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Dar Williams – Your Fire Your Soul Lyrics 11 years ago
I also think this is about somebody returning to his/her family ("You're family, you belong to us"). And it could well be somebody who goes home after college. But I also listened to it as somebody who goes to see his/her parents/family with Christmas ("I think your darkest day should have some light this year"). His (girl)friend does not want him/her to go, because his/her family is not very supportive - actually, they're abusive... But this person does go home every year - after all, it is Christmas... So every year they put him/her down. His/her fire, his/her soul gets hurt. And the singer of this song can not sit back and watch this happen anymore...

Guillemots – Kriss Kross Lyrics 13 years ago
First, I think it is a wonderful song :D I like the music and the upbeatness of it - it just makes you wanna dance under the moon ;)

I'm not too sure what it is about though... It seems to be a bit about just daring to have some fun and not to stay at home and "behave". But then on the other hand there is this story-line about some good friend, maybe lover, dying... I guess DeltsSunlight is quite right about him cursing someone up above and feeling grief, trying to live with it by thinking nobody really dies .

Confusing lyrics, wonderful song ;)

Reamonn – Life is a Dream Lyrics 14 years ago
To me, this song means that you're allowed to dream and that it can make you stronger - you shouldn't let that be taken away from you ;)

Reamonn – Angels Fly Lyrics 14 years ago
To me this song is about someone who has died (and was strong about it), but who's memory lives on.

Reamonn – Star Lyrics 14 years ago
To me, this song means unconditional love (from parents). It kinda scares me that they'd do anything for me, though it is also comforting.

Tom Petty – Stop Draggin My Heart Around (with Stevie Nicks) Lyrics 14 years ago
First, I'd like to say that I enjoyed the original version of this song but prefer the cover of Rob Thomas and Joss Stone.
Anyhow, I think the meaning is quite clear: it's all about two people who are involved with eachother but not really meant to be together - they both know this but one of them keeps coming back (perhaps just using his/her lover) and then the other has difficulties to resist. So they should put a definite point to it: "stop draggin' my heart around". Just forget it and start a new!

Apocalyptica – I'm NOT Jesus Lyrics 14 years ago
To me it means that christians are just people who make mistakes (and that many bad things are done under cover of religion), that confessing does not solve the problem (even if you truly regret) and that there are things people do which you will always hate them for - for example child abuse as I think this song is perticulary about.
Best line to me: "You confess it all away but its only shit to me"

The Rasmus – Kola Lyrics 15 years ago
It makes me happy - an ice cold kola in the sun is a good picture of summer to me...
And I think it's funny that a song is made about kola; that's something different than whiskey (also nice in kola though...)

Annie Lennox – Cold Lyrics 15 years ago
The line "Dying is easy it's living that scares me to death" always makes me stubborn: dying can me hard to (when it takes a long time for example...)

Further I agree with feelgoodtime05

Rod Stewart – You Wear It Well Lyrics 15 years ago
Can't it just have been such a long time since he's been in touch with her that it's "time" that she wears well? Like she's getting older but not less atractive?

Dierks Bentley – Long Trip Alone Lyrics 15 years ago
Am I the only one who thinks about "the Lord's footsteps"?

It's Bentley that makes this song so amazing. I hope no one ever covers it - it isn't a cover is it?

Darryl Worley – Awful Beautiful Life Lyrics 15 years ago
I guess I just have to agree.

Darryl Worley – Too Many Pockets Lyrics 15 years ago
We have so much to choose from - walk into a supermarket and you see 100 brands of peanutbutter; how can you pick the best? How do you choose?
Sometimes this just drives me mad.

Btw, at other times I'm grateful I have the possibilities to make choices :-)

Darryl Worley – Those Less Fortunate Than I Lyrics 15 years ago
So true... speaks for itself doesn't it?

Darryl Worley – I Just Came Back (From A War) Lyrics 15 years ago
I can imagine this happening to me - my parents made me promise to turn 23 before joining the navy and I know it'll kill my dad when I do, but I still think it's what I should do.

Anyhow, if you're in the navy ýou will end up in a war someplace someday and fight for what you believe is freedom, for your country and/or at least for what you think is right, while the people there might not think this way: "'Cause I just came back from a place where they hated me and everything I stand for; A land where our brothers are dying for others who don't even care any more." When you experience something like this, it has to change you ... knowing it (as I do from the TV, news paper and songs like this) isn't the same as experiencing it.

