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Patrick Wolf – The City Lyrics 10 years ago
I was lost
Until that night we kissed
Give it up
A life, oh darling, not this
You want more
Than the hell this city lets you down

i don't think this is correct. i hear:

i was lost
until that night we kissed
given up on life
oh darling know this
you're worth more than how this city lets you down

Bat for Lashes – Pearl's Dream Lyrics 11 years ago
sorry it took me so long to correct these lyrics... can people with the vinyl ensure that the ones i have now are right? :)

Patrick Wolf – The Halcyon Lyrics 11 years ago

this will answer your question!

it's a song for a disney soundtrack, as far as we know.

Patrick Wolf – The Sun Is Often Out Lyrics 11 years ago
sorry, i transcribed these from a live version. when the album's released i'll post up the real lyrics.

Arthur And Yu – Lion's Mouth Lyrics 12 years ago
thank you for posting these!

Art in Manila – The Sweat Descends Lyrics 13 years ago
cover of a les savy fav song. i would say it's more 'one cocksure fox' than 'one cock, sure fox'. the lyrics are slightly different to the lsf version (fuck my tongue vs check my tongue) but it's still hot as hell.

Patrick Wolf – The Stars Lyrics 14 years ago
"i remember getting lost on the way back from the last show, somewhere in the south of england, stepping off the tour bus in the middle of nowhere, thinking 'what are we doing here? i want to see my family, my friends,' and, exasperated, i lifted my face to the night sky and for the first time in months, i saw the stars. you know when you've been so busy, just keeping your eyes fixed on the road in front of you and suddenly it stops? it's my family's favourite, but for people listening it is different. they have their own moments. when i played 'stars' to my mum, she thought it was about the time when we were six - or at least, i was six, she wasn't - and we were out in the countryside and saw a shooting star. and that's my mum. people who don't know me at all will place different virtues and memories on things that i write."

Patrick Wolf – Demolition Lyrics 14 years ago
this song makes me cry, it's so perfectly bittersweet. i even cried when i saw it twice, live. it just does something to me i can't explain.

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