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Zoe – Asteroide Lyrics 10 years ago
Yo creo q asteroide se refiere al lugar donde pudo estacionar su coche y hacer el amor.

Zoe – Poli Lyrics 10 years ago
Que gran cancion, no hay mucho q decir de la letra, es clara.

Zoe – Fotosintesis Lyrics 10 years ago
Habla de la iglesia, es una critica de como el cree q la iglesia maneja a los cristianos. Creo q toma de referencia algun altar iluminado y el lo cree muy falso, y contradice la frase de Nitche "Dios ya no existe, el hombre lo ha matado" con "no me entierren, q no estoy muerto aun".

Beady Eye – The Roller Lyrics 10 years ago
Such a great tune!!!

Chikita Violenta – Laydown Lyrics 11 years ago
Chikita violenta is one of the best band in Mexico, a shame they are not famous. This song is great!!!

Kings of Leon – Birthday Lyrics 11 years ago
Great song, it seems to me that it refers to a girl several years younger than him, in some way he speaks to her as a child; they gather to celebrate her birthday that has already passed.

Mando Diao – High Heels Lyrics 11 years ago
This is a great song, the new version from Mando Dia's MTV unplugged is just awesome.

South – A place in displacement Lyrics 11 years ago
I think that the songs is talking about being in bad situation and be accompanied with someone that shares a sort of empathy with you, but at the same time a desperation invade both and they only want to get through. I think they did kind of a pact to stay together, but he doesn't really trust this person words and want to see if he or she will keep the promise when they start doing better.

Doves – Andalucia Lyrics 11 years ago
Great intro

The Temper Trap – Science of Fear Lyrics 11 years ago
An incredible song, with tons of energy, great voice.

The Cinematics – Hard for Young Lovers Lyrics 11 years ago
A great song, cinematics' new album is awesome.

Kings of Leon – California Waiting Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree about this song is related to him starting being famous, he has the girl, but he just realized that he is not in an indie band anymore and everything around music industry seems to be annoying for him.
"I'd sing you a song but they blew it away"
Is like, I used to write songs for you but now they want to change them and sell them

And also because the name California Waiting, as an american reference of success for an artist

Gotye – The Only Thing I Know Lyrics 11 years ago
Great song, like the way they play with the voice in the background.

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out Lyrics 12 years ago
Too many said it before but, this is an awesome song!!!!!

Hard-Fi – Hard To Beat Lyrics 12 years ago
I think is about daiting a girl, and it was so hard for him to get her, and he feels unique and don't care that he is just a normal guy. Love this song.

Mando Diao – Dance With Somebody Lyrics 12 years ago
My fav song of mando diao, is such a great tune.
He is getting in love, and he has the attitude.
Whenever I hear the song i feel the same feeling before going to dance, the anxiety, the energy waiting to be released.

Dance, dance dance.

Gustavo Cerati – Cosas Imposibles Lyrics 12 years ago
Cerati ha venido manejando ultimamente una filosofia positiva, creo que esta cancion refiere a un estado de animo euforico, donde no espera para mañana para arriezgarse, ademas de tomar cualquier oportunidad y deja atras cualquier duda duda "quiero hacer cosas imposibles"

Yo escucho esta cancion cuando estoy planeando hacer algo que me ha costado mucho o algo que se presenta la oportunidad. Como sea, disfrutenla, mi cancion favorita de Cerati.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Autumn Lyrics 12 years ago
Great song.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Magnet Lyrics 12 years ago
This and Evening/ morning are the best songs in the disk.

Bombay Bicycle Club – What If? Lyrics 12 years ago
I am not really sure what is this song about, but it's such amazing tune.
It may refer about taking your chances when they are in front
"If only one of us had the guts tinight"

Elefant – Misfit Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song, it make me feel happy... It's about the feeling you get, when you meet a cute girl and seems that you are doing all right, you know, when that silly pickup line finally worked.

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