Freedom has a price, and people are paying it every day...

Rod Stewart – Tom Traubert's Blues Lyrics 15 years ago
Don't know the meaning, but I do know that "Waltzing Mathilda" is quite a famous folk song in Australia.

WIKIPEDIA: "The refrain is based (almost word by word) on an old Australian folk hymn, "Waltzing Matilda", but has little in common with this song apart from this. In the Australian version, the term "Waltzing Matilda" means to roam the roads, to go walk-about. In Waits' version it seems to mean the hapless drinking and roaming of the modern small-time nomadic musician.

The origin of the song is somewhat ambiguous. The most plausible version, the sub-title of the track "Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen", seems to be that it is about a time that Waits spent in Copenhagen in 1976 while on a tour. There, he apparently met Danish singer Mathilde Bondo. In a 1998 radio interview, she confirmed that she met Waits and that they spent a night on the town together. This is also confirmed by Peter Sander. This version of the origin of the song is thus supported by the subtitle, the use of the name "Mathilda" (though spelt differently from the potential real-world inspiration) and the fact that Waits has on occasion introduced the song as "a song about throwing up in another country".

In an interview on NPR's World Cafe, aired December 15th 2006, Tom Waits states that Tom Traubert was a 'friend of a friend' that died in prison"

Tom Waits – Waltzing Mathilda Lyrics 15 years ago
I knew this song from Rod Stewart and loved it - then I found out that he had covered it as a tribute to his 'idol' Tom Waits and well ... that's something different :-). You can easily say that this song made me listen to Tom Waits and I learned to appreciate his music along the way.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Ain't That Unusual Lyrics 15 years ago
I think the people before me explained the song in itself, but to me it is a song which I put on when I'm not happy whit myself: "Put my heavy coat on for a while It's freezing in the corner of my mind" and "i'm burnt out on some empty reasons"
Then somehow, it makes me feel better - though the lyrics go the other way :) "Cuz I never heard a word you said now"

The Goo Goo Dolls – Different Light Lyrics 15 years ago
ehm... I mean chance instead of change... sorry, English isn't my native language...

The Goo Goo Dolls – Different Light Lyrics 15 years ago
Don't judge on first sight, don't judge on people's past - give them a change

The Goo Goo Dolls – Beat Me Lyrics 15 years ago
Sounds like a relationship in which the singer isn't in love but just enjoying, while the other partie is and he understands she's mad about this and let's her cool her anger (gently though...)
"I didn't love you
A million times
But now you love me
And it's a crime"
Still, though he didn't loved her (he didn't try even) she made him happy and probably still does...

The Goo Goo Dolls – Another Second Time Around Lyrics 15 years ago
Some troubled relationship that's for sure ... or well, I'm not sure it's a relationship...:S Anyhow, what get's me is the part "The fun of holding you down or seeing you frown is never gonna pass.
Somewhere there's a place a soul can never go"

The Fray – Without Reason Lyrics 15 years ago
It cuts right to the bones: "I don't want to live without reason" but I don't know what reason is wurth to live for...

LeAnn Rimes – Big Deal Lyrics 15 years ago
Great that someone made a song about this! "In love, so what, big deal" How it can hurt when people wanna talk about stuff like that all the time when you just try to forget...

Bruce Springsteen – How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? Lyrics 15 years ago
It makes me ask: "Tell me, how can a poor man stand such times and die" - let's do something about it. And then I don't know what something is...

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road Lyrics 15 years ago
"And my car's out back if you're ready to take that long walk from your front porch to my front seat
The door's open but the ride it ain't free" followed by "all promises will be broken" makes this an all right song to me ;)

Evanescence – All That I'm Living For Lyrics 15 years ago
I listen to these lines over and over again:
"Guess I thought I'd have to change the world
to make you see me
to be the one
I could have run forever"

Genesis – No Son Of Mine Lyrics 15 years ago
Phil Collins himself says this one that it is indeed about abuse by the father - it is deliberately left open whether it is upon the child and/or the mother.

Genesis – No Son Of Mine Lyrics 15 years ago
Something did go wrong there, how can you explain "I didn't think much about it
til it started happening all the time
soon I was living with the fear everyday
of what might happen that night" with the last explanation?

