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The Dresden Dolls – The Perfect Fit Lyrics 11 years ago
To me, this is just a burnout song. She could do a lot of things, but she was so intelligent and far ahead of her peers that she started slacking off, and sleeping around. Now she realizes that she screwed up, but she just doesn't care enough to try to fix anything, although she knows she probably could. She just stays in a mediocre life, only able to handle the little things that she can fix. She just wants for once in her life, for there to be someone else that's on her level that she can trust to fix 'it', it being her heart, so she can move the fuck on.

Amanda Palmer – Eclectic Song Lyrics 11 years ago
Never heard it.
Love it anyway

3OH!3 – I Can't Do It Alone Lyrics 11 years ago
So, I'm thinking this is a friends with benefits gone wrong situation. It sounds like he got in way over his head with some girl with daddy issues and drug problems. He thought he was the shit "Smack it up, smack it up/If you act a bitch to me". He's arrogant and thinks the relationship means nothing until he realizes how messed up she is"Coked up, her body's all spun around/Oh yeah, yeah, she's really done it/And seein' her just isn't something I can stomach" and "There ain't nothing here that's valid/.../Over corpses of her long-lost fathers and her unborn daughters" screams daddy issues. It sounds like her dad walked out, and she became one of those easy girls looking to replace daddy's love with anyone's, hence the 'unborn daughters' abortion line. But "This ain't a love song". He clearly wants to help but doesn't know how to because she doesn't want to change,and "God dammit, I just can't do it alone". So less about love, more about wanting to be a halfway decent human being and help someone.

The Dresden Dolls – Dirty Business Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's about his badass manipulative chick that's kind of a 'poster girl' for all the wannabe's out there. I think that she's maybe mocking some people who may have tried to save her, 'to all the ones who tried the most', etc. I get a simultaneous mocking/warning vibe from this song, almost like it's a conversation back and forth between two friends where it sounds like teasing banter on the surface, but the non-skanky friend is like, 'seriously. she's cool, but she's crazy. stay away.' Either way, this has always been one of my favorite songs.

The Dresden Dolls – Dirty Business Lyrics 12 years ago
if you think less about chewing and more about it eating, it makes a lot more sense, lol.

Amanda Palmer – Leeds United Lyrics 12 years ago
First, I wanna say that i have no idea what the hell this song is actually about. Knowing Amanda, it might mean nothing at all, lol. But here's what I think.

I know this might sound overly simple, but after thinking about this for a while, I really think it's just about drowning yourself in tv and liqour after a shitty breakup. The 'double exes' line could be about some you maybe dated, broke up with, and then went back to again.

I think the whole 'whiter fences' thing is that maybe the person is in a sterotypical 'white picket fence' scenerio now, and maybe that type of thing.

'It's so polite, it's so polite, it's offensive' could be about how you see someone you used to be with and they treat you like they barely even know you and you've never been in their pants. The next line is just her reapeating how wrong the fakeness between them feels.

'we stalk you your expert double exes
we oxidize you in your sleep there's no exit there's no exit

you're on a roll you're on a roll no one gets it no one gets it
your honor no your honor can't you protect us, protect us'

I think this is about how maybe she's stll into him a little and is following him, and maybe he's in a position of power, but he's full of shit, and doesn't actually do his job properly, just getting by on charm. Maybe she was his mistress?
I have no idea what the chorus could possibly mean, but based on whether or not Leeds United, is actually a good team I think that 'someday, someday, leeds united' could be a metaphor about how someday he'll get what's coming to him.

'bugsy malone came to carry you home and they're taking you all to the doctor
burberry vices all sugary spices it's nice but it's not what i'm after'

Maybe she realizes that she's pregnant ang tries to tell him. He thinks she's trying to blackmail him, but she doesn't care about his money.

sure, i admire you
sure, you inspire me but you've been not getting back so

She's being sarcastic, talking about how full of himself he is.

i'll wait at the sainbury's countin my change making BANK on the upcoming roster

I think maybe she's betting on the games... or it could be like a fantasy football type thing that she's making some money off of...

and we'll stop you your expert double exes
oh yeah, a big stock holder extra cold with 2 X's

More sarcasm. She's drinking so much Exxtra Cold beer, to 'stop' her memories of him, that she feels like she could be a stockholder in the company.

that never talking thing you do is effective it's effective
your shoulder's icy colder-oh than a death wish than a death wish

He's being childish and not talking to her, hoping that it'll make her go away.

and obviously, all the who needs love when.... lines are all her trying to convince herself she doesn't need him.

