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Latterman – Doom! Doom! Doom! Lyrics 11 years ago
it's hard to tell anymore, because of when matt came out and said "all people ever get from our songs is friendship, how fucking boring is that? like no shit friendships are important but that's not the message we were trying to convey." or something along those lines.

The Friday Night Boys – Suicide Sunday Lyrics 11 years ago
my impression is a really bad hangover.

"So tell me where we were and what we did last night,
Were there really fireworks up in the sky?
Does it even matter?"

absolutely trashed and have no idea what happened the night before.

Fight Fair – Brain Freeze Lyrics 12 years ago
OOP means out of print, which basically means a rare record/vinyl.
And as for the other line, thats what it said on their myspace so I'm pretty sure it's right.

The Ataris – Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A Lyrics 13 years ago
Clerks reference!
Awesome fun song about being young.
And the A.K reference is definetly a reference to It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube. I doubt it would be "also-known", because you say AKA for that. I'd say it'd just be a song he remembers back from the early 90's along with Clerks, just memories from when they were kids.

Latterman – "I Decided Not To Do Them" Lyrics 13 years ago
i miss these boys :'(

Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever Lyrics 13 years ago
Closed Heart Surgery (emo-hip hop dudes) sampled this in one of their songs, so good.

Punchline – Why Is He Right? Lyrics 13 years ago
I thought at the end I could hear "If I don't wake up next to you, I'm gonna run to you, I hope you're there.."
I'm probably wrong though.

Latterman – Video Games And Fantasy Novels Are Fucking Awesome! Lyrics 13 years ago
Pretty sure they're saying 'BIKE TUFF'.

Hot Water Music – I Was on a Mountain Lyrics 13 years ago
I feel stupid for saying that before. XD

Just Surrender – Your Life and Mine Lyrics 13 years ago
Colt 45 is a brand of beer I believe, and it's called that cause they used to sell it in 45oz cans.

The Vandals – I Have A Date Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah it's by orignally by Simpletones, I think that's what they're called, however this version is SOOOO much better.

Set Your Goals – Latch Key Lyrics 13 years ago
JessiTheRiveter on 03-12-2007 @ 08:07:40 PM
"Matterman, its funny that you say that you can see it being about a girl because so many people falsly interperated this song to being about a girl that they actually wrote a song about it entitled "This Song Is Deffinently Not About A Girl." "

I know. Looking back I realise it's about a dead beat parent, but if you actually read my comment I said it could be easily interpreted as being about a girl, not that I thought that.
"it could easily be interpreted as being about a girl BUT i think its just about friendship problems, a falling out with an old friend or sometihng like that. "

And now I've changed my opinion anyway, but I didn't think it was about a girl, just that people could see it that way, as their song goes.

Set Your Goals – Mutiny Lyrics 13 years ago
xxhomeoapathyxx on 05-10-2007 @ 05:18:05 AM
"ok regardless of whether or not fallout boy are sellouts, let's just get one thing straight: fallout boy is a shitty band. they suck. period. the only good thing they ever did in the world was help lifetime get a new album out. bleh. "


Millencolin – Devil Me Lyrics 13 years ago
I love this song. So simple and great, just about all the simple things that make his life worth living. Go Nikola!

Set Your Goals – Echoes Lyrics 13 years ago
can't wait till they make the video for this. the acoustic version is also really good if you get a chance to hear it.
i so wanna see them live, i messaged them on myspace and they said that they're hopefully gonna come down to australia sometime soon so i hope that happens!!

Blink-182 – Josie Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is definetly one of my favourites, pretty straightforward. i want a josie!

Blink-182 – Story of a Lonely Guy Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah I'm shit with girls too, and I know the girl I like doesn't know I exist. And I'm just too nervous to go up to her. My life story I guess.

I miss Blink, their old and new stuff. I would say the album I wasn't that fond of was the self titled. TOYPAJ was pretty good imo, even though people seem to see it as when they started to go shit.

Blink-182 – M+M's Lyrics 13 years ago
i just have a feeling m+m's is a random title, like apple shampoo. i could be wrong though.

Bigwig – The Girl In The Green Jacket Lyrics 13 years ago
fucking kick ass song, i can totally relate too.

I try not to stare at you
but I just couldn't help
just one look at you
the cheese melted off my scalp
well she was taken,
much to my regret
oh well, hell, fuck it all!
the girl in the green jacket!

that best sums up my situation, not sure if the chick im thinking of wears a green jacket though. but still!

Sayanything – Alive with the glory of love Lyrics 13 years ago
love or lust during the holocaust. i didnt even realise about the meaning until i heard it on scrubs and listened to it again and looked at the lyrics. treblinka was one of the worst death camps, and he also makes that reference to the ghetto (where the jews were kept). id like to think that hes saying that even in the darkest times love can come through, or something can give them some relief.

Say Anything – Alive with the Glory Of Love Lyrics 13 years ago
how is it ripping off 'this charming man' at all? i havent heard it but i looked up the lyrics and it has nothing to do with the holocaust?

Punchline – Lemon Pez Love Lyrics 13 years ago
i finally found this on soulseek! such a rad song! pez owns as much as punchline do!

Kisschasy – Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night Lyrics 13 years ago
I dunno about the song, but with the video if you look at it its basically a metaphor for our politics and stuff. George Bush and Tony Blair are the two heads of everything, whereas Australia represented by Howard is in the back seat and just a tag along, and we aren't respected as much by them. Then at the end of the day (when Bush runs to Cheney), we see that Bush cares more about his own than those who he makes out to be his friends.