Alison Krauss – Let Me Touch You For A While Lyrics 15 years ago
It's sweet. But what does "I don't hardly know you" means: that she hardly knows him, that she don't know him or that she knows him quite well? It seems a bit double to me.
And I don't get the "You're drinking whiskey when it should be wine" - I mean, if you like whiskey more... but OK, if it goes as fast as wine you might get into trouble.

Armin Van Buuren – Yet Another Day Lyrics 15 years ago
I was taken by this song because of the lines "Left my notes upon the stair in the hope you wouldn't read them". Ofcourse the song on its own is quite good too, otherwise I wouldn't have been listening at all... but hey - it's Armin so it has to be :-)
I never made the link with suicide, not even after the music video. Just tought it was about a broken relation and someone who was quite depressed about that. I never took "Dying to see another day" so literally... makes sence though...

Kane – Rattlesnake Smile Lyrics 15 years ago
Love this song: "Do I look like something you can put in a fucking cage?"

Kane – One More Shot Lyrics 15 years ago
"I was kinda hoping you'd prove me wrong"

Kane – My Best Wasn't Good Enough Lyrics 15 years ago
"My best wasn't good enough" is such a sad thing - when you know you've given all but that's not enough... Makes you feel quite lousy...

Reba McEntire – His Name Was John Lyrics 15 years ago
I didn't know this was about Aids untill now, just thought she had quite a heartache... It makes more sence now though.

Incubus – Diamonds and Coal Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree with shazeea, though I do like the "now you’re seeing a side of me I wished no one ever would" and "we think too much" just because it is so true

Drive-By Truckers – Loaded Gun in the Closet Lyrics 15 years ago
I didn't think about that one yet, I always thought that gun was for her to put a hole in his head when he did something for which she couldn't love him anymore... That was his present to her for being always there for him, a security that he would be there for her too or he would be killed... Something like that.

Keith Urban – The Hard Way Lyrics 15 years ago
"You've got your own way of looking at it baby
I guess that proves that I got mine"
I use this line a lot.

Keith Urban – You're Not My God Lyrics 15 years ago
He is in rehab now (or just got out of it), so I guess this song means a lot to him.

Keith Urban – A Little Luck of Our Own Lyrics 15 years ago
"We can't roll a seven"
Very strong song, gives hope.
By the way, doesn't Kenny sing that rain can be sexy?

Kenny Chesney – Young Lyrics 15 years ago
I know you're as young as you feel you are, but when you've reached a certain age you have to show responsibility. I'd love to rebel, but i do have a clue... So it comes down to acting crazy once in a while instead of all the time :-)

Kenny Chesney – You Win, I Win, We Lose Lyrics 15 years ago
Paradox isn't it?!

Kenny Chesney – You Save Me Lyrics 15 years ago
Love it:
"Every now and then I get a little lost
My strings all get tangled, my wires all get crossed
Every now and then I'm right up on the edge
Dangling my toes out over the ledge"

Kenny Chesney – When She Calls Me Baby Lyrics 15 years ago
That first verse made me think about a girl who's only sweet when she needs something from her man, but the song turns out more positive.

Kenny Chesney – When I Think About Leaving Lyrics 15 years ago
"Crazy fights", yes that's the right word!

Kenny Chesney – When I Close My Eyes Lyrics 15 years ago
Open your eyes and find the girl ...
But then again I guess she isn't far away for nothing, man love is hard sometimes.

Kenny Chesney – (Turn Out the Light And) Love Me Tonight Lyrics 15 years ago
Just let it slide and enjoy - it can make you stronger.

Kenny Chesney – Turn For The Worst Lyrics 15 years ago
It makes me sad and a bit mad - first go left and then go right and take her with you man!
But I guess this isn't always possible, relations just turn out this way sometimes and it takes a lot to take that turn to the left (= right thing to do?) again.

Kenny Chesney – There Goes My Life Lyrics 15 years ago
It makes me feel the love I know my father feels for me, though he didn't gave me his american express :-)

Kenny Chesney – The Woman With You Lyrics 15 years ago
It means quite a lot to me, how should i explain... How you can be good at some things, bad in others. How you can have it made but still have bad days. How sometimes everythings seems to turn out the wrong way. But to know you're loved keeps you going, though sometimes.
And I myself often have this "look on her face sayin, don't say a word"

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