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The Cure – Faith Lyrics 13 years ago
There's a common saying "faith moves mountains" and here we have the line:

But the mountain never moves...

He implies that even faith somehow failed... but seemingly, at the end the only thing that he has is faith...
a light at the end of the tunnel??

The Cure – The Figurehead Lyrics 13 years ago
to me the most important words in this song were always:

Freshly squashed fly
You mean nothing
You mean nothing

i associate them with the title "the figurehead" (dictionary told me that :
figurehead-someone who has the position of leader in an organization but who has no real power) I figured that Robert described human life in general- we think we have power over our lifes, but in fact it's all bullshit. we are as important as this poor fly- we mean nothing.
very strong words, just like many others in the whole Pornography album

additionally, it reminds me of depeche mode song "fly on the windscreen" :)
The Cure was first:D

The Cure – Labyrinth Lyrics 13 years ago
I think that the title explains everything. a person feels he is in a "Labyrinth". totally lost, confused, desperate.
What he sees in the present, has no connection with what he remembers from the past. well, maybe I'm overstating a little, but it makes me think of... Ariadne's thread. As long as we hold the thread, we feel safe. Apparently the times (or he) have changed too quickly and he got lost.
Anyway I think that He has changed, that torments much stronger.

The Cure – Just Like Heaven Lyrics 13 years ago
"Show me how you do that trick
The one that makes me scream" she said
"The one that makes me laugh" she said

I don't know how you people figured these lines are about sex... To me it's just about ...tricks. These little tricks that make every relationship unique and beautiful. Whether it is kissing stomach, funny gesture, a wink or a word whispered right to your ear. Something that only you and your partner understand, your personal language, your little secrets.
ohh, I believe that these tricks are far more important in relationships that sex... tricks are more unique.
And that's why I love this song. Sooo much

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