they can be gone..but the memorys never fade

Elbow – Switching Off Lyrics 14 years ago
guy said in an interview that its based on the theory that when you die you can see your whole life flash before your eyes, this song takes it one step further in the fact that if you have a really good memory of something then you can choose that as the last thing you see before you die...your final scene

Chicane – No Ordinary Morning Lyrics 14 years ago
another of my favourite ever songs. i can relate so much. out of nowhere a relationship ends and you dont know how to go on now your alone.

my girlfriend was my life and she just dumped me out fo the blue...and i kept thinking what did i do wrong

oh and she slept all day and stayed up all night...which is fitting

Bell X1 – Slowset Lyrics 14 years ago
this is so funny, its about being young, nervous and clumsy. hes asking a girl to dance and everyone is laughing and she is just going along with it for the sake of it.

but to him its special and hes really into it...and slightly excited lol

Bell X1 – Rocky Took A Lover Lyrics 14 years ago
i love this song, its basically the things you say when your trying to chat someone up and then the next day your not as charming lol

Bell X1 – Pinball Machine Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this song is about getting someone pregnant....he does love this girl but they made a mistake and now hes dwelling in the conequences

Bell X1 – Natalie Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this song can be percieved in a nu,ber of ways, it could be about looking up to someone, depending on someone or trying to impress someone. this natalie is like a key figure and he needs her guidence and approval almost...hes trying his best to keep her attention

Bell X1 – Lamposts Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this is about a love hate relationship where theya re fighting constantly and he thought he would break up with her a million times over but then when he does get a scare and something happens he regrets it and really just wants the best for her.

Bell X1 – Just Like Mr Benn Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah i think this song is about a long distance relationship. they both are different people and come from different cultures and hes saying i might not be some sophisticated local lad...but that if i just turned up anywyas

Bell X1 – In Every Sunflower Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah this song is definatelty about death but it can be compared to a break up.

but when it comes to death he has so many memories and everyone feels the same so he has no fear in a way becasue it seems everyone is celebrating her life

Bell X1 – I'll See Your Heart & Raise You Mine Lyrics 14 years ago
i think its about juggling with your sub concious. you dont know which side to listen to and you dont know what is wrong or right anymore

Bell X1 – Eve, The Apple of my Eye Lyrics 14 years ago
my favourite song of all time

this is about a couple who dont really want to admit they are breaking up. they both keep wanting to give it one more try. if one leaves the other is gutted and vice versa.

the biblic references are great too...eve says lets give it a its wrong but the temptation is there to say what the hell and give it another go...but really they share nothing and are probably wong for eachother

Bell X1 – Bad Skin Day Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this song is about reaching for your own goals but keep thinking you will never get it and everything is going wrong for you...but when you think about it you make your own luck and if you try hard enough you get what you want

Bell X1 – Alphabet Soup Lyrics 14 years ago
this is a very weird but funky song. i think its about a girl who at first seems great but when you look closely shes not really that speical...she steps on cracks instead of walking over them....little things like that

Long-View – I Would Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this is about not being there for someone at some point and then regretting it, so hes now saying that he would go or do anything for her

Long-View – Falling Without You Lyrics 14 years ago
hes just trying to tell the girl that hes the man for her and she should be with him. she belongs with him and he wishes she could see it

Long-View – Falling for You Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is actually about the detail of everything around you on a special night. hes walking with this girl who he likes and they have recently got topgether maybe and he noticed every little detail around him and all is well in the world

Long-View – Electricity Lyrics 14 years ago
it is the feeling of being in love with some one that even when they leave the room you feel empty. you cant operate normally becasue they are your life and they complete you

Long-View – Can't Explain Lyrics 14 years ago
the song is about being stuck in the same life day after day, same routene, same people and it never end...before you know it your getting old and you wish you could just get away

Long-View – If You Asked Lyrics 14 years ago
I can relate to this so much.
mainly becasue i broke up with my ex 4 weeks ago and im still gutted and cant get over it, but at the end of the day id still do anything for her and just be there for her...even though i know i will never be with her :(

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