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Bush – Comedown Lyrics 13 years ago
i totally agree with boss2k...
After this wonderful thing, whatever it may be, was taken away from you, suddenly, and you just hate letting go of it("its taken me all this time to find out what i need")

The Goo Goo Dolls – Long Way Down Lyrics 13 years ago
"take another piece of me
give my mind a new disease"
i think he is somewhat addicted to this girl, and he knows she doesn't want him but he is going a little insane, therefore the things she does lead him to believe she wants him too.

Dave Matthews Band – The Space Between Lyrics 14 years ago
"The space between" is portrayed in many different ways in this song such as, The laughter that keeps them coming back for more, the bullets in their firefight, etc. Basically these people previously had such a pure love that it might have been a friendship. The person being sung about doesn't have any time for the other person, thus they are being ignored. Dave Matthews reminisces about how they would laugh, how they had so many memories but they were lost along the way. He doesn't want to get hurt ("safe from the pain") so he also stays away from the person who he used to be so close to but is now ignoring him and can't find time for him.
That's my take on it.

Coldplay – Clocks Lyrics 14 years ago
In this song Chris Martin suggests that he has almost an air of hopelessness, but in this song he tries so hard to solve this a problem without a name. His efforts are futile. "Lights go out and I cant be saved, tides that I've tried to swim against..." Notice the "lights go out" part. This is what triggers his problem, whatever it might be. "Closing walls and ticking clocks" suggests he is further going under and losing the battle, but he is struggling so much with this problem that he forgets what side he's on, "the cure or the disease."

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