Amanda Palmer – Oasis Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's odd that everyone has completely ignored the irony of the title. Amanda could have chosen any band for the title/lyrics in the song, and yet she chose Oasis. Regardless of whether or not she's (amanda's) actually a fan, the girl in the song is using the letter as a sort of oasis, something that makes it easier for her to say 'I don't care' about what happened to her, so she can get over it. Also, I don't think the song is about how dismissive youth is today about issues like abortion and rape. Amanda actually said in one of her blogs that it's the opposite, and about how she hated that in today's society, rape victims are portrayed as silently suffering victims who never move on from what happened to them. If you watch her facial expressions in the video, I think it's pretty obvious that she's mocking the 'hush hush' atomosphere that surrounds victims of sexual abuse. It's especially in these lines:
when i went to get tested
i brought along my best friend
melissa mahoney
who had once been molested

and she knew how to get there
she knew all the nurses
they were all really friendly

Sara Bareilles – Morningside Lyrics 13 years ago
i disagree... i think that it's someone she's known for a while, who really gets under her skin. and she knows it's a bad idea to be with him, but it's like she can't stop herself. (what does it mean you leave and i follow?) but that's just my take on it. : )

Say Anything – The Truth Is, You Should Lie with Me (feat. Joshua Sultan) Lyrics 13 years ago
i agree with coldvoltage. when the guy says,
"Let's keep that morningstar burning."
the moringstar is actually not a star at all, it's the planet Venus. and in christian mythology, Lucifer is reffered to as the morning star. so forbidden homosexual love= the devil.

Blue October – Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek Lyrics 14 years ago
well, the song is about sex with someone he shouldn't be having it with, that devolps into a bad relationship. Something that started
as sex without strings-
"Moving every inch around you/to diffuse your private bomb"

uh, can you say orgasm? but he cares for her-
"I stretch my self surrounding/And protecting you from harm"

it's some kinky stuff, but he takes care of her
"I use a wallet for your mouth/So when you bite you will not bleed"
her biting down on her lip to keep quiet, to keep them from being discovered

"I drilled a wire through my cheek/And let it down and out my sleeve/And now you’re pulling out the best of me/Yeah which never ever comes/This wire is all that’s left of me/And it's hooked within my gums, within my gums"

she wants more. and even though he knows he should stop, he's attaching them with the wire.

So drill it, so drill it, so hard i feel it…it’s Okay now (x2)

suddenly his 'no strings' sex comes with attachments, and he's using the pain as a way to feel something.

he's ashamed he's leading her on, but he's quite addicted to the sex.

"I hate to show I'd bleed for this/I cut myself to shame"
he's starting to really enjoy the pain of their 'relationship'.
he tells himself he's teaching her a lesson about life and love-
"To get to know who this masochist/Who’s stolen my first name/Pretending he’s a teacher/Holding all my weight at ease"

he's torn about what he should do and can't make a decision, because he knows he'll wind up hurt either way-
"But the teacher seems to split in two/Destroying both his knees"

“And now crawling I position myself /Below your broken wings/I lift your feathered left arm/Where you hide your heart from me”

he broke her. And now he’s taking the last thing she has left, her heart. And on a morbid side note, spread ribs look like the bones in a bird’s wings.

“I never noticed it was swollen/With a touch of brutal pain/I never knew a heart could live inside/The rust from all your rain, all your rain”
he’s been oblivious to how much he was hurting her. so much so that she’s been crying on the inside, ‘rusting’ the heart that he thought was so strong it was like metal. Dented, but never broken.

“Myself and i we share
This barely beating heart of hurt”

he feels bad about what he’s done to her, and he’s arguing with himself about whether he shoould leave her alone but-

“And when the hurt comes there’s an argument /A fight to save a smile/A small attack on human tears/To dry them for a while”

the whole situation is so absurd, that he can’t help but smile.

he’s dreaming about them having a functional relationship-
/A dream we all should count on /Yeah a vision I believe /And where confidence is found /Attached to wires on a sleeve/And where loneliness is history/Told to pack its shit and leave

Or a world where they don’t have to hide, and can show all their emotions, not just pain and lust.

“And when guidance is a fortune/Told to help in time of need/And where crying isn’t secret/It’s the art of how we grieve”

but in the in end… he can’t move beyond what he knows. He’s stuck in a cycle, and she’s dying on the inside. But he tells he that’s it alright, and she pretends to believe him.

“And lessons are the key/To every goal I will achieve, I will achieve/ So drill it, so drill it, so hard i feel it…it’s Okay now”
It’s just my rather long intepretation. but this is an amazing song. def my favorite.

The Dresden Dolls – The Gardener Lyrics 14 years ago
it's all about sex, and using people for your own desires. The Gardener is probably the lover and he's
'coming to collect' the price paid for love, in this case, sex. i also got the sadomachism thing too.

The Dresden Dolls – Girl Anachronism Lyrics 14 years ago
emo-tize me captain is referencing part of Bad Habit:
"i've tried vaseline
i've tried everything"
i don't know why he's doing it here tho.

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