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Cocteau Twins – Pink Orange Red Lyrics 12 years ago
Those aren't the lyrics in the slightest. There are real lyrics to this song: they're printed in the sleevenotes of the EP:

Meliteae phoebus hyala phoebus hyala cloeyessa
Meliteae phoebus hyala phoebus hyala nossinussa
Hymeae saturnia hymeae nossinussa
Vacua venessula vacua nekitella
Tuphia vanessa venessa enovalla
Sacyare oponalla oponalla hyniassa

It's nothing more than a list of Latin butterfly names, arranged as beautifully as the music itself.

Massive Attack – Angel Lyrics 15 years ago
Agree re obsession, not necessarily a 'bad' obsession, but an obsessive kind of love. The lyrics alone don't convey this, you need the power, sultry bass that accompanies it, particularly to get the sense of the increasingly desperate sounding 'love you love you love you...'

Throwing Muses – Devil's Roof Lyrics 15 years ago
Perhaps the 'two heads' are mania ('one free') and depression ('one sticky'). 'The devil's moon' being a reference to what was once referred to as lunacy.

Kristin Hersh – A Loon Lyrics 15 years ago
I've always assumed this is about a panic attack (or similar experience) in a public place, and the subsequent images going through your mind, almost as a comedown. Particularly well portrayed, as peak of the attack is often invisible to outsiders, and the images increasingly ridiculous, but confined to yourself.

My experience, anyway.

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