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Incubus – If Not Now, When? Lyrics 9 years ago
im sad the album doesnt come with lyrics. this song is beautiful. def a great start to the album! it gives me the same kind of trance feeling like aqueous transmission does. brandon's voice is just hypnotic... to me this song just makes me want to do everything that ive been holding back. to live life to the fullest because if not now, when will i?

Mark Hoppus – In Transit Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is awesome. one of the best on the almost alice cd. still trying to figure out how it relates to the movie...

question though, does pete wentz acutally sing part of the song?

Death Cab for Cutie – The New Year Lyrics 11 years ago
Amen to that sailesh.
Describes my new year almost perfectly

Atreyu – Falling Down Lyrics 11 years ago
atreyu is awesome no matter what.
the music video is sick too. its a spoof on the outsiders. gotta love it =)

The Verve – Judas Lyrics 12 years ago
its just a random idea but it could possibly be a reference to Judas Iscariot from the Bible. he betrayed Jesus and then felt horrible for causing his death; so Judas hanged himself. idk how it would tie into the song, but it's the only Judas i could think of. any other ideas?

The Raconteurs – The Switch and the Spur Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is awesome. dunno if it really means anything but its def. a cool story. especially the ending. gotta love jack white.

Blink-182 – I Won't Be Home for Christmas Lyrics 13 years ago
hah yeahh. my bdays the day after xmas too. it sucks bcuz everyones llike ohh merry xmas happy bday heres one gift but thats only some of my family... anyways this song is madd funny and i cant stop listening to it "this time of year". =)

Chevelle – Well Enough Alone Lyrics 14 years ago
what is he saying in the beginning? is he just screaming or it sounds like hes saying "SO"

Linkin Park – Given Up Lyrics 14 years ago
oh and by the way the chorus is:
i've given up
i'm sick of living
is there nothing you can say
take this all away
i'm suffocating
tell me what the fuck is wrong with me

some of the other lyrics are wrong like its supposed to be "looking for help somehow somewhere and you don't care" its not "and no one cares"

Linkin Park – Given Up Lyrics 14 years ago
okay so this is one of my favorite songs on the new cd. i actually like that this cd is totally different than the other ones. all of their other albums were amazing dont get me wrong but the songs started to sound alike afer awhile. but i love the change and i love chester singing (and screaming) a lot more in this one.

so i think this song is about someone stuck in a situation that they cant get out of. and they try but its too hard so they have just given up on trying and just dont wanna take it anymore and they want someone to help them get out but the person doesnt care or doesnt want to help. thats my interpretation of it. i kinda relate it to myself but as LP sed: u can interprate the songs any way u want.

Linkin Park – Get Through Lyrics 14 years ago
okay so yeah this song is called Leave Out All the Rest.

HIM – Buried Alive By Love Lyrics 14 years ago
i agree with you exiled and i dont get why people would think you are quiff. whats the sense of creating multiple accounts if he can just diss them all back on one. i also think its kinda ridiculous that people have been arguing with quiff for over two years. thats a long freakin time...

so yeah i dont really listen to HIM that much i mean sometimes ill listen to a song on a whim or something but i dont think theyre the worst out there.

so i think this song is about how a guy loves someone so much that its killing him inside because they are not loved back and how theyre saying that love brings out pain. so these lyrics are good but not the best but it definetly shows emotion.

Babyshambles – La Belle et la Bête Lyrics 14 years ago
kcsongbird... how is this song "cute"? i mean yeahh theres good riffs and the lyrics are amazing as all of pete's are but drugs are not cute so this song is not cute.

Babyshambles – Fuck Forever Lyrics 14 years ago
well i think this song can be about really whatever you wanna "fuck forever" but it can also be about love. pete can be saying that love isnt forever so just fuck it. fuck love, fuck forever just fuck it cuz things dont last. idk thats one of the meanings i got from it.

(+44) – No It Isn't Lyrics 14 years ago
this is a really messed up song showing how tom was the cause of blink splitting up. cuz travis and mark couldnt stand tom anymore so they decided everything was over and all they had worked for was now gone "lets slit our wrists and burn down something beautiful" but then after they broke up mark and travis were happy they had started a new band... idk its messed up && blink was way better and will always be way better than AVA and +44

Blink-182 – Here's Your Letter Lyrics 14 years ago
ok so this is what i think the song is about...
In the beginning hes lying alone in bed or something in the dark thinking about the relationship he has with his girl... He remembers her voice and what her face looks like and then he gets carried away with his thoughts...he doesnt like the way things are working out in the relationship and hes wondering how to fix things and he just needs more time. then hes thinking of how to apologize for all the shit hes sed and done but he doesnt know what to do so his world is crashing down around him. hes up all night looking at his ceiling thinking if she feels the same way about the relationship and realizing that he just needs more time to think...
blink is amazing there lyrics are amazing... period.

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