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Emiliana Torrini – I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You Lyrics 14 years ago
trying not to fall in love but when she tries too hard, she focuses too much on the person and in the end still inevitably falls in love- exactly what she didnt want in the first place.

Bright Eyes – Lua Lyrics 14 years ago
i agree with those who said this song is not only about one major thing.

the first stanza talks about the life of someone who is a star, who goes to famous parties but which has become such a routine: "Julie knows a party at SOME actor's loft."
and he isn't enjoying the party at all and is there more for the substance (alcohol, drugs) they provide and is upset that theyre gone by morning (addiction.)

2nd, is about lonliness and how no one's gonna be there for him all the time so he has to be "his own best friend." he also yearns to be wanted and known, hence the "mask he polishes." however, it is not him at all and he is disgusted by himself in the morning ("looks like shit")

3rd, is a fling with someone who has already been hurt by previous lovers, and he cant be bothered to lift her heavy heart because he doesn't really love her. "you can count on me to split, my love wont exist in the morning."

4th, is about bulimia and fitting in. "youre looking skinny like a model with your eyes painted black, keep going to the bathroom saying you ll be right back."
the black eyes are due to the makeup and the skinniness and bathroom, bulimia. (because she wants to fit in)

5th, substance abuse. he tries not to get too deep into it but he needs help and support. "if you promise to stay conscious i'll try and do the same." he doesnt mind abusing because he feels that the temporary high he gets is "all the pain killed."

6th, after going through so much, he isnt sure anymore what started all this trouble in the first place. there are no more reasons for anything, but the depression and bad feelings always stayed.

and my favourite:
"what was simple by the moonlight, in the morning never is."

in the night people do things that they might not even recognise or acknowledge when morning comes. this might refer to one night stands, or being someone youre not at some party because you need to fit in, etc. there are a lot of different contexts you can fit into this sentence.

the lyrics are amazing.

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