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Van Morrison – Slim Slow Slider Lyrics 12 years ago
You can spend alot of time trying to tie specific meanings to the songs on Astral Weeks, pinning places and metaphors together, trying to create a narrative storyline and ahcieve a definite understanding. Fact is though, youre never going to achieve a satisfactory result because Morrison wrote some of these peices as a 'stream of consiousness' not 'even thinking about what he wrote' (Ritchie Yorke, Van Morrison Biographer) whilst others were 'composites...of conversations...movies, newspapers, books' and are 'totally fictional' (Van Morrison, NPR Interview).

I think a better approach to understanding the works is to ditch the narrative, like you would when reading a non-linear books (Ulysses for example). Feel the words, feel the music, and derive your meaning from that. Approach it a bit the way you would a dream - things are not what they seem, but they are exactly what they feel (to each person individually).

"The songs are poetic stories, so the meaning is the same as always–timeless and unchanging. The songs are works of fiction that will inherently have a different meaning for different people. People take from it whatever their disposition to take from it is." (Van Morrison, to Randy Lewis).

Van Morrison – Sweet Thing Lyrics 12 years ago
dont know if he is referring to an afterlife, but this song makes me believe in heaven every time I hear it. The most beautiful thing I ever heard.

Bruce Springsteen – This Hard Land Lyrics 14 years ago
I think he is referring to Germantown in Philly. Liberty hall is in Texas. It was a concert venue, where Bruce played in 1974. Check out
for more info on it.
I really like this song, it has a dual feel to it - somehow it belongs to this time and to an earlier one. I suppose it has a folk song element to it. My favourite verses are the last two.

Bruce Springsteen – Blood Brothers Lyrics 14 years ago
For me its about gorwing up. How the daily grind erodes and chips away at you, but deep inside that little core of belief, dream, hope, lives on. Just as the people who you have forged, and rekindled, those dreams with, live on inside you, even if you are impossibly far apart. Its heartbreaking and beautiful.

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