Just my opinion anyway.

Punchline – Coldest of Calendars Lyrics 13 years ago
I like that last one ^, agreed but not necessarily someone unreal, maybe like a girl he works with or sees everywhere but doesn't have the nerve to talk to. Maybe.

Punchline – Caller 10 Lyrics 13 years ago
I love Punchline, 37 Everywhere is such a great album. The reason for the title is because of a few of the guys' obsession with the number, theres a page about it on Fueled By Ramen I think, basically saying how they've noticed the number everywhere and they think it's weird. So the '37' reference in this song is more of a reference to this obsession.

I can't really add much new, it's about a guy and a girl who are clearly right for each other, but neither of them realise it yet. I like the "fate can only take you so far" bit, totally agreed with the meaning, that fate can bring you to someone but you actually have to work it all out.

The Vandals – Happy Birthday To Me Lyrics 13 years ago
its my birthday today too! no tip! its my birthday!
happy birthday to me!

Hot Water Music – I Was on a Mountain Lyrics 13 years ago
I was sure i heard this on an all covers punk radio show, but i cant seem to find any original version. hmm.

The Riverboat Gamblers – Don't Bury Me... I'm Still Not Dead Lyrics 13 years ago
I love this song. Pretty much the same as the last comment, a song that screams seize the day or something like that. like stand up and make your voice heard. totally awesome!

The Ataris – I Won't Spend Another Night Alone Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm pretty sure it's just him extending the word "naaa-aaaa-aaaa-mee". But i could be wrong.

Set Your Goals – Echoes Lyrics 14 years ago
stealing song names? theres like 100 songs called echoes for starters, and echoes isnt the most uncommon word in the world. set your goals rule.

Set Your Goals – Latch Key Lyrics 14 years ago
it think its missing a bit. it could easily be interpreted as being about a girl but i think its just about friendship problems, a falling out with an old friend or sometihng like that.

Buzz Poets – Angel Eyes Lyrics 14 years ago
this song i beautiful. its a really sad story about dave, distorted penguins rule. rip man!

Blink-182 – Hope (Descendents cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
i havent heard this yet but i'd like to, but honestly i agree Jakebert. Descendents = legends. Tom has an alright voice at times but he can't do this better than milo

Blink-182 – A New Hope Lyrics 14 years ago
beautiful lyrics :)

MC Lars – Hot Topic Is NOT Punk Rock Lyrics 14 years ago
i agreee that punk is a culture that is unique, and about being yourself and theres no set style or anything but there is definetly a line of punk and not punk, and how hot topic exploit teenagers and the scene to make money.

Set Your Goals – Flight Of The Navigator Lyrics 14 years ago
Dude, no comments? Sheesh. This song is killer, obviously about the fans and them showing their appreciation to them for being there and making their time on the road, away from their families and friends, an awesome one.

Set Your Goals – Dead Men Tell No Tales Lyrics 14 years ago
i agree, this fits in so perfectly before mutiny

Set Your Goals – To Be Continued... Lyrics 14 years ago
SoCo are an amazing band, just like this band. Much love for this song

Set Your Goals – Mutiny Lyrics 14 years ago
they make great music, still with a hardcore influence. its not like theyre trying to be like fall out boy and get their faces all over mtv or anything

Set Your Goals – An Old Book Misread Lyrics 14 years ago
then why the fuck are you on this page dipshit?

Punchline – A Beautiful Green Lyrics 14 years ago
i dig this song, slow and doesnt really hit anything special but really nice and mellow, and i love the chorus, so simple but really nice.

Brain Failure – Listen To My Back Lyrics 14 years ago
ah i see, i get what this means now, mainly because of the explanation on their myspace.

its about how xiao rong hears peoples conversations when he's out in public, this song is set in a hotpot restaurant and hes listening in on some peoples conversations.

listen to my back is referring to how hes listening to people behind him.

Brain Failure – Coming To The USA Lyrics 14 years ago
straightforward really, just them going to play in the states. great song as usual, really looking forward to their split with big d and the kids table.

Brain Failure – Listen To My Back Lyrics 14 years ago
i really have no clue what this is about, their english skills dont help really. fucking awesome song though! beijing punk rock!!

Brain Failure – Stay Free Lyrics 14 years ago
brain failure lyrics are hard to find. why is nobody commenting on these!? awesome band.

i think this song is fairly straightforward, just about a girl really.

Propagandhi – Ladies' Nite in Loserville Lyrics 14 years ago
i was getting the impression it was a bar setting and a guy trying to pick her up. "drain her fifth" is referring to drinks i think.

Set Your Goals – Goonies Never Say Die Lyrics 14 years ago
this band is so amazing, this song is so awesome.

Amber Pacific – Poetically Pathetic Lyrics 14 years ago
This is one of those songs, just like Mutiny! by Set Your Goals, that i will NEVER get tired of. Awesome pop punk sounds, and just beautiful romantic lyrics. Definetly one of my favourite bands out there, and probably one of their best songs. And yeah, gotta love that SoCo reference.

Something Corporate – Konstantine Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is a masterpiece, so beautiful in every way. it has so many awesome lines. i love the reference to it in Amber Pacific's "Poetically Pathetic"

Something Corporate – Punk Rock Princess Lyrics 14 years ago
man i love this song, great band. i want a punk rock princess! the way i interpret it is just a guy who is in love with a girl, and hes reaching out to her. and yeah i think its BRIDGES as well.

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