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Death Cab for Cutie – Little Bribes Lyrics 11 years ago
glasses without prescription lenses

The Cribs – Be Safe Lyrics 11 years ago
I was thinking about it like this, mostly when I was trying to see how "Open all the boxes" fit in with any interpretation.

Oftentimes when a signficiant other leaves you, people pack everything that reminds them of that person in boxes and put them away somewhere. He's saying to open all the boxes, let those things back out into the light of day.

Whether he's gotten over the heartbreak is up for debate, but it seems like he wants those feelings, emotions, memories, and moments back in his life, not tucked away somewhere.

And after he says it once, he repeats himself over and over again, as with each box he opens he feels rejuvenated, alive, and waves of new emotions that he wants to keep opening boxes, both literal and metaphorical, of memories hes stashed away, probably both good and bad.

Or...I could be talking out my ass.

The Wombats – Little Miss Pipedream Lyrics 12 years ago
A pipe dream is a fantasy about a usually perfect situation. So Little Miss Pipedream is his imagining of this perfect girl.

Great song, one of the first that got me into Wombats

The Vandals – Euro-Barge Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah its about rude travelers in America, but the funny part is its like the Americans are complaining about what the rest of the world thinks of them in their countries.

The Aquabats – Theme Song Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, the show for NickJr is called Yo Gabba Gabba and has lots of musicians (even The Aquabats!) perform on it.

I also think their shooting a pilot for The Aquabats Super Show now, this is the perfect theme song! (i wonder why...)

Reel Big Fish – Uniform of Destruction (Suburban Rhythm Cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
one of my favorites by them. I know its not BY them, but it is a damn good cover, something RBF seems to do pretty consistently.

The Pillows – Subhuman Lyrics 12 years ago
he actually can speak english really well, i could make out most of the words.

the pillows really are great

Stroke 9 – Kick Some Ass Lyrics 13 years ago
i think its about just a nerdy guy from the suburbs (yah, im really clever for coming up with that) who actually gets mad a lot, but because of who he is, he cant really do anything about it, and he is kind of looking back and seeing that nothing was really bad, he was just a little stupid all that stuff

but i agree with everyone else here, darkpenguin is right

Against Me! – The Ocean Lyrics 13 years ago
i think the part about heaven being in the water means he wishes that heaven could be in everyone and apart of everyone on earth. its seems like he thinks its a bit sealed off

i agree that the second verse is probably about how he thinks about how things might've been completely different if something in his life was changed. touring with a successful band is a lot different than raising a family

Anti-Flag – Want An Anarchy? Lyrics 13 years ago
i think the way they explained anarchy makes a lot of sense (its not in this sogn). they say that anarchy is essentially the greatest form of government, kind of like communism. but like communism, stupid and greedy people get in the way, and destory the whole idea. that being said, anarchy would make those stupid and greedy people do things like kill, steal, rape, etc. so people would come together to survive. those people would form groups, and towns, and eventually it would be a new begining of government. so anarchy will never work as long as people live on this earth.

listening to this song, then listening to their newwer ones really show you how much they have grown up. and whoever it was that said anarchists dont drink is also wrong because you cant group everyone together. maybe some anarchists do drink, some do drugs, some are straightedge. this song isnt about them "wanting" to do any of those things, its the same as them saying that kids who cant vote yet could go to war. they are just pointing out the things that are wrong with this country and that these are the things that need to be changed first in order for an anarchy to be formed.

Atom and His Package – Pumping Iron For Enya Lyrics 13 years ago
haha i love this song

and it shows hes really smart, the song is also sometimes called Pumping Iron (FE) or Pumping (FE) For Enya

(FE = For Enya and FE = chemical symbol for Iron)

Descendents – All-O-Gistics Lyrics 14 years ago
can someone post the lyrics to the full song, the speaking part in the begining and the awsome part at the end, those are the best parts and i cant find them

The Ergs – 180º Emotional Ollie Lyrics 14 years ago
great song in all, and i dont know if this is where they got the title, but i heard them say it on The Simpsons (the one with Tony Hawk)

My Chemical Romance – Astro Zombies (Misfits cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
this version really blows, the misfits version is way better

Bouncing Souls – East Coast Fuck You Lyrics 14 years ago
east coast is the best part of the US, and i live really near where the bouncing souls are from, and everything they say about it is true

Atom and His Package – Mustache T.V Lyrics 14 years ago
i love this song, i listen to it when i feel bad and even started putting a mustache on my tv!

but who is josh mills?

Lifetime – Young, Loud, And Scotty Lyrics 14 years ago
i thought they were happier lyrics by listenign to the song, but its still pretty cool reading this.

do you think theres any connection with the song name (Young, Loud, And Scotty) and the Dead Boys album (Young, Loud, And Snotty)?

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – If 6 Was 9 Lyrics 14 years ago
i started thinking of it in the sexual way and started thinking he meant that instead of the 69 (just sex) he meant just 2 people together or holding eachother, things being more intimate

Good Clean Fun – Ex-Straightedge-Ex Lyrics 14 years ago
everytime we hear this song, my friends and i make a game of it by continuing the song, ill start

i used to have an emo girlfriend, shes not emo anymore, now that we're not together shes my ex-emo-ex

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