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Tegan and Sara – The Con Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm going to buy this, just for this song at least.
I haven't heard the others.

Alexisonfire – Little Girls Pointing And Laughing Lyrics 10 years ago
Just the title of the songs sounds like a nerd boy asking out a popular girl.
But it has nothing to do with anything.

Love Arcade – Sara Lyrics 10 years ago
^ Best song of theirs. To me, at least. Along with Party XD

Love Arcade – Keep It Comin' Lyrics 10 years ago
Metaphor part is lol.
I love them!

Art Brut – Formed A Band Lyrics 10 years ago
die your hair black
never look back
my past is my business

He's smarter than he sounds.

Art Brut – Good Weekend Lyrics 10 years ago
I love it, best lazy day song ever.

The Rapture – Whoo Alright Yeah Uh huh Lyrics 10 years ago
Haha. at. lyrics.
But yes, this song is okay.

Wheatus – Truffles Lyrics 11 years ago
LOL Truffles.
Yeah this song is awesome.

They like Iron Maiden.

Mae – Sometime I Can't Make It Alone Lyrics 11 years ago
I'm seeing them live soon...
This song sounds nice but I'm not into it enough to even start to think of what it means :/

Train – Al I Reaching You Now Lyrics 11 years ago
The chicks walked all over him and the relationship and he isn't putting up with it any more.
She thinks he adores her, which he does, but she's used him too much.

Now that she has started to tear them apart he's just going to finish it before he's wrecked

Or something like that.

Paramore – Here We Go Again Lyrics 11 years ago
Reassuring your/herself that everything will be okay if you never see that person ever again.

I'll write you just to let you know, that I'm alright.
I would say its telling them you don't care but you obviously still do a bit by writing to them :/

Beautiful song though.

Nirvana – Rape Me Lyrics 11 years ago
Use me friend.
Use me like a doormat and don't clean up after yourself.

The Higher – Pace Yourself Lyrics 11 years ago
Bit in love with this song.

The Higher – Our Movie Rules Lyrics 11 years ago
Its a nice flow song.

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek Lyrics 11 years ago
Seems like resting and thinking.
If all the drama's done and your thinking of leaving.

Maybe being in limbo before death and after life.

No idea really, just my speculation.

Also makes me think of aboriginals
"they were here first"

The Exploited – Punks Not Dead Lyrics 11 years ago
^ I thought everyone knew that?

Blink-182 – Carousel Lyrics 11 years ago
Eh sounds like being dumped by someone who cared for you and realizing you have no life skills.
Its not my analysis of the song but it just relates to that for me.

Lady Sovereign – Love Me or Hate Me Lyrics 11 years ago
Go on then, go on report me
I'm English, try and deport me

I love her. And i listen to ... everything but rap usually.

Wheatus – Lemonade Lyrics 11 years ago
I'm obviously doing something wrong if it would compel you to cheat.
I thought you would be the one i would grow old with but your too busy sucking off someone else's lemonade.

Thats my interpretation, short but whatever.

The White Stripes – Jolene (Dolly Parton cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
Jack makes this song whole.

The Fratellis – For The Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
Stone Roses i reckon.
Guns doesn't fit as much...but it could be.

The Fratellis – Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night Lyrics 11 years ago
^ I don't think its a reference.
The red light is a popular phrase.

Its about a whore, like has been said.
And i think the guy went and told all his mates he made her cry...but yeah prostitutes usually break down all the time anyway.

Love Arcade – Moses Lyrics 11 years ago
Derives from their usual style.
I like it, but it reminds me of an un-favorable pop-star whom shall remain unnamed.

Its a beautiful song and i think its about losing faith and because of that you get a feeling of disappointment.
First time hearing this song right now, and i barely skimmed over the lyrics.

Love Arcade – Sara Lyrics 11 years ago
Think about meeting up with Sara again when he comes back to find where he went wrong and to get his life on track.

Foo Fighters – The Pretender Lyrics 11 years ago
Who are you miss Courtney?
Just a theory our radio stations own.

The Grates – I Am Siam Lyrics 11 years ago
Bleeding gums no teathing
Bleeding gums *are teathing

It reminds me of the story of the little christmas tree.
That was always too little to be cut down.

But that may just be a result of their album art.

The Vines – Don't Listen To The Radio Lyrics 11 years ago
It could be, but I'm sort of doubtful.
They are banned from a few TV Music Shows now too, for trashing a set once.

Don't listen to the radio, tv shows and all that jazz because it will wreck your perspective and take away your own views and beliefs.
For example, thinking the Vines were over with because they were pulled from local media.

Forgive Durden – Caelestis Lyrics 11 years ago
He's been through hell.
And he's hoping that this person will snap him back to life.

Is my guess after reading humhallelujah's comment

The Higher – Histriock My Body Lyrics 11 years ago
^ Bwaha, everyone makes mistakes.

Slayer – Piece By Piece Lyrics 11 years ago
Could be like the life of Ed Gein, metaphorically speaking.
But could be reading too deep into the lyrics.
Slayer likes to get to the point, rather than divert attention with minimalistic side-stories.

Silverchair – Ana's Song (Open Fire) Lyrics 11 years ago
Ana will take it all, no matter how much you need it to survive.

Lovehatehero – Goodbye My Love Lyrics 11 years ago
It's pretty cool.
This is the first time I've heard the song...
The lyrics pretty much explain themselves.

It's good, i think I'll like this band.
A member is in Escape the Fate now right?

Escape the Fate – Dragging Dead Bodies In Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills Lyrics 11 years ago
Going on from what emilylouise said:
Friendship taken for granted.

Escape the Fate – As You're Falling Down Lyrics 11 years ago
Found them from a friend.
Seeing them live in October i think :)

Good Charlotte – Keep Your Hands Off My Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't think it sounds like CAKE...

HG is a brand of clothing?

I remember when they used to be "the boys around the street", and now they are brand-buyers, living lifestyles of the rich and famous, and it sucks - its like they forgot where they came from.

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me Lyrics 11 years ago
I'm another 16 year old. But i grew up to older music.
I really don't think its such a great deal if you listen to whatever and how old you are.
Nobody really cares if you think your awesome just because you can name-drop.

I like their other stuff more than this song, but this song is alright.
They could have put a bit more energy into it.

We all know what this song is about anyway.

The Used – The Bird and the Worm Lyrics 11 years ago
It reminds me of bullying.

Foo Fighters – Darling Nikki (Prince cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
Very catchy.
Now i feel like sex with Nikki.

Rihanna – Umbrella Lyrics 11 years ago
Lean on me when things get tough kind of song ^_^
I love it.

Avril Lavigne – The Best Damn Thing Lyrics 11 years ago
Every song has Hey Hey in it somewhere.
I like the CD, but somehow i think she 'could do better'

Mindless Self Indulgence – Apple Country Lyrics 11 years ago
i feel like i'm surrounded by technological hippies.
Which is somewhat of a contradiction.

The Higher – Histriock My Body Lyrics 11 years ago
Found out the way that he moved,
Found out the way that he tasted,
Then he ripped the seams right from her lips

reminds me muchly of the used.

Great song though, amazing!

Daniel Bedingfield – James Dean (I Wanna Know) Lyrics 11 years ago
Ahh i just went spazz trying to find when and where Daniel Bedingfield died, but then i re-read this and see you wrote James Dean GAH.

Anyway, this song is great, heard it for the first time in agess today while going through my old CD's.
I don't think i've ever skipped this song.

Cute Is What We Aim For – The Curse of Curves Lyrics 11 years ago
Guy wants a girl for who she is - not her curves
But its so hard when shes shallow as a shower.

The Used – Bulimic Lyrics 11 years ago
Throwing up all that was waste.
For me, Its drugs.
Although i think the song takes on its own meaning to each person.
Metaphoric song, like emily infinity stated..whatever is bad is being said goodbye to

Saliva – Always Lyrics 12 years ago
I think its about abuse.
Does it make you feel
more like a man

The boyfriend abusing the girl. Makes more sense to me that way.

Tool – Aenema Lyrics 12 years ago
/If/ the day after tomorrow /was/ a masterpeice, this song would feature.

Nirvana – Rape Me Lyrics 12 years ago
Rape me, i'm not the only one.
Rape used to be in special cases only.
Now its like a news trend.

Slayer – Piece By Piece Lyrics 12 years ago
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, does seem to fit.
No Emotion
Death Is All I See
is that a want or need for flesh?
Leatherface needed it.
Is it the same in the song